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New restaurants in Amsterdam: the 2024 hit list with more than 100 tips (and we’ll keep updating this list)

17 June 2024
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After reading this list of the new restaurants in Amsterdam, you’ll be fully up-to-date with everything happening in the hospitality scene. From new restaurants in De Pijp to new restaurants in

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, spanning from fine dining to street food and from bakeries to coffee spots. They all have one thing in common: they’re all finger-licking good tips. The number of new restaurants opening in Amsterdam is almost impossible to keep track of. That’s why I thought it was time for an overview of all the new hotspots in Amsterdam in one place. I’ll keep updating this list of new restaurants in Amsterdam with the latest names that emerge. Got a tip? Let us know via the Tip the Editor button!

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Many of these new restaurants in Amsterdam also have a nice (heated) terrace, so if it’s sunny, you might find yourself enjoying lunch or drinks on the terrace (under a blanket). But inside is just as inviting because the interiors of these restaurants in Amsterdam are almost all very Instagram-worthy. And what I love about these new hotspots is that they often feel like they’ve been there for years. Amsterdam’s restaurant scene is fortunate to have some new classics! Also, nice: many of these new restaurants offer plenty of vegetarian options on the menu.

So, pass this article on new restaurants in Amsterdam to your friends, pick something fun, and plan that dinner date. From Amsterdam East to West, these hotspots in Amsterdam are ones you’ll want to know about.

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Café Wu

Chef Timo de Beurs is known from Slagerij de Beurs, which his grandfather founded. The butcher is closing, but Timo’s new restaurant has taken its place—on Dapperstraat, to be precise. From red mullet in oyster sauce to sui mai with langoustine tartare, Café Wu quickly became a great success, thanks to its unique menu and pleasant atmosphere. Read the detailed article about Café Wu here.
Dapperstraat 10, Amsterdam

Café Wu Amsterdam

© Café Wu Amsterdam, @cafewu.ams


Another seductive spot is The SIREN Amsterdam, located on the Rokin. This new venue brings the rich flavours and cuisine of the Mediterranean to our capital. The enormous monumental building is divided into a restaurant, lounge area, and private dining space. An evening at The SIREN is complete with live performances and music.
Rokin 81, Amsterdam,

the siren amsterdam

© The SIREN, @thesiren_amsterdam

De Predetariër Amsterdam

There are plenty of sandwich shops in Amsterdam, you’d think. But the owners of De Predetariër Amsterdam thought differently – and we’re pretty pleased about that. In the heart of De Pijp, they serve sandwiches filled with game meat, making a statement against industrial farming. “We are here for the nature lovers, the epicureans, the wilderness, and a world full of biodiversity.” Read the detailed article here.
Gerard Doustraat 180, Amsterdam,

De Predetariër Amsterdam

© De Predetariër, @depredetarier

More new restaurants in Amsterdam

Bonjour Càphê Amsterdam

A Vietnamese hotspot in the heart of Jordaan has recently emerged in the form of Bonjour Càphê Amsterdam – with flavours that momentarily transport you to Vietnam. The owner is a huge coffee enthusiast; he even developed himself into a true connoisseur. In his homeland, he learned all about it, and once in Europe, he visited Scandinavia to learn about their coffee culture. For great coffee and Vietnamese delicacies, this establishment is the place to be. Read the full review here.
Eerste Lindendwarsstraat 1, Amsterdam,

Bonjour Càphê Amsterdam

Noemi Amsterdam

On the corner of Van Woustraat and Hemonylaan (Amsterdam South), you can no longer ignore the delightful aroma of freshly baked pizzas and focaccia. Despite the small takeaway joint being inconspicuous, the scent leads you straight to Noemi Amsterdam.
Van Woustraat 9, Amsterdam,

