Plume Bordeaux


Plume Small Kitchen Bordeaux: coffee & lunch hotspot!

3 June 2014


Breakfast and lunch hotspot: Plume Small Kitchen

Plume Small Kitchen is my favourite hotspot in Bordeaux for breakfast and lunch. The food at Plume Small Kitchen is organic and they have a great selection of sweet pastry. It looked all sooo yummy! The interior is cosy with an old fireplace and an antler on the wall.

Plume Bordeaux

In the warm weather months Plume Small Kitchen has a nice terrace where you can enjoy your food and drinks. The staff at Plume Small Kitchen told us about all the cool spots to go to in town. So if you’re there ask them for the newest places in town!

Tip: Easyjet offers very affordable flights to Bordeaux from Schiphol.

Plume Small Kitchen

Address: 32 Rue Cheverus, Bordeaux
Neighbourhood: Bordeaux city center, France
PS: more hotspots are in the Bordeaux Little Black Book. A city guide to Bordeaux with the best restaurants, shops and things to do.

Planning a trip to Bordeaux? My favourite hotel there is the Mama Shelter Hotel. Click here for fun things to do in Bordeaux from a wine tastings to farmers markets.

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