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What’s your deepest foodie dream?

21 September 2014

Are you a cook or a restaurant explorer?

In Dutch there’s a saying: “Liefde gaat door de maag”. It basically means that by cooking delicious dishes, you will be loved. Good food makes every foodie happy! If money wouldn’t exist I would eat out in a restaurant every day. I have to admit, I’m not a big cook. I like it… but only when I have the time. Eating out on the other hand is something I do a lot. Exploring new restaurants that are on my bucketlist is my biggest hobby. I guess that’s no surprise for you ;-). My wildest food dream is to eat at NOMA in Copenhagen once in my life!

With the Staatsloterij Gelukstrekking coming up on October 1 I had the honour to give away moments of happiness to my dear friends. Because I thought they deserved it. The foodie that I am there had to be at least one foodie experience in it! So I surprised foodblogger Sanneke with the best pan I could find :-).

Happiness is cooking!

My friend Sanneke started her own foodblog last year. She spends hours in her tiny kitchen to cook the most delicious menus. You can imagine that I don’t mind eating at her home at all ;-). I often heard her complaining about her kitchen tools. And especially about the kitchen tools she didn’t have. Could happiness really be this simple? YES!

Happy Sanneke:

“I screamed behind my desk when Anne told me she had this surprise for me. So cool! And typical Anne! She remembered all that time that a good grill-pan was missing in my kitchen.

Anne knows how much I love food and cooking. I’m at my best when my whole house smells like a home cooked meal. Cooking for my own foodblog ‘Eten Volgens Mij’ makes me happy. This new grill-pan is exactly what I needed to be able to create new recipes with grilled fish, veggies and meats!”

Win a lucky ticket!

Is October 1 going to be your lucky day? That day it’s the Staatsloterij Gelukstrekking with 100 prices of €100.000. Let me know why you deserve a lucky moment and maybe I give you a ticket for the lottery. This whole week I give away 3 lucky tickets a day!

Winning is easy! Leave a comment on this blog or on my Facebook post and tell me what your moment of happiness would be like!

You can enter the competition until 6 pm on September 28. Keep a close eye on your inbox that day!

Good luck :-).
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