Noemi Amsterdam

© Noemi Amsterdam

The New New

Right next to Schietclub – another great spot to spend your Friday and Saturday evenings and nights – you’ll find The New New. A restaurant that, as the evening progresses, transforms into a bar dancing and karaoke bar. And that’s not all: on some evenings, they host proper karaoke nights, like the collab with The New New x Doki!Doki! in April. In addition to karaoke entertainment, they also have a number of arcade game cabinets to keep you entertained all evening.
Papaverweg 15b, Amsterdam,

The New New Amsterdam

© The New New, @thenewnewgoldenhouse

Roux Amsterdam

Roux Amsterdam is a place to hold dear in your heart. Its location is pleasant and central – Westerstraat, especially on weekends, is very lively – and its focus on the highest possible quality is almost unparalleled. In terms of ingredients, Roux collaborates with local heroes such as Het Kaasatelier, Oesterij, Jamoneria by Rick, and Zagt Amsterdam. And when you know that, you know this promises a lot of good things. Read the full review here.
Westerstraat 132, Amsterdam,

Roux Amsterdam

© Roux Amsterdam,

More new restaurants in Amsterdam

YanYan Dumplings Amsterdam

For a weekday meal, YanYan Dumplings Amsterdam is the place to be; they are open for lunch and dinner from Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 20:00. You can dine in or take away. The menu offers a wide selection of their ‘bundles of joy’: you’ll find both fried and steamed dumplings with unique fillings. Read more about this new establishment here.
Rijnstraat 229, Amsterdam,

yanyan dumplings amsterdam

© YanYan Dumplings, @yanyan_dumplings

Meat The Balls

A modern take on the traditional Dutch “broodje bal” (meatball sandwich): that’s the concept behind Meat The Balls Amsterdam sandwich shop. The owners of the establishment elevate the typical Dutch sandwich to a higher level, offering no less than eight different variations on the classic, with a choice of four different meatballs. Discover more about this place here.
Kinkerstraat 142, Amsterdam,

Meet The Balls Amsterdam

© Meet The Balls,

Lera Matcha

LERA Matcha Amsterdam is one of those hotspots that Amsterdam was missing. That’s why we’re delighted that this new place, from the same owners as the coworking space Venu, has opened in De Pijp. Without a doubt, this place is one of the most stylish additions to Amsterdam. Read more about Lera here.
Ferdinand Bolstraat 146, Amsterdam,

Lera Matcha Amsterdam

© Lera Matcha Amsterdam, @lera.matcha

Barlotta Amsterdam

There’s little that compares to indulging in a leisurely meal until the early hours, as they do so well in Southern European countries. At Barlotta, they’ve mastered the art of endless dining, with a menu boasting no less than 24 (!) antipasti dishes. Whether for sharing or keeping all to yourself, it’s entirely up to you how you want to spend your evening. The menu is an endless list of classics but with the Barlotta twist. Discover more about Barlotta here.
Conradstraat 142, Amsterdam,

Barlotta Amsterdam

© Barlotta Amsterdam,

Café Soleil

Things are getting more exciting in the Papaverhoek neighbourhood! Recently, coffee bar Yusu hosted a pop-up in the Kometenbakkerij building, and New New Golden House, a very fine Chinese restaurant where your evening turns into a karaoke session, opened its doors. The newest addition to the neighbourhood? Café Soleil Amsterdam is a delightful Mediterranean restaurant focusing on top-notch comfort food.
Papaverhoek 31, Amsterdam,

Café Soleil Amsterdam

© Café Soleil Amsterdam, @cafesoleilamsterdam

Larry’s Amsterdam

Larry’s Amsterdam has recently captured a spot in our hearts. For those who prefer not to indulge in fast food from big chains but occasionally crave a guilty pleasure, Larry’s hits the spot. Discover the bao bun hotspot that quickly became a favourite among Amsterdam locals. Read our review here.
Kinkerstraat 75, Amsterdam,

