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7 x delicious pasta in Amsterdam

8 November 2015

we love pasta! these are our favourite spots to eat it!

Someone here who doesn’t love Italian food? We at Yourlbb love it and my favourite Italian dish comes with pasta. The most versatile piece of carbs ;-)  A lasagna that you want to try so badly, you burn your tongue tasting it because it’s still too hot. A ravioli filled with a creamy but super tasty filling. A fresh tagliatelle that melts in your mouth. Hungry yet? Read about our favourite pasta spots with 8 x delicious pasta in Amsterdam.

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pasta in amsterdam


Cantinetta is on the De Clerqstraat in Amsterdam West and is simply delicious. We have tried it ourselves but also heard people around us saying: they serve the best dessert ever. But now we are moving too fast here, because you came to try a fresh pasta first. The combinations of ingredients are surprising and spectacular. A reason to rid your bike to West for sure!
De Clerqstraat 105,

Eddy Spaghetti

eddy spaghetti >> pasta in amsterdam

Eddy Spaghetti is my favourite restaurant with a living room vibe in Amsterdam East. There are very few meals on the menu, but it is still hard to choose. The papperdelle with beef stew, green asparagus and baked pomedori is so good. But the most simple pasta on the menu, the pasta arrabbiata, is really to die for. Especially with the burrata add-on.
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Spaghetteria Amsterdam

spaghetteria >> pasta in amsterdam

Spaghetteria has two locations, in de Pijp and in Amsterdam West. Kind of seductive… The location in the Pijp is right around the corner from our office. Oops! Every day you can choose between six different pasta dishes, of which three change daily. Enjoy!
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Holy Ravioly Amsterdam

holy ravioli >> pasta in amsterdam

Have you ever tried to make ravioli yourself? If you have, you know how much can go wrong and how difficult it is. At Holy Ravioli they know the trick and we can appreciate it. Since 2007 Holy Ravioli is the place to go for fresh raviolis in Amsterdam. Eatin or take-out, it’s both possible at this pasta porn provider in West. They don’t only have ravioli on the menu by the way, but also other delicious pastas and nice soups.
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koevoet >> pasta in amsterdam

Koevoet is a cute restaurant in the Jordaan. It looks like an old Dutch cafe. Instead of matching dishes, there’s delicious Italian food on the menu. Moreover, the staff doesn’t even speak Dutch, but Italian (and English, luckily). Kind of a nice change between all the typical Dutch bars in de Jordaan. The ravioli is great here!
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Spaghetteria Amsterdam

lo stivale d’oro >> pasta in amsterdam

Lo Stivale d’Oro is our favourite low spot for Italian food in the centre. You can pass it easily, as it is really tiny. This small Italian place is my all time favourite when it comes down to pasta. I actually always order the penne boscaiola with onion and bacon, so good! The best part is when the dish is being served to the table by owner Mario – who after twenty years of living in Holland still speaks Dutch with a heavy Italian accent- I’m happy!
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Italiaans restaurant in Amsterdam

toscanini >> pasta in amsterdam

Toscanini is a very popular restaurant in the Jordaan. The decoration is simple, but the food isn’t. Wow. Each time we go here, we are very surprised by the quality of the food. The pastas are kind of special here. For example, they serve a pasta with home salted cod, tomato, garlic and peppers. Or a tagliatelle with slowly cooked hog… Yum!
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