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11 things you don’t want to miss at the Parade Amsterdam 2017

17 August 2017

You want to go to the Parade Amsterdam 2017 this summer

The Parade is a theater festival where 60 theater, dance, mime and music shows play a short show in various theater tents, and believe me you want to go here. I think it’s one of the best theater festivals in the summer to go with friends. Visit some short shows (specially made for the Parade) with the best actors and actresses and in between shows, enjoy the sun, snacks or an ice cream and time with friends. Oh, I can’t wait for August, for the Parade Amsterdam 2017!

de parade amsterdam 2017

11 x things you don’t want to miss at the Parade in amsterdam 2017

Visit the show: Mira van der Lubbe – Maak van je shit een hit: Then Mira van der Lubbe is told that she is inherited with a breast cancer gene, that doesn’t stop her. She gets stronger with every fall back and makes from her shit, a hit. A theatrical-musical one-woman show, where fiction and reality are linked.

Visit the show: Vloeken in de Kerk – De Deugd van Tegenwoordig: Vloeken in de Kerk (Curse in the Church) is the best mini church ceremony for unbelieving people. The modern man is saved through the eternal virtues of Faith, Hope and Love. With thunderstorms, hysterical songs, poetic reviews and sketches, you can just take it all in.

Eat seafood at Zijpe Stijl: At this restaurant, they serve ‘candy’ from Zeeland waters. Think of shells, crustaceans, fresh fish, oysters, mussels and actually more nice seafood.

Visit the show: Loek de Bakker & Yela de Koning – The Very Tired Girl: The very tired girl is about a series of well-known women and an actress who crawls into bed at the end of the day. Tired of the clean shine, tired of boredom, tired of loneliness, tired of glitter and glamour, tired of always getting different from themselves, tired of themselves. We see them at the top of their ability. Until their smile breaks…

Listen to the music of Tessa Belinfante: Giel Beelen described her album as “delicious, pure indie pop”.  Belinfante and her band took care of Adele’s aftershows and Paul Young’s premiere. Now she is playing at the Parade Amsterdam 2017.

Visit the show: Garage Tdi met Stella & Lusanna – Laat je billen zien: A girl, Engel, is thinking. She imagines how it is to experience things, but she does nothing. Because doing real things is dangerous. Then meets Lucy. Engel has to do and dare things. Step by step Lucy challenges Engel to act beyond her boundaries. Together they experience things they have never experienced. But Lucy goes a long way with her assignments …

Visit the show: Ernstige Saecken – Lopen twee moppen over straat: A fast and absurd fairy tale in an old vibe. Three musical actors and a car loaded with all kinds of instruments play the story of the king who couldn’t laugh anymore. But also the story of Jantje. And the ‘sad song of the mop without clou’. And much more, but beware: you’re forbidden to laugh!

Listen to the music of Oh Thunder: I’m sure you know them from the radio, Oh Thunder is performing this year with the harp, trombone, synthesizers and drums at the Parade Amsterdam 2017.

Visit the show: Anatoly – The rise & fall of a Sex Symbol: Love … We get lost, fall in love, get engaged, horny or divorced, but we can’t stop talk about it. Because yesterday’s love classes don’t really work anymore. Your pick-up lines are dried up, your relationship stranded or you’re just sitting alone on the couch while your lover texts ‘It’s getting a bit later’. A funny and sparkling show about the most discussed topic ever: l’amour.

Eat taco’s at Pimento: What’s better than tacos on a sunny afternoon? Go for the tacos at Pimento and do not forget the mangosalsa.

Visit the show: Studio Vrijwillig – Echte Matties: Echte Matties (True Matties) is a lifelike, sobering theater performance based on true stories of five boys from The Hague and their buddies. Sometimes funny, beautiful or moving, but always special. The performance shows how people with different backgrounds inspire each other.

de parade amsterdam 2017

De parade Amsterdam 2017:

Date, prices and location:
Date: Friday August 11 till Sunday August 27
Prices: till 3PM the entree is free, after that everyone from the age of 18 pays € 7,50
Location: Martin Luther Kingpark

We love the Parade, get your friends together and save he date for the Parade Amsterdam 2017 in your agenda!

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