Larry's Amsterdam

© Larry’s Amsterdam, @larrysamsterdam

Nog meer nieuwe restaurants in Amsterdam

Krusta Amsterdam South

Under the banner of ‘not your ordinary pizza place,’ Krusta Amsterdam recently opened its doors. The name Krusta represents the crispy crust that makes their pizzas so amazing, but this place offers more: dining in a cosy atmosphere, unique cocktails, and the most original dishes from the Southern European kitchen.
Europaplein 13, Amsterdam,

Krusta Amsterdam

© Krusta Amsterdam, @krustaamsterdam

Avalon WIjn en Spijs

There are a few places like Avalon Wijn en Spijs Amsterdam. In fact, it’s such a hidden gem that you fervently wish you had known about it earlier. Because once you’ve stepped foot inside Avalon Amsterdam, there’s no doubt you’ll come back again and again.
Sluisstraat 56, Amsterdam,

Avalon Wijn en Spijs Amsterdam

© Avalon Wijn en Spijs, @avalonwijnenspijs

Ferry Amsterdam

For those familiar with the Houthavens in Amsterdam (near Amsterdam West), the closure of Pont 13 during the summer months will be sorely missed. Fortunately, you no longer have to mourn, as Ferry Amsterdam is now located in the same 100-year-old converted ferryboat. And believe us, this promises a lot of good things!
Haparandadam 50, Amsterdam,

Ferry Amsterdam

© Ferry Amsterdam, Vincent Kuyvenhoven

Novi Amsterdam

Ciao tutti! Amsterdam East (specifically Watergraafsmeer) is now home to an authentic Italian restaurant. Allow us to introduce you to the flavorful cuisine of Novi Amsterdam, rooted in the classic Italian kitchen. Novi is a place where neighbours and families come together, ensuring a guaranteed long dining experience.
Middenweg 35, Amsterdam,

novi amsterdam

© Novi, Jordi Sloots

Nog meer nieuwe restaurants in Amsterdam

NNEA next door

Attention pizza lovers, listen up! As of now, the fantastic dishes and pizzas from nNea are also available through nNea Next Door – their brand-new takeaway concept. That means: pizzas of the highest quality, but delivered right to your doorstep. Did you know that nNea is globally renowned? The restaurant ranks number 9 in the worldwide top 50 of best pizzerias.
Bilderdijkstraat 92, Amsterdam,

beste pizza amsterdam NNea

© Nnea

Enté Amsterdam

You could almost call owners Tim Werners and Natalie Kouwen ‘seasoned pros’ in the field. It was high time that these two seasoned hospitality experts and lovers started their own business. Previously, they worked as freelancers (with Labradoodle Fin) in charge at BAUT and gained experience in a wide range of Amsterdam’s hospitality scene. Now, it’s time for their own venture. After a long search, they found the perfect location on Lindengracht, where Enté Amsterdam has now settled. Read more about Enté.
Lindengracht 29, Amsterdam,

ente amsterdam

© Enté Amsterdam

Kim’s So Korean Fusion

Just over a month ago, Kim’s So Korean Fusion opened its doors in Amsterdam-Oost. At this brand-new establishment (their second location, the first being Kim’s So Korean Food in Chinatown), they serve Korean cuisine with a modern twist: dishes that blend Korean and international flavours. Read more here.
Linnaeusstraat 35F, Amsterdam,

Kim's So Korean Fusion amsterdam

© Kim’s So Korean Fusion, @kimsso

De Japanner South

The Japanner has a new sibling: meet De Japanner Amsterdam-Zuid, where you not only dine in style but also find the perfect spot for karaoke, private dining, and meetings. Read the full review here.
George Gershwinplein 1, Amsterdam,

De Japanner Amsterdam-Zuid

© De Japanner Amsterdam-Zuid

Cafe Baskèts

In addition to being a unique store popular with both young and old, the owner wanted to give something back to the neighborhood; to create a place where people can come together, enjoy a peaceful moment amidst the bustling Amsterdam Pijp, or stop by for a (quick) lunch. Owner Daan de Greef doesn’t just aim to foster a sense of community by being a pleasant hangout but also by implementing membership cards. With these, you can earn points towards a free coffee, for instance. Read more about Cafe Baskèts here.
Eerste Van der Helststraat 15, Amsterdam,

