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B. in New York City: shopping in Lower Manhattan – a New York shopping guide

3 August 2013

New York Shopping Guide: discover some retail gems in Lower Manhattan!

There are a couple of stores in NYC that you MUST visit (according to some New York based fashion sites). Well, I thought I have to see that for myself and decided to check them out ;)! I plan the route via Google Maps, which starts at Dalaga at Franklin street. The store is nowhere to be found. Apparently it’s Franklin street in Brooklyn! Typically me.. beginners mistake.

New York Shopping Guide: Steven Alan Lower Manhattan

Looking for Dalaga I discover Steven Alan, a home and living store. Steven Alan also has fashion stores. Check out the website, because they’ve got some nice things. At Steven Alan they have super cute home accessories. The beautiful pieces are a bit over my budget though. 100 dollar for a candle holder is normal in New York City!


New York Shopping Guide: Opening Ceremony Lower Manhattan

Store 2 is close by, Opening Ceremony is located on Howard street. According to internet this one is “reeeaaally affordable”, definitely now there’s a sale. Well not so affordable for the “funemployees” among us (ahum…), because the cheapest item is (on sale) 350 dollars. Do check it out when you’re here, it will definitely give you inspiration and who knows, you might see something for a nice price! I spotted very cool shoes from Acne, but I realize these are a prettier version of the ones I already have. NEXT!

New York Shopping Guide: American Apparel Lower Manhattan

Do you also love American Apparel? Then it’s a good idea to first check out the outlet on Lafayette street. I’m definitely buying the see through chiffon blouse for half the price. Funny how they always say their name so that you can assure their bonus while paying. So off course I do this for “Victoria”;-).

New York Shopping Guide: Dolce Vita Lower Manhattan

Dolce Vita on Elizabeth street makes me very happy! Here it’s all about shoes :-). And nice prices also. I don’t allow myself to buy anything yet and have a look around first (not a favourite phrase to my boyfriend, lol).

New York Shopping Guide: OAK Lower Manhattan

The last store on the list is Oak. A beautiful store, where they’ll definitely have something for you! Especially with the sale going on. I’m buying the skinny jeans with dropped crotch. For only 63 dollars! Talkin’ bout sale or what :-).

New York Shopping Guide: Lower Manhattan

Address: Lower Manhattan
Neighbourhood: Nolita, Noho
Price level: All price categories, but don’t forget your credit card!
Perfect for: Shopping with a cash filled wallet, quality above quantity, for getting inspiration

PS: more hotspots are in the New York Little Black Book. A city guide to New York with the best restaurants, shops and things to do. Every week I will post new adventures on Your Little Black Book so stay tuned for the latest gems I spotted!

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