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15 x new restaurants in Amsterdam to visit now

22 November 2017

HAve you been to these new restaurants in amsterdam yet?

Many new restaurants have opened this month in Amsterdam. From a pink restaurant, to a nice snackbar and Asian hotspots. Time to test these new hotspots with your friends or lover. We have therefore made an overview of 15 x new restaurants in Amsterdam. Check them out quickly and plan a dinner with friends or date night!

Of course there are also a lot of restaurants that open soon, so we came up with something for that. In our ‘Coming Soon’ list, you will find all the restaurants that are going to open soon, but where isn’t much info about yet. As soon as these new places open, we’ll share it with you guys first!

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15 X new RESTAURANTS IN AMSTERDAM that you want to visit now

Mississippi: In terms of food you can count on Southern comfort food. From quesadillas with sweet potato and feta cheese or with pulled beef and quacamole, daily changing sliders to charcoal grilled salmon with pumpkin mash, snow crab steampot and sticky coca-cola BBQ pork ribs, to name a few. They even have a crocodile burger.

Batoni Khinkali: A Georgian restaurant in East where you can have Georgian snacks and taste Georgian wine. Think of Georgian dumplings khinakli; dumplings with meat (pork and beef), caraway, red onions, pepper and salt, with cheese and mint and with mushrooms and coriander.

Umami by Han: The latest Asian asset in Amsterdam is the special Umami by Han on the Overtoom. Owner Han Ji may be familiar to you from the Michelin restaurant HanThing Cuisine in The Hague. Or of the other Umami restaurants that you find in Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht and even in Beijing. Three of these restaurants have been awarded a Bib Gourmand. That is promising!

umami by han

umami by han

Alex+Pinard: Yes, another new wine bar in East! Alex+Pinard Amsterdam makes good wine accessible. What that means? Affordable wine of good quality, which is also delicious and there are not too many substances in it. The wines at Alex+Pinard are as pure as possible. But what they find more important is the taste: you’ll have to feel good about it.

Spaghetteria Olympiaplein: Your favourite pastabar finally arrived in Amsterdam South. YES! Now I don’t have to jump on the bike for a half an hour for a plate of fresh ravioli with heavenly sauce. It’s maybe good for the the calories, but that’s all ;-)

Our newest lists

Freddy Fryday: A new snack bar where you want to try the already famous Funky Freddy Fries. The what? Funky Freddy Fries: a large portion of fries with home-made toppings. Compare it to the Dutch ‘Kapsalon, but better than that ;-) At the moment you can choose toppings such as Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, Magic Mushroom (vega and a must try!) (mushroom sauce with mozzarella), the Nacho dip (vega) and as a special; the Rendang.

Bar Bouwmeester: Bar Bouwmeester Amsterdam opened its doors at the Rijnstraat in the Rivierenbuurt in South. A street where you are at the right address for sushi or Mexican food, but where is still not a lot happening. Bar Bouwmeester is changing that. It’s a place where you can go all day long to enjoy a cup of coffee, a lunch or a drink with friends.

bar bouwmeester

Le Baravin: A wine bar where you can only order French wines and French dishes made with French products. So French dishes, what should we think of? Meat and cheese platters, bites such as escargots, oysters, caviar and terrines and a ‘plat du jour‘ & ‘dessert du jour‘ that changes every 2 to 4 days.

Bistro Zebra: During the day a bistro for a cup of coffee made with local roasted beans, in the afternoon you get a French baguette with a nice glass of wine on the terrace and in the evening you can enjoy a lovely diner. Bistro Zebra Amsterdam opened its doors on the romantic Valentijnskade in Amsterdam East.

Xampanyeria Centra: Cravings for cava, paella bitterballs and pulpo? Then Xampanyeria Centra might be your new favourite spot to celebrate the weekend with friends. Think of paella, but then in a crispy jacket. Here you can have paella bitterballs and believe me, those are delicious! At Xampanyeria Centra Amsterdam everything is about shared-dining, small dishes that you can share with everyone.

Xampanyeria centra amsterdam

xampanyeria centra

Cannibale Royale Noord: YES, we can also eat the steaks, entrecotes and delicious fries from Cannibale Royale inAmsterdam North! So, good news for everybody who’s living in North and want to have a good piece of meat in te (late) evening as well. Cannibale Royale Amsterdam North opened its doors on the always cosy NDSM-Wharf.

Day Food Bar: Now we can, just like in Amstelveen, go to Day Foodbar in Amsterdam for Italian, Spanish and French dishes too. We can enjoy delicious freshly baked focaccia’s with pulled chicken or homemade pesto cream cheese in Amsterdam or go for grilled sea bass or fried risotto with eggplant caviar in the evening. Or do you prefer one of their mega delicious pastas? Think of the gnocchi with portobello and chorizo or linguine with truffle cream sauce and grilled green asparagus.

MaMa Kelly: A complete pink restaurant where you can also have a nice dinner! Owner Rein Rambaldo was inspired by a tiny pink shop in New York on the advice of his wife and business partner Willemien. ‘Pink is not a color, it’s an attitude’, said the owner and designer Rein Rambaldo. We like!

mama kelly amsterdam

mama kelly

Sea Palace: At Sea Palace you really feel like you’re in Asian atmospheres. It’s really a classic Chinese restaurant where the interior looks just as spectacular as the restaurant does form the outside. In terms of food, the choice is infinite. The dim sum menu is long and extensive and you can choose between al lot of different steamed and fried dim sum. And believe me, you want to try them all!

Winterlicht Pampus: From Saturday November 4 to Sunday December 17, we sail by boat to the fort island Pampus for a culinary surprise evening at Winterlicht Amsterdam. No boat? No worries. You will be picked up with the motor clipper Sailboat in IJburg, after about 40 minutes you’ll arrive at Pampus. While waiting for the delicious dishes, you walk around the world’s heritage, get warm at the campfire, enjoy the sparkling lights from the other side and explore the fortress.

Which new restaurant in Amsterdam have you visited lately?

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