Café Baskèts Amsterdam

© Café Baskèts Amsterdam, @cafebaskets

Jacob Restobar Amsterdam

From breakfast to dinner and drinks until the late hours, at Jacob Restobar Amsterdam, you’ll find something for everyone. Jacob is becoming a versatile meeting, dining, and nightlife spot. Moreover, this place is a true family business, with the Van Breda family at the helm. And you can feel it.
Bilderdijkstraat 217, Amsterdam,

jacob restobar amsterdam

© Jacob Restobar Amsterdam, @jacob.restobar

Taka Ramen Gelderlandplein

Even if you don’t live near Taka Ramen Gelderlandplein, the bike or metro ride to Taka Ramen is definitely worth it. Taka is perhaps the best ramen chef in our country, and the places where he works in the kitchen always have a queue. Don’t be misled by the name of this restaurant, though, because Taka makes more than just ramen. The menu also features other Japanese and Asian dishes, such as gyoza, karaage, kimchi, takoyaki, yakisoba, and edamame. Read more here.
Willem van Weldammelaan 4, Amsterdam,

taka ramen gelderlandplein

© Taka Ramen Gelderlandplein, @takaramennl

BagelBoy Amsterdam

Those who have visited New York know that you can’t taste bagels like them anywhere else in the world. Until now BagelBoy Amsterdam has opened its doors in De Pijp. What’s even more exciting: those who love bagels can also order merchandise. Read more here.
Albert Cuypstraat 190, Amsterdam,

bagelboy amsterdam

© Bagelboy Amsterdam, @bagelboyshop

KOKOMO Amsterdam

Aruba… Jamaica… ooh I wanna take you down to Kokomooooo. Kokomo Amsterdam takes its name from the song by The Beach Boys, but don’t expect your typical beach club. However, do expect plenty of ‘good vibrations’ in this green piece of paradise amidst all the construction hustle on Zeeburgereiland, Amsterdam-Oost’s newest district. Read all about this new spot here.
Zuiderzeeweg 11 A, Amsterdam,

kokomo amsterdam, nieuwe hotspot amsterdam

© julesreijndersstudio

Bar Chimi

It’s good to hang out at Bar Chimi Amsterdam. The name may ring a bell for Amsterdammers, as the hospitality duo Chimi & Churri has been cooking primarily at people’s homes in recent years. Bar Chimi is their first restaurant and continues their signature dishes. And the fun part is: when you’re done eating, you can easily roll into Club Oliva.
Amstel 80, Amsterdam,

Bar Chimi Amsterdam

© Bar Chimi, @bar_chimi

WowBBQ Amsterdam

On the edge of a spacious parking lot in Amsterdam-Sloten lies the brand-new WowBBQ restaurant – a haven for the average barbecue enthusiast. At Wow, they master the art of grilling to perfection – never before have you tasted such perfectly cooked meat, excellent fish, and other grilled dishes.
Sloterweg 1345, Amsterdam,

WowBBQ Amtserdam

© WowBBQ Amtserdam, @wowbbq_nl

Alex + Pinard, de Oekraïense pop-up

Last July, wine bar Alex + Pinard delivered sad news: they would be closing their doors so the owner could focus on her other ventures (Bar Pif and two branches of Rebel Wines). However, at the end of last year, she ran into a former classmate who was toying with the idea of ​​starting a Ukrainian restaurant. After some research and various brainstorming sessions over natural wine, they found a middle ground: a Ukrainian pop-up restaurant in the space where Alex + Pinard had been located until that summer (on Dapperstraat in Amsterdam East). The dream has now become a reality, as Alex + Pinard is now dedicated to Ukraine, thanks to their Ukrainian pop-up restaurant.
Dapperstraat 10, Amsterdam,

