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Objet Amsterdam: clothing, bags, jewelry and home accessories

18 March 2015

Let’s go shopping at Objet Amsterdam

Objet Amsterdam is a nice store in West where you go for a new outfit, jewelry, a bagand home accessoires! Six days a week, you can stroll around between all these beautiful clothes and other nice things. So tell me: this sounds tempting, right? And who doesn’t need a new shirt, some shoes, a new lamp or a bag for your laptop.

The Jan Pieter Heijestraat is perfect for some shopping. Besides Gesponnen Suiker and Following Lucy you should definitely go to Objet Amsterdam! Whenever I pass the shop, I see such nice things in the window! Guess next week I’ll take a look inside.

Objet Amsterdam

Address: Jan Pieter Heijestraat 100, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam West
Website: check the Facebook-page! 
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Anne de Buck

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