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Walk-in spa: Sense Beauty & Lifestyle Store in Amsterdam

6 April 2016
Photo credit: Sense

You want to know this lovely walk-in spa in the city centre of Amsterdam

Beauty salons for a last-minute treatment. I couldn’t live without them! Now my new office is located in the Nine Streets, I looked for a new beauty spot. A place I can go to for my nails or spray tan just before leaving town. Sense Beauty & Lifestyle Store is a walk-in spa which is always available for different treatments. Little time and you want to be sure your treatment starts immediately? Than you can easily make an appointment through the website.

Treatments at Sense Beauty & Lifestyle Store Amsterdam

From manicures and pedicures to massages to spray tans to facials, you name it, Sense Beauty & Lifestyle Store does it all. I also like to have a pedicure with a friend. Some small talk during the treatment and a lunch afterwards. Totally the American way but way more classy! The chairs are something I really like about Sense Beauty and Lifestyle Store. It’s like your on a throne. :-) For several weeks they’ve been doing my manicure and CND shellac. I assure you, this address is one to remember!

sense beauty & lifestyle store


More of a do-it-yourself type of person? No problem! You can buy everything you need at Sense Beauty & Lifestyle Store or at the webshop.

Sense Beauty & Lifestyle Store

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