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Oswald Amsterdam: a shopping walhalla for vintage lovers in Bos en Lommer

20 November 2017

at Oswald Amsterdam you want everything, really éverything

Oswald Amsterdam is your new go to place if you’re looking for beautiful, special and one-of-a-kind vintage pearls! A new vintage store in Bos en Lommer that is already giving the neighbourhood an upgrade. With Samen and Bar Roseval around the corner, this neighbourhood is getting hipper and hipper and I notice that I’m not the only one to find that. Last weekend I cycled half an hour through bad weather to see (and buy ;-)) the pink, velvet couch that I spotted on Instagram. Once I enter the store I see that the store is filled with enthusiastic vintage lovers and especially neigbours. Everyone agrees: what an asset!

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At Oswald Amsterdam you score very nice vintage items of good quality and for a great price. And believe me, you’ll find a place for everything (whether it’s an old school beach chair or a vase from Romania) in your house… Because you want everything, really everything!

oswald amsterdam

vintage pearls from all out of the country at Oswald Amsterdam

Everything you see in the store is for sale and can leave the store with love. Even though there are a number of items that Esther would very much like to keep, think of the pink, velvet couch (sorry not sorry, it’s mine ;-)) Seems pretty dangerous to me, owner of such a vintage shop… The items at Oswald Amsterdam come from all over the country. When there is a free spot in this vintage walhalla, Esther grabs the car and drives through the Netherlands to return home with new fun items. I’m a fan!

Ps: if the name sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because of the book The Visitor of Roald Dahl!

oswald amsterdam
My new red, velvet couch!!

oswald amsterdam oswald amsterdam oswald amsterdam

Happy shoppings at Oswald Amsterdam!

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