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& Samhoud Places Amsterdam: signature dishes by Chef Moshik

28 August 2013

& Samhoud Places Amsterdam aka food heaven

A while ago I saw the inspiring food documentary on AT5 about Chef Moshik, the founder of restaurant & Samhoud Places Amsterdam. His passion for food and the ambition of bringing culinary food to people with different back grounds is very inspiring. Chef Moshik and Salem Samhoud teamed up and created & Samhoud Places Amsterdam. The ‘&’ sign resembles connecting people, so last night was all about Anne & Samhoud.


The menu at & Samhoud Places Amsterdam

Chef Moshik created a lovely Chef’s menu with delicious signature dishes. Famous as & Samhoud Places Amsterdam is the vegetarian tomato burger. This burger is so good, the tomato even has the texture of meat. Unbelievable! An other very special dish is the ceviche. The ceviche at & Samhoud Places Amsterdam is prepared with yogurt which gives it a very fresh touch. I love it!! Other yummy dishes are the noodles with cod, the chicken from the tajine and the duck. Service is great at & Samhoud Places and the staff is happy to tell you all about the menu and the concept. We had dinner at the lounge, but upstairs you can wine and dine at the 2 Michelin star restaurant. When we have something special to celebrate we’re going there to celebrate and eat at the Chef’s table!

Tip: every Saturday between 17 and 19 they have oyster happy hour! My personal record with two friends is 86 oysters. Cheers! ;-) Check out the Facebook page for the up to date agenda!

& Samhoud Places Amsterdam

Address: Oosterdokskade 5, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam City Center
Website: Samhoudplaces.com
Price level: lounge is affordable, restaurant for special occasions!
Perfect for: dinner with your love <3


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