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16 x spots to eat pancakes in Amsterdam

27 November 2019

Check out these spots for pancakes in Amsterdam

At Yourlbb we sometimes crave for pancakes. Don’t feel like baking them yourself? Don’t worry! There are several places in Amsterdam where they have pancakes on the menu! Healthy ones (like buckwheat pancakes with fresh fruit) to the somewhat less healthy ones (like with bacon and cheese). These are the best spots to eat pancakes in Amsterdam!

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pancakes in amsterdam

pluk photo: jasper de waal

Pluk: For healthy pancakes you must go to Pluk in the Nine Streets! Here they serve banana pancakes with fresh fruit. Soo yummy!  Order a healthy juice or a smoothie on the side and start your day full of good, new energy!

Mook Pancakes: MOOK Pancakes is a hotspot where you can have pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner! At MOOK they serve organic pancakes with surprising combinations. Not the typical Dutch pancakes with syrup and bacon. But a pancake with avocado for example. Or with bacon, cheese and onion. YUM!

Hendrix: Hendrix you probably know as a place to have drinks and bar bites. But, here you can also have breakfast with pancakes! On the menu you’ll find buckwheat pancakes with blueberry jam, banana and syrup.

pancakes in amsterdam

CT coffee & coconuts Amsterdam

CT Coffee & Coconuts: CT Coffee & Coconuts is a popular spot in De Pijp. On the menu they have coconut pancakes. Made with almond and buckwheat flour, toasted coconut and red fruit compote. Tastes incredibly delicious!

Drovers Dog: At Drovers Dog they love breakfast, all day long. And at both locations, in the East and in the Old South, you are welcome to have breakfast, lunch or brunch and at both location they serve ricotta pancakes! With seasonal fruit and Canadian maple syrup.

@7:  At @7 you can choose between a veriation of pancakes. The one healthier than the other. For example, go for the banana-oatmeal pancakes wutg yoghurt, fruits, cinnamon and syrup of try the pancakes with bacon and syrup or the ones with sugar.

pancakes in amsterdam

the breakfast club

The Breakfast Club: The Breakfast Club is a spot in Amsterdam West where you can have breakfast all day. Including delicious buckwheat pancakes or buttermilk pancakes and fresh fruit. In summer, try to score a spot on the sunny terrace as quickly as possible and at weekends come as early as possible because here it is always busy.

Pancakes Amsterdam: Pancakes Amsterdam has multiple locaties in the city. At the nine street, close to the central station and one located at the Westermarkt. It’ll be hard to decided which pancakes to order since there are so many on the menu! American pancakes but dutch pancakes as well. Yumm!

Staring at Jacob: Delicious fluffy pancakes with syrup are here to order at Staring at Jacob! And here you can also order some additional topping such as nuts, seasonal fruits and chocolates. Also nice: the “all around” dish with soft scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, home fries, fluffy pancakes and syrup. Make sure you come with an empty stomach!

pancakes in amsterdam


Metropolitain: Crepes are also a kind of pancakes, right? :-) At Metropolitain they serve crepes with chocolate (nutella and caramel), forest fruits (berries and mascarpone), cheese, bacon and possibly a fried egg or salmon. Yummy!

Bakers & Roasters: Bakers & Roasters is known for their egg dishes. But they also serve pancakes; great for weekends! Order the B&R Special with poached eggs, a fried egg or scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes with organic Canadian syrup. Here too, come with an empty stomach!

Benji’s: Red velvet pancakes? Yes! They have them at Benji’s. Be there on time because you have to order them before 12. But in case you’re too late, they have plenty of other delicious things on the menu!

pancakes in amsterdam


Lavinia: One of our favourite lunch places in the center of Amsterdam is Lavinia. Because they serve delicious and healthy dishes here! What I just didn’t  know is that they also serve gluten-free banana pancakes with fresh fruit and maple syrup!

Ree7: In the nine street you’ll find gastrobar Ree7. It’s a cozy hotspot with plenty of delicious dishes on the menu. One of them being pancakes. Yumm! You can add the toppings that you like. Chocolate and more!

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Corner Bakery: Corner Bakery is a very popular hotspot. The food looks ways to good but definitely Instagram worthy as well. They have sandwiches but also pancakes! You have to try them! They’re served with fresh food. And oh, don’t forget to order the monster milkshake!

Teds: To all day brunch spot Teds in West you go for banana pancakes with sliced banana and… here it comes: Nutella drizzelz! You should really try them! Of course there are many other brunch dishes on the menu, but I would highly recommend the pancakes ;-).

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So, where are you going for some delicious pancakes in Amsterdam?

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