Pugs and Pals London


CLOSED // Pugs and Pals London: a pug cafe that belongs on your bucketlist

8 November 2017

Pugs and Pals London is a walhalla for pug lovers

UPDATE: this pop-up cafe closed the doors.

A new cafe opened in London where you probably want to pass by. It’s a pug cafe! Yep, you are reading it well. Like the famous cat cafes, but this time with pugs. Heaven on earth! Pugs and Pals London is the first pug cafe in England, and maybe from all over the world. However, if you don’t have a pug yourself, but you can use some pug love, then you are at the right place at Pugs and Pals London.

Besides being able to cuddle with dogs all afternoon, you can have puggilicious cupcakes, puggachinos and pugcktails together with your dog. Also keep an eye on the events agenda, they organise a lot of nice pug events. Ps: To get in you pay 10 pounds and when you’re together with your own four-legged furry than it’s 5 pounds. We know where we go when we visit the British capital ;-)



Photocredits: styletails.com

Pugs and Pals Londen

Bricklane, E1 6QL

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