Pastis The Hague: restaurant with delicious French menu


Why go to paris is you can go to pastis the hague?

A bistro like Pastis The Hague is a kind of restaurant every city should have. Because at Pastis you have the feeling of being in Paris. It’s a classic bistro with typical French dishes that are made to perfection. What about EscargotsConfit de Canard or a juice steak frites? At Pastis The Hague they serve these and many more French dishes that make you think of being in France. Make sure to order some wine with your food, because the wine list is extensive. And isn’t it OH SO French to drink during lunch? I love that on the weekends!


I think the interior design and vibe at Pastis make you forget you’re in The Hague. The dark wooden furniture and French music in the background. Love it!

Pastis is open for lunch and dinner every day. And if you’re in The Hague make sure to check out some other hotspots there as well. In the same straat as bistro Pastis you find Juni (a Yourlbb favourite!), and Mien just a few doors down the street.

Yourlbb’s favourite hotels in the hague:

>> The Student Hotel (affordable and hip!)
>> MAFF (hotel appartements)
>> Hotel Mozaic (luxurious)


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