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Rome City Guide >> By Bas & Frank of Colourful Rebel

6 May 2015

Is Rome on your bucket list? Then this city guide will makes you book a ticket and hop on a plane! Remember the project I did last year in Florence for the Italian premium beer brand Peroni Nastro Azuro called

Together with 10 other bloggers I went to Italy to uncover the most stylish hotspots, stores and restaurants. There are 100 videos online at the platform and this year I’m honoured to work with them again for Rotterdam and my beloved Amsterdam.

But back to the adventure in Italy first! In this mini city guide I want to share the cool discoveries of Frank and Bas of Colourful Rebel with you! I can’t wait to go back to Rome to check the out myself :-).

Via Del Pigneto >> Rome City Guide >>
This street used to be packed with bums but now it’s one of the hipper streets in Rome. With many cool bars and small cosy restaurants!

Alimentari Coronari >> Rome City Guide >>
This stylish hotspot is perfect for the aperitivo moment in Rome! Drinks with bite sized finger-food while watching the beautiful crowd.
Piazza dei Coronari, 63, Rome

Wunderkammer >> Rome City Guide >>
If you like vintage furniture then Wunderkammer is a must visit when your’re in Rome! Two stores in the same street packed with unique items from another time.
Wunderkammer | Via del Boschetto 100 & 130, Rome

Italia di Gusto >> Rome City Guide >>
Looking for a spot for a nice lunch? Then hidden gem Italia di Gusto is the place you should know. Located just around the corner of all tourist attractions hiding in plain sight until you stop by for a sandwich.
Italia Di Gusto | Via Dell’Orso 71, Rome

The Jerry Thomas Bar >> Rome City Guide >>
Don’t you love speak easy bars? When you say the magic word listed on the website of The Jerry Thomas Bar in Rome someone will open the door for you. Expect a fancy night out in fifties style!
The Jerry Thomas Project | Vicolo cellini 30, Rome

Travestere >> Rome City Guide >>
Another neighbourhood in Rome you shouldn’t miss! Full of nice restaurants and perfect for dinner after a day exploring and hotspotting in Rome.

Il Parco di Villa Borghese >> Rome City Guide
What better than a day at the park on a warm sunny day when you’re travelling. If you have the time for to relax for a bit or you want to see more than just the cultural highlights Il Parco di Villa Borghese is a must visit.
Il Parco di Villa Borghese, Rome

Gelateria Hedera >> Rome City Guide >>
Yum, yum, YUM!! The ice cream at Gelateria Hedera is a must try when you’re in Rome.
Hedera| Borgo Pio 179, Roma

Necci dal 1924 >> Rome City Guide >>
This hotspot is a place to go with your lover! A cute restaurant with a beautiful patio in an upcoming neighbourhood.
Necci dal 1924 | Via Fanfulla da Lodi 68, Rome

Bar del Fico >> Rome City Guide
We can’t do a day without coffee! And in Rome a very cute place to go for your morning brew is Bar del Fico.
Bar del Fico | Piazza del Fico 26, Rome

Hungry for more stylish hotspots in Italy?

Check out the 100 hotspots at or the city guide I made for Florence!

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