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Pluk Amsterdam: lunch time at the second location in the Nine Streets

2 August 2017

soon also juices, brekkies and lunch in the berenstraat

YES, YES, YES! Pluk Amsterdam opened their second location in the Nine Streets and I can already hear you think, they already have a location there don’t they? Yes they do! Ever since Pluk opened its doors in the Reestraat we’ve been a fan of this hotspot for take away fresh (detox) juices, a healthy breakfast or a tasty lunch and to buy the best presents and musthaves.

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We secretly knew that Pluk was opening a second location for quite a while already, because man oh man it’s so busy there all the time! But that this location is opening its doors literally a couple of doors away from our office is the best news ever. In the Berenstraat around the corner from the Keizersgracht and so very close to the YourLBB HQ! I hope we can control ourself a bit when it comes to the intake of carrot cakes. And with that I mean a maximum of one piece a week. You can experience how hard that’s going to be once you’ve tasted it yourself!

this is what you can expect at pluk amsterdam in the berenstraat

You can expect the same good vibes at the Berenstraat that they have in the location of Pluk in the Reestraat, but just a little bit bigger and with its own unique twist. I’ve went to have a sneak peek with my friend Iris in her new establishment before the opening. And while busy discussing all the vintage and antique finds she made in Friesland, I could already picture myself the look and feel of the new Pluk.

A large bar when you come in, a fruit stage, shelfs full of the cutest living accessories and a split leven, downstairs an open kitchen and a few tables and upstairs a big sitting area. And that’s good news, because Pluk is always busy that an extra big sitting area is very convenient. When you’re done having coffee or with lunch than make sure to shop a phone case, nice glasses, notebooks or perhaps take something sweet to take home. Do you have something to celebrate? In that case you can rent Pluk in the Berenstraat for parties or dinners in the evening.

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