Alex + Pinard Oekraïense pop-up

© Alex + Pinard Oekraïense pop-up, @alexenpinard

Meer nieuwe restaurants in Amsterdam

Le Smash

As far as we’re concerned, there’s little that beats a good burger. And the creators of Le Smash Amsterdam couldn’t agree more. They felt it was high time to bring the Smashburger to Amsterdam (even though they’re not the first) and introduce the Amsterdamse Pijp to this American speciality. Read more about Le Smash.
Govert Flinckstraat 122-h, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Smash

© Le Smash

Breman Brasserie

When we heard the news that Hoxton would be opening a second location in Amsterdam, our hearts skipped a beat. This is another fantastic hotel with great workspaces, lounge areas, and a huge terrace. Count us in. And as the cherry on top, there’s also Breman Brasserie: the ultimate place to enjoy a relaxed day with good food and drinks. Read more.
Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Brasserie Breman

© Brasserie Breman

Wijnbar Vindict

“What if we flip the roles?” thought the founders of Wine Bar Vindict. Instead of selecting wines to accompany your meal when dining out, why not have the dinner complement the wines? And so it was because, at Wine Bar Vindict, the focus is primarily on the wine. Richard Dietz and Roderick Meijer, along with chef Samir Doueiri and sommelier Jan-Jaap Altenburg, opened Wine Bar Vindict in Amsterdam-Noord, which has since become the new hotspot for the true wine enthusiast.
Docklandsweg 3, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Wijnbar Vindict

© Wijnbar Vindict

Bar Baggerbeest Amsterdam

On the outskirts of Amsterdam, Zeeburgereiland is a delightful spot. You’re still in the city, but you can feel the fresh breeze from the IJ River through your hair. And even though you’re not far from Amsterdam Central at this location, you’ll feel like you’re in a different world. More than a century ago, the silt from the port area formed a new piece of land where this creative hub is now located.
Rudi van Dantzigstraat 1, Amsterdam,

bar baggerbeest

© Bar Baggerbeest

Otemba Gyoza Amsterdam

The owners of Otemba previously stated that their establishment in Amsterdam-West will continue to focus on their successful ramen, while its little sister in De Pijp specializes in gyoza and accompanying snacks. Our favourites at Otemba on Kinkerstraat are the Tatsuta Chicken, the crunchy Otemba Chips, the Tatsuta (cauliflower snack), and the Chicken Yakitori. Quickly head to the new location, Otemba Gyoza Amsterdam, to add our favourites to your list there, too! Read more.
Van Woustraat 15, Amsterdam,

beste dumplings en gyoza in amsterdam

© Otemba Gyoza, @otemba.gyoza

Esh Pitaria & Bar

In 2022, Martinot unfortunately had to close its doors due to a thorough renovation of the building. However, the owners saw an opportunity to start a new venture in the same location after the extensive refurbishment. And so, last year, Martinot made way for Esh – a restaurant with the same concept but in a new setting. The interior is modern and cosy, with atmospheric lighting and plenty of plants. It’s a place where you linger over dinner on a Friday evening or casually drop by during the week in your jogging pants. A place for everyone, indeed.
Moreelsestraat 1-3, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Esh Pitaria

© Esh Pitaria


Brunchdale Amsterdam

All-day brunch and old-fashioned cosiness, indeed. Brunchdale Amsterdam’s ambience is as inviting as its staff. Once you step inside, you’ll know that this is a place you’ll come back to often. The atmosphere is relaxed, and an extensive selection of brunch dishes is available all day long.
Ridderspoorweg 104, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Brunchdale

© Brunchdale

Le French Café Amsterdam West

In Amsterdam-Oost, Le French Café is already a well-established gem, and thanks to its prime location (the terrace enjoys the sun for long hours), we’re convinced that Le French Café in Amsterdam-West (especially this coming summer) will be just as successful. It’s quite obvious: when the Three Wise Men from the East (hospitality group 3WO, owner of venues such as ‘t Blauwe Theehuis, De Biertuin, De Waterkant, Arie, Polly Goudvisch, Moos, Bonnie, and Volare) open a new hospitality establishment, it’s bound to be a hit. Especially when the concept already has a sibling in another district.
Admiraal de Ruijterweg 1, Amsterdam,

