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Renting your home through Airbnb: all you need to know!

30 June 2016

Let’s be honest, traveling is expensive. To make sure you don’t spill all of your savings, you must get creative sometimes. If that means selling those amazing sneakers that are just too little, or babysitting the kids next door, you’ll do it. But why shouldn’t you make some while traveling? Renting your house through Airbnb, while you enjoy your vacay, it’s a win win situation ;)! Today I will share some must know tips with you about renting your home through Airbnb!

1. accessorize

Invest is some beautiful home accessories. This will not only be good for you (happy home = happy you), but will also make you home more attractive for Airbnb rental. A cozy and beautiful home or apartment is so much more populair and you can ask for more money. Presentation is everything!

2. Make good photos

Like I said above, presentation is everything. After decorating your home, you should make some high quality photos with a profesional camera. Make sure you have the right lighting (rather sunny than rainy weather) and angle, so your rooms will look bright and spacious.

3. Investigate the competition

Investigate which houses or appartments are rented through Airbnb in your neighborhood. By doing this, you can set the right price for your home. Don’t go any higher in price than the competition, just ask a little less money and you will have more bookings.

4. Make sure everything is clean

Hygiene is key! Make sure your appartment is super clean, so your guests will have a nice stay. Good reviews are so important on Airbnb ;) !

5. Tell your neighbors

Tell your neighbors if you are having any Airbnb guests, so they will not get scared when they see strangers in your appartment or house. If you live in a rented house, you should tell your landlord. Some landlords don’t approve of subletting, so make sure you can even rent your house through Airbnb, without getting in trouble.

Did you ever rented your house through Airbnb? Share your experiences!


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