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14 new restaurants in Amsterdam you have to know

7 August 2015

Discover the newest restaurant hotspots in Amsterdam!

As you know we check out the coolest new restaurants in Amsterdam every week. For big and small bites, for Asian or French food, for an evening with friends or a date night. In this blog we share the best new restaurants in Amsterdam. So scroll down and discover the 14 best new restaurants in Amsterdam now.

Happyhappyjoyjoy Amsterdam

Happyhappyjoyjoy | new restaurants in Amsterdam

We’ve been waiting for the restaurant of the famous (tv) chef Julius Jasper. And now it’s finally open! Happyhappyjoyjoy is a cool looking restaurant in West. Here you can eat Asian street food. So expect lovely small dishes that you can share with friends.
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Jack Dish | new restaurants in Amsterdam

Jack Dish is the newest all day hotspot at the Stadionbuurt. Also a great addition as a brunch place! The garden pea salad with sheep cheese and a poached egg is a must-try! Jack Dish is by the way also very vegetarian friendly ;-).
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Girassol Amsterdam

Girassol | new restaurants in Amsterdam

Ok, ok, Girassol isn’t exactly new. But in a way it is because of a make-over! The oldest Portugese restaurant that serves authentic Portugese dishes with a personal twist.
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The Rolling Rock Kitchen | new restaurants in Amsterdam

The Rolling Rock Kitchen is bringing rock and roll to Amsterdam North! A super cool and raw looking café. With occasional live music events! The menu is very creative with a lot of different weekly and daily meals.
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Rooster Amsterdam

Rooster | new restaurants in Amsterdam

Do you know Rooster? Also called the neighbourhood of West. Here you can have a great dinner for a great price. And the nachos are a must-try if you’re having drinks!
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No95 | new restaurants in Amsterdam

Another Asian restaurant: No95! An Asian fusion restaurant to be exact, in Amsterdam Old South at the Amstelveenseweg. Expect the best dishes here from the Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine. Of course they also have the shared dining concept here, so that will be a lot of sharing fun!
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Braai | new restaurants in Amsterdam

Yeah, there is a BBQ bar opened in Amsterdam! You can enjoy some amazing barbecue (duh) dishes from the braai at Braai. The restaurant is located next to the Schinkelkade. So you can sail to it with your boat or sit on the lovely terrace.
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Plato Loco | new restaurants in Amsterdam

Get in the tropical vibe at Plato Loco! Here you can try out great Caribbean dishes. A lot of meat, seasoning and beans. And they also have really good homemade iced tea here, in different kinds of flavours!
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Eastwood | new restaurants in Amsterdam

The Doubletree Hilton Hotel at the City Center has a new restaurant concept. Beer & grill. That means great varied (grill) menus with a more laid-back atmosphere than before.
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Lotti's Bar & grill Amsterdam

Lotti’s Bar & Grill | new restaurants in Amsterdam

You can also have a good dinner at the restaurant of the Hoxton hotel! Here they have a delicious brunch buffet. But of course you can also order a nice dinner à la carte or some small bites with a cocktail.
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Dikke Graaf | new restaurants in Amsterdam

Dikke Graaf is a hip neighbourhood café that isn’t open for a long time yet. Founded by two brothers that wanted to create a place where people could meet and enjoy their time there. A job well done! Here you must try the steak tartare and the salmon sashimi. So delicious!
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De Uitvreter Amsterdam

De Uitvreter | new restaurants in Amsterdam

Can you imagine it? With 17 other guests all sitting at one long table. And then just eat whatever they cooked for the day. Of course it’ll be something good. That’s possible at the cosy De Uitvreter at Jordaan.
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Appartement K | new restaurants in Amsterdam

A secret restaurant that opens every month at a new unique location in Amsterdam for just one evening. With the incredibly talented French Chef that have always worked in star restaurants. Check their website for the next dinner date!
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At Boi Boi in East you can have some amazing Thai food. Yes, so indulge yourself with pad thai and curries! Also possible to order as take out or just let it be delivered to your home. Like!
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Restaurants that are once again worth visiting! So which one have you been to already?

Anne de Buck