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Road trip California The Final Part – Back in San Francisco!

5 October 2013

Road trip West Coast California: Back in San Francisco (part 4 of 4)

Road trip California: Last day in San Francisco… Missed part 3? You can read it here.

Last day today. What a shame. But I must admit, going back to New York after a holiday is not a terrible thing. :)
As we really liked the area around Valencia street, we go there again so see if we can find a nice bar or restaurant.

First a coffee at Four Barrel Coffee. Yeah, this screams hotspot. They have a couple of seats outside, and added some humoristic features. This spacious place has quite a cool vibe going on.

After our caffeine shot we can use some beers. I heard something about Zeitgeist having an outdoor spot. Woh, I am a little shocked when we arrive, but the patio is so cool we decide we want to have a few drinks here. And people watching is fun. Zeitgeist = heavy metal, punk, grass, chill, cheap beer, bartenders that don’t shower a lot. Not really a “comfortable” scene for me, but we had a good time here. ;)

We stuff our faces with ramen noodles and sake and head back through the junkie jungle (yes, lots of junkies here) to our hotel.
I guess this is it for our road trippin’. ;)
Highlights? Definitely Sonoma and Santa Barbara. And the views from highway 1 were stunning. No San Francisco? No. No San Francisco. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to go to LA. But we’ll combine that with the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas next time.

See you in NY!
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