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Open a pop-up restaurant in four steps: the ultimate checklist!

4 February 2013

Do you want to open your own pop-up restaurant?

Since the introduction of International Restaurant Day you can open your own pop-up restaurant four times a year. Selling and serving your signature delicious dishes! But how do you organize a pop-up restaurant and what is key to think about?

The organization behind international Restaurant Day made a step by step checklist for you that tells you how to set up a pop-up restaurant in four steps :

Step 1: Start with the planning

Coffee and cakes at the docks, treats from the trunk of a van, a six-course dinner in your living room or garden. The more fun the concept, the more happy customers it will attract. Just try to think of a restaurant that you personally would love.

Location is key. In the summertime, favorite spots have included parks, courtyards and street corners. In the winter, Restaurant Day lovers have gathered in homes, offices and other indoor spaces.

Step 2: Reach your customers

When you have picked a place and planned the menu, sign up your restaurant the listings via http://www.restaurantday.org/. Come up with a snappy name that sums up your concept, decide on opening hours, and fill in other details. Your own network and family are your biggest fans!! So use your own social media channels and those of your friends and create a Facebook event to spread the word further. Check out the rules of the service on the website since you can’t be provocative or commercial.

Step 3: Be prepared for action

Ask your friends to help out, you will most likely need a hand! Running a restaurant is hard work (even for a day). Working with a team is more efficient, and also more fun. Remember that the preparations take the most time and make sure you have sufficient cold or hot storage space where needed. Are you able to keep the food hot for enough time? Try to be realistic with the amount of people you are able to serve. It is also good to have a weather plan. In case there’s too much sun or rain!

Step 4: Share your experience

On the Facebook page of Restaurant Day you can share your story, meet other people and share pictures. The community there can also help you out if you need tips for the organization!

Good luck with opening your own pop-up restaurant on Restaurant Day!


Source: www.restaurantday.org. Image via Gastroprofesia Pinterest.

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