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This is how to easily make a salad at the park!

26 June 2015

The tip to mix a salad in the park + 3 recipes >>

Sometimes we find these ideas on the web that we want to try out ourselves immediately. Just like the trend to mix salads in a weckpot. Handy, because I’m probably not the only one that always spill half of my salad while trying to mix everything up. So at the next shopping spree I immediately bought some weckpots that I can use for a picnic in the park to make healthy salads easily.


In the new salad shelf at Albert Heijn you’ll find an even bigger assortment and there are a lot of products pre-cut. So convenient, because then you don’t have to cut anymore in the park. In no time you can mix the most delicious and healthy salads when you’re relaxing at the park for an afternoon. You put the salad ingredients layer by layer into the weckpot and then shake it!


For inspiration we listed 3 of our favourite (easy!) salads. When I make salads at the park I always just estimate the amounts of the ingredients. Depending on how big the packaging is you can always season it to your liking!

1 >> watermelon salad with mint >>

So refreshing and a little bit different than usual this salad with watermelon!

This is what you need from the salad shelf of AH: lambs lettuce (veldsla), cut watermelon, pot of black olives, feta, roasted pine nuts and alfalfa.

albert-heijn-ahvers15This is how you make it: carefully layer the watermelon, lambs lettuce, feta cut in cubes, olives, some torn mint leaves, roasted pine nuts and alfalfa in the weckpot. Secure the lid and shake it!


2 >> kale salad with eggplant >>

Want to read the recipe at a slower pace? That’s possible here!

3 >> Veggie Waldorf salad >>

I can still remember the first time that I had a real Waldorf salad at the Waldorf Hotel in Amsterdam. So delicious! And super easy to make in the park with all those pre-cut ingredients.

This is what you need from the salad shelf of AH: a pack of red grapes, bag of pre-sliced apples, bag of pre-cut celery, bag of walnuts, yoghurt dressing and a bag of lettuce.

albert-heijn-vers15This is how you make it: carefully layer the celery, red grapes, apples, walnuts, lettuce and yoghurt dressing in the weckpot. Secure the lid and then shake it!


Happy summer with these salads!


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Photo’s by Jasper de Waal Photography

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