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New York, NY: why I’m always loyal to you! & win

10 October 2014

Every week a different city, but always loyal to New York

For my job I travel all over the world. I have to admit… it’s a dream job! Since I work on Your Little Black Book full time I wake up in a different city almost every week. What can I say? Travelling makes me happy!

This month alone I’ve already been to Thailand, Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin and Stockholm. It’s very inspiring to discover all the new hotspots there and to see how the local hipsters dress. But despite all the different cities, there’s only one city beside Amsterdam that is always in my heart and I’m loyal to. I go there at least once a year (but sometimes 2 or 3 times!).

My big love New York!
New York and I are inseparable. And why would you cheat in a good marriage. As soon as I land at JFK airport and get into a yellow-cab my heart skips a beat. But the best feeling is when you drive over the Manhattan Bridge and you can see the Empire State Building and skyline for the first time. Amazing little feeling!
‘Coming home’ in New York gives me the feeling of being a women of the world. It doesn’t matter how much cities I visit in a year. New York had it… has it! And will always have it :-).

The Big Apple never disappointed me. I can always count on this city. Every trip to NY there are new hotspots to discover, expositions to see and new clubs to check out. The more I go to New York the better it gets. You know your way around town and know where to go. You (almost) feel like a local!

If it all works out with my planning I’m going to New York again in November. With my brother! To drink craft beers and cocktails together, discover Brooklyn, spot street art and stroll around food markets. New York… I LOVE you!


I’m not only loyal to my favourite city New York, but also to many other things. I’m always open to try new things and it doesn’t matter how many choices I have to make during a day. In the end I’m loyal to my favourites and habits. Never change a winning team!

Tell me where your loyal too and win magazines

I think that everyone has their own favourites where you’re loyal to. From products to services. I’m really curious what your ‘thing’ is.

You can let me know with #BlijvenLoont! In a comment on this blog or on Twitter at @yourlbb and win the newest Grazia, vtwonen, Marie Claire and Viva. Curious to hear from you!



PS: You can always ask for personal New York tips via @yourlbb too!

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