Le French Café

Bottleshop Chefcounter

Dining at an international level: at the brand-new concept Bottleshop Chefcounter in Amsterdam-Oost, this dream becomes a reality. You no longer need to go to Paris, Lima, Copenhagen, Cape Town, or New York for an evening with international allure because the rotating pop-ups at Bottleshop Chefcounter bring the world’s best chefs right to our capital.
Wibautstraat 130, Amsterdam,

bottleshop chefcounter amsterdam

© Bottleshop Amsterdam, @bottleshop.ams


On Javastraat in Amsterdam-Oost, you can find almost everything: Eastern supermarkets, brown cafes, takeaways, coffee shops, trendy cocktail bars, mezze restaurants, fresh bakeries, and so on. What was missing until recently was an Indonesian restaurant. Thankfully, the newly renovated Purnama made a permanent change.
Javastraat 55-H, Amsterdam,

purnama amsterdam

© purnama amsterdam


Fans of Auberge can once again sleep soundly, as this popular restaurant reopened its doors on 1st March, just like old times. This time with the assistance of Michelin-starred chef Richard van Oostenbrugge, whom you may know from Restaurant 212, De Juwelier, and Bistro de la Mer. In September 2023, the owners of the Michelin-starred Auberge announced their bankruptcy; they couldn’t fill the financial gap caused by the pandemic any longer. Oostenbrugge is now breathing new life into Auberge alongside the owners, maintaining the quality and expertise you’re accustomed to.
Albert Cuypstraat 58-60, Amsterdam,

Auberge Amsterdam

© Auberge, @auberge_amsterdam

Bennies Amsterdam

After the incredible success of several pop-ups, Bennies is opening its doors permanently. The location of their last pop-up will now become their permanent base, albeit after a minor renovation. In March, the restaurant will reopen in the Schinkel district, not far from the popular Multipla.
Helikopterstraat 28, Amsterdam,

bennies amsterdam

© Your Little Black Book


Dorus Floris and Lendl Mijnhijmer have opened Restaurant Showw in Amsterdam-Zuid, near the RAI. Located in the futuristic Crossover building, Showw promises to be a true spectacle. Dining at great heights in an elegant setting. With a team boasting plenty of experience, our expectations are high.
Gelrestraat 28, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Restaurant Showw

© Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam

Hamer & Vork

Formerly occupied by MOK, Hamer & Vork has now opened its doors. Located in one of the coziest neighborhoods of Amsterdam-North near Coba and the Food Market, Hamer & Vork will soon serve dishes with worldly influences. This might become one of the most charming new restaurants in Amsterdam Noord.
Gedempt Hamerkanaal 75a, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Hamer Vork

© Hamer & Vork


R21, also known as Restaurant 21, is a new fine dining establishment in the heart of the city centre. Chef Orlando David and his team focus on high-quality gastronomy here. The interior exudes warmth and classic charm, while the dishes are culinary masterpieces. We can’t wait to try it out!
Peperstraat 23, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam R21

© R21

Bar Chimi

Opening soon on the Amstel is Bar Chimi, the second restaurant from the owners of Oliva Amsterdam. Building on the concept of Chimi & Churi, where the chefs and owners cooked in people’s homes for two years, this new venture was an inevitable success.
Amstel 80, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Chimi

© Bar Chimi

Ela Restobar

In the city centre, on Elandsgracht to be precise, you can now dine at Ela Restobar. Following extensive renovations, Ela is the place to go for all-day dining with Mediterranean influences. They’re open for lunch onwards, and their sharing-style dishes are perfect for a group. The venue isn’t large, so booking ahead is advisable. When the weather’s fine, the terrace is a delightful spot.
Elandsgracht 45, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam ELA Restobar

