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Pig&Hen: tough looking handmade bracelets from Amsterdam

17 August 2015

Pig&hen a cool gift brand from Amsterdam

We love products that are made in Amsterdam. Especially when there is a nice story behind it! Pig&Hen has a collection of handmade rope bracelets, which are “indestructible, original and made for life”. They are both made for men and women, because women don’t always have to be girly.

The material makes the bracelets look tough but they also look very cool. I’ve got the Fat Fred in black/silver and I really like it. It fits pretty much with everything I wear and it just gives your outfit that little tough look. Also my lover is into it, he has the dark blue one.


Pig&HenFun fact: the name Pig&Hen comes from tough seamen stories on their dangerous trips at sea. As a talisman they had a pig tattooed on one foot and a hen on the other. With that they believed, whatever would happen, they would always drift back to shore. Because whenever pigs and hens would get shipwrecked they would float back to shore and to safety in their wooden box.

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Anne de Buck

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