Proeflokaal A. van Wees Amsterdam: oldschool brown cafe

cheese fondue and more at Proeflokaal A. van Wees Amsterdam

Proeflokaal A. van Wees Amsterdam is a brown and cozy café that is everything but a hotspot and exactly for that reason this spot is nice for a change. Right in the heart of the Nine Streets at the Herengracht you can find Proeflokaal A. van Wees Amsterdam. At the spot where years ago, in the nineteenth century, the Amsterdam distillery A. van Wees ‘De Ooievaar’ was located. And you can still go there for many different liquors and gins, but the reason we’re sharing this spot is because of their cheese fondue. Perhaps you already spotted them in our list with the best cheese fondue spots in Amsterdam?

During the cold winter months you can not only get soup of green peas and burgers at Proeflokaal A. van Wees, you can also have cheese fondue. And when it was so cold last week we couldn’t resist humping along at lunchtime. And OMG, it was so good! When they brought the first basket with bread and the bowl with vegetables we couldn’t wait for the cheese. I bed you can imagine how we looked at the pot with bubbling melted cheese. Very nice: the cheese in the fondue is only Dutch.

Proeflokaal A. van Wees Amsterdam

And Van Wees is also perfect for just drinks. They have a lot of good sausages to eat with your drinks. Grilled sausage made from wild, liver sausage, salty Beer Sausages, 9 peppers sausage, pimente sausage and black pepper sausage. More into cheese and fried snacks? They have plenty at Proeflokaal A. van Wees Amsterdam. Enjoy!

Tip: Don’t forget to check the new vlog at YOURLBB.TV. You can see why our lunch at Proeflokaal A. Van Wees was so perfect.

Proeflokaal A. van Wees Amsterdam

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