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Samen Amsterdam: delicious lunch in Bos & Lommer

12 November 2016

Samen amsterdam is the place to go for your lunch together

Sometimes you’re just out of inspiration. You know you want to have lunch, drink coffee and eat pastries somewhere, you just don’t know where. The solution? You’ll find it at Samen Amsterdam in Bos and Lommer.

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This place is not a new hotspot that only recently opened its doors. Indeed, Samen has been open for a year already serving heavenly lunches. They’re indispensable on your lunch/coffee/juice list. Without any fuzz, they just want to keep things simple en let you enjoy their service in all peace and silence.

For all the early birds they’re open from 08.00AM and serve all kinds of breakfast. Granola, croissants (with ham & cheese!), eggs and pancakes. For lunch the options are quite as many. Sandwiches with hummus, tuna salad or mozzarella. And toast! They serve delicious toast here. That makes Samen the perfect tip for todays lunch ;-)

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Bos en Lommerweg 72 · 1055 EC Amsterdam

Amsterdam (Bos and Lommer)


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