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48 x our favourite restaurants in Amsterdam West

1 August 2018

48 restaurants in Amsterdam West for a quick bite or an romantic diner

Whether you’re looking for a snack or a fancy dinner, pizza, fish, meat or a vegetarian
meal. There are so many nice restaurants in Amsterdam West where you can eat delicious food! Read this blog about our favorite restaurants in Amsterdam West. And to make it even better: we divided West in several neighborhoods, so it’s really easy to find a nice restaurant if you want to have dinner somewhere. Enjoy!

Da Costabuurt >>> the best restaurants in Amsterdam West

The Bilderdijkstraat, The Clerquestraat and the always fun Da Costastraat. Here you find so many nice hotspots! And, most of them next to the water! Have dinner at one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam West.

Waterkant: at this tropical hotspot you can sit at the water while enjoying some Surinamese cuisine. A bit of Paramaribo in Amsterdam!
Van ’t Spit: delicious juicy chicken at Van ‘t Spit on the De Clercqstraat!
Du Cap: hotspot with the biggest terrace in West!
Fier: at this cozy cafe they have a Flemish menu. The menu changes with the seasons and always has four starters and a main courses.
Hendrix: the place for snacks and platters to share.
Rotisserie: here it’s all about chicken and craft cocktails. But fancy a nice burger? Than you’ve also come to the right place!

Baarsjes >>> the best restaurants in Amsterdam West

The Baarsjes is such a nice neighbourhood in Amsterdam! With more and more new hotspots every day. The Jan Evertenstraat, the Mercatorplein and the Admiralengracht… pay a visit to the following best restaurants in Amsterdam West!

Frits: beers and burgers at this cool cafe at the Baarsjes.
Bar Baarsch: a cozy cafe at the Jan Eef. Such a relaxed hotspot where you walk in both weekdays and weekends.
Cafe Cook: a hidden gem! I think Cafe Cook has the biggest (and maybe best?) terrace at The Baarsjes.
Radijs: go to Radijs for some good, simple meals!
Zurich: in the middle of Mercatorplein you’ll find this round building with a red roof. Worth a visit!
Fa. Speijkervet: rough and affordable food here for a good price! Fa. Speijkervet is one of my personal favourites.
Faam: wood oven pizzas in West!
Bar Kauffmann: next to Faam and the place to go for good falafel.
Bar Spek: an all day hotspot where you can sit on a sunny terrace and share pizza.
Edel: we all know the Edelwise party’s right? But did you know dat Edel is also a good place to eat dinner or have drinks? Now you do!
Ivo’s Kitchen: Ivo mixes grandma’s cookings lessons with the modern kitchen. With seasonal and daily fresh products.
De School: products of the season with a special focus on vegetables. Delicious!
Huis van Lopez: Latin-American dishes accompanied by tequila shots!

Bar Baarsch Amsterdam

Kinkerbuurt >>> the best restaurants in Amsterdam West

Although the Kinkerstraat still isn’t the most beautiful street in Amsterdam, there are many nice resto’s in this neighborhood! Especially now with the Hallen. But at the Jacob van Lennep Street you also find some nice places. The next hotspots can be found in the Kinkerbuurt.

Cafe Panache: recently opened and already favourite in the neighbourhood! At Panache you eat delicious fish and meat dishes.
De Foodhallen: at this indoor food market you can choose from many different treats! From waffles to meatballs and burgers to oysters.
Remise47: cocktails and dinner at Remise47, that’s part of Hotel De Hallen!
Jacketz: the gourmet jacket potato makes a comeback! At Jacketz they serve potatoes with homemade stuffing.
Spaghetteria: delicious pastas with seasonal ingredients!
Geflipt Burgers: yes, after De Pijp now a second location in West!
Café Amoi: wauw, Café Amoi just opened on the Kinker and it’s just sooo beautiful! With Indonesian food and Bintang beers.

Cafe Panache Amsterdam

Helmersbuurt >>> the best restaurants in Amsterdam West

My favourite neighbourhood in Amsterdam West! At the Jan Pieter Heijestaat you’ll find many hotspots but there is more! Have dinner at one of the next restaurants. At one of the best restaurants in West.

Deegrollers: craving for pizza? In the always crowded Deegrollers you can eat tasty pizzas but it’s also a favorite take out!
Voldaan: soup and balls! At this nice hotspots they serve different kinds of soup every season and there are different (meat) balls and salads on the menu. Everything is homemade and organic where possible.
Cafe Lennep: this neighbourhood cafe serves delicious bites with a twist!
Forno: a cozy Italian neighbourhood cafe where you can eat some really good pizzas!
Bar Bra: coffee, art and music are combined at this living room cafe. Here you can have dinner on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night.
Adam: at this gastrobar on the Overtoom it’s all about good food, good wine and personal service. Try their tasting menu!
De Pizzabakkers: a phenomena in Amsterdam! Good pizza’s for a good prices.
Taqueria Tacobar: yes tacos with chicken, pork or vegan and also affordable!
The Chippy: fish & chips just the way it should: wrapped in old newspapers.

Forno Amsterdam

Frederik Hendrikbuurt >>> the best restaurants in Amsterdam West

Especially around the Hugo de Grootplein you’ll find many restaurants. And good to now: the Frederik Hendrikplantsoen is currently under construction. So hopefully we can expect some new hotspots there as well! For now, have diner at these nice restaurants.

Brasserie De Groot: daily menu’s for less than € 20,- and a sunny terrace in summer.
Razmataz: another all day hotspot where you can go for coffee, lunch and dinner. But they also have a very nice G&T menu!
Morgan & Mees: a lovely setting where the food is delicious!


Staatsliedenbuurt >>> the best restaurants in Amsterdam West

Last but not least the old Zeeliedenbuurt (sealors neighbourhood). Nearby the Westerpark and the Western port area with nice restaurants nearby the water! At these hotspots you’ll have a geat dinner. So check out the best restaurants in Amsterdam West.

– Mossel & Gin: it’s all in the name! Fresh mussels and other great fish dishes, perfectl to combine with gin and tonics.
Cafe de Walvis: a eatery with bar bites of good quality. Think of a burgers, steak and a fish of the day.
Westergasterras: diner with a view at the Westergasterras and a very sunny terrace in summer.
Restaurant Worst: sausages, hams, pates which you combine with one of the 200 wines!
Cafe Amsterdam: a classic brasserie nearby the Westerpark for delicious fruit de mer kunt!
Meneer Nieges: along the water, in a very cosy setting and with good food!
Viscafé de Gouden Hoek: nice service, good drinks and fish.
i-Dock: a restaurant nearby the water in West! A great place for shared dining at the same time.
Graceland Bar-B-Q: this restaurant at the Marktkantine serves low & slow barbecue dishes, with homemade sides en sauces.
Pikoteo: modern twisted Spanish dishes that taste very gooood.

Nevel Amsterdam

Do you miss a nice restaurant in Amsterdam West? Let us know!

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