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12 x new restaurants in Amsterdam you must know

20 January 2016

Discover the newest restaurant hotspots in Amsterdam!

The first month of the new year is already almost behind us. Cliche, cliche, cliche, but oh, time flies don’t you think? Not that long ago we were dancing on the tables during New Year’s Eve, and now it is almost February. Time to make a list with new restaurant hotspots that opened in Amsterdam recently! Check our blog with 12 new restaurants in Amsterdam!

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hangarPhotocredits: Anne Dokter

Hangar | New restaurants in Amsterdam

Brand new spot Hangar can be found in our beloved Amsterdam North. An industrial spot built in an old hangar. Hip, modern and elegant. The menu features southern European cuisine made with seasonal products. And the chanterelle risotto, parmesan and anise dish is an absolutely must try.
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Baut Zuidas | New restaurants in Amsterdam

Baut Zuid recently closed at Olympisch Plein, but no reason to be sad: they already found a new location! Baut Zuidas (yes, at the Zuidas) is up and running and thé place to go for food and drinks. Although we don’t exactly know what’s on the menu yet, this spot must be a winner since chef Michiel van der Eerder is in charge.
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Rotisserie AmsterdamPhotocredits:

Rotisserie | New restaurants in Amsterdam

For juicy chicken dishes you don’t have to leave Amsterdam East anymore, now there is Rotisserie! Besides their location in Amsterdam West, they are now also located on the Beukenplein. This is where you go to for a half or whole chicken from the spit.
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Peoples Place No 5 | New restaurants in Amsterdam

The Overtoom could use a nice new restaurant and voila: there is Peoples Place No. 5. A restaurant with an Italian menu. Perfect for a dinner with risotto or ravioli dishes!
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Van 't Spit Amsterdam

Van ‘t Spit | New restaurants in Amsterdam

Can you not get enough of chicken dishes? Then there is also Van ‘t Spit! Known for their location in Amsterdam West. But now they can also be found in De Pijp! Whether you order a whole or half chicken… let me tell you: it tastes delicious with bread, organic fries, salad or Dutch applesauce.
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Atelier | New restaurants in Amsterdam

Just opened: a new eat, drink and party spot named Atelier! Located in an old car wash in the Old South. Or actually the Schinkel neighbourhood, to be more specific. On the menu delicious fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Must try: the chef’s special! A changing three-course menu of the chef.
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Di Bruno Amsterdam

Di Bruno | New restaurants in Amsterdam

To be completely honest: restaurant Di Bruno is not entirely new. However, this venue has a new chef, a new card and a new interior. So for us Di Bruno can be categorized as a new restaurant in Amsterdam ;-). At this Italian spot you can order classic Italian dishes and several antipasti, varying primi and secondi dishes.
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Bos and Lobster | New restaurants in Amsterdam

Will we ever get enough of lobster? Not me! And that’s why I’m very happy with Bos and Lobster in Bos & Lommer. Where you can not only order a whole or half lobster, but also lobster croquettes, a burger of Black Angus Beef and a Fruit de Mer platter.
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The Uptown Meat Club AmsterdamPhotocredits:

The Uptown Meat Club | New restaurants in Amsterdam

At Yourlbb we tend to write a lot about healthy food hotspots. But sometimes, we just want a nice piece of meat! You’re at the right plave at The Uptown Meat Club. A new spot on the Van Baerlestraat. With meat on the menu. Lots of meat.
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Soul Burger | New restaurants in Amsterdam

Anybody here who says no to a nice burger? We thought so. At the Jan Pieter Heijestraat in Amsterdam West you now find Soul Burger. Here you can choose from chicken, lamb and beef burger. Do you want something green? They also serve burgers made from beets or other vegetables and some sweet potato fries. Yummy!
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restaurant breda | new restaurants in Amsterdam

The men behind restaurant Daalder and Guts & Glory want to take the Southern taste to new heights. That’s why they opened Restaurant Breda in Amsterdam. And not just in any location, no, they chose the Amsterdam Singel to do so. What they serve? International dishes with a modern twist. The dishes are served on a high level, because the chefs have big plans. They want to go for a Michelin star!
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Roomservice at Olof’s | New restaurants in Amsterdam

This pop-up restaurant is in town for only four months and is worth a visit. Michelin chef Chris Naylor opens Roomservice at Olof’s at a very special location: Sint Olofskapel (chapel). This is the oldest chapel in Amsterdam! Until April 30, you can sit down for a healthy dinner at star level.
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