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Rayleigh & Ramsay Amsterdam: shared dining and tapping wine at the Overtoom

22 May 2017

WINE BAR rayleigh & ramsay amsterdam OPEN NOW AT THE OVERTOOM

Did we hear that right? A new wine bar in Amsterdam? Yes! Open at the Overtoom. Rayleigh & Ramsay Amsterdam is going to be your new favourite go to spot for a fun night out with friends! We love the concept. Because here you don’t walk to the bar and ask them to pour you a drink. It’s a bit different here…

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You do not just decide which kind of wine you want, you also decide when and how much. A full glass? It’s possible. Yes! Our prayers have been heard. Tap your own wine from the wine dispenser. Put some money on your ‘winecard’ and tap all the wine you want. A full glass, or just a sip (almost impossible ;-)), it’s up to you!

But hey, tapping wine? How does that work? Lord Rayleigh & Willam Ramsay discovered Argon, a kind of gas that makes sure the oxygen leaves and stays out of the wine and because of that a bottle of wine will be good for a longer period. Handy!

SEASONAL SHARED DINING AT rayleigh & ramsay amsterdam

No worries, at Rayleigh & Ramsay Amsterdam there is more than wine. There are simple and small, but tasty dishes on the menu that fit in with the seasons. Perfect for a night with friends!

We can’t wait to visit Rayleigh & Ramsay Amsterdam soon with the Yourlbb team to tape some wine!

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