© ELA Restobar

more new restaurants in Amsterdam


Vegitalian is a real gem for Amsterdam. This new restaurant offers the finest vegetarian and vegan dishes. Their unique concept transforms Italian classics into colourful veggie options that surprise with every bite. Combined with the sunny interior and Mediterranean details, they give vegetarian and vegan cuisine a real boost. The Amsterdam restaurant is already the third in the Netherlands, and we’re sure it won’t be the last!
Bilderdijkstraat 158H, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Vegitalia

© Vegitalian

Trattoria BREDA & Enoteca

The latest restaurant from the BREDA Group, Trattoria BREDA & Enoteca, is perfect for a delicious pasta lunch or an Italian dinner. The trattoria focuses on the wood oven, although their homemade pastas are also highly recommended. Behind the trattoria, you’ll find a wine bar where you can sample wines by the glass, half glass, or sip. Paired with a delicious pizza or other nibbles, this is the ideal spot to leisurely explore the newest wines.
Czaar Peterstraat 21, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Breda

© Trattoria BREDA & Enoteca

Pizza Project

Delicious Neapolitan pizzas in an atmospheric venue with a genuine Italian ambiance. The success of Pizza Project has been immense, prompting the owners to open a second venue in Amsterdam-Zuid. This spot is perfect for unwinding with friends and simply enjoying a relaxing night out. With an authentic Aperol Spritz alongside your pizza, you’ll forget all the stress of the workweek in no time!
Maasstraat 18, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Pizza Project


Fuku Ramen

Chef Jakub trained at the Miyajima Ramen School in Osaka, Japan, and it shows! At Fuku Ramen, you can savour delicious ramen with homemade noodles. If you prefer a more elaborate dining experience, they offer various courses featuring dishes inspired by Japanese culture. Naturally, everything is served with authentic sake to complete the experience. Undoubtedly one of the tastiest new restaurants in Amsterdam East.
Ingogostraat 14A, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Fuku Ramen

© Fuku Ramen

Chateau Amsterdam

Producing wine in a city is no easy. Chateau Amsterdam imports grapes from real wine countries such as Italy and France, and then lets them mature by the IJ. Chateau Amsterdam is the first urban winery in the Netherlands and has even grown to become the largest in Europe. The restaurant of this wine bar is also well worth a visit. Paired with the homemade wines, the Italian dishes come into their own, delivering a deliciously rich flavour to every meal.
Johan van Hasseltweg 51, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Chateau Amsterdam

© Chateau Amsterdam

more new restaurants in Amsterdam


SAAM is a gastronomic gem with a South African touch in Ouderkerk. The interior stands out with its relaxed style and colourful, typically African accents. The dishes are crafted from Dutch ingredients with a South African twist. The fusion of these two extremes creates a very surprising and distinctive taste. After the exquisite dinner, you can relax in the bar on the first floor and enjoy the spectacular view of the Amstel.
Amstelzijde 59, Amstelveen –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam SAAM


Café Garçon

Café Garçon is the little brother of Brasserie Margaux. This small restaurant is a true French gem. The chic interior, traditional decor, and French classics make it a genuine French bistro. This atmosphere is also reflected in the menu. Whether it’s a niçoise salad, escargots, or ratatouille, you have the choice of all the famous French dishes. Café Garçon is an excellent and charming restaurant where you can escape the hustle and bustle of Holland for a while!
Johannes Verhulststraat 105, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Garcon

© Café Garçon

Brasserie Margaux

Recently opened in Beethovenstraat, Brasserie Margaux is a timeless brasserie that should be on the list for lovers of French cuisine. The traditional French dishes have an authentic taste and could easily come straight from Paris. Each meal is served on authentic Limoges porcelain plates. The cutlery is real silver and hand-selected. When you know that even the 22,000 marble floor tiles were laid by hand, you immediately understand the level of care put into the restaurant!
Beethovenstraat 27-A, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Brasserie Margeaux

© Brasserie Margaux

Bar Dancing Multipla

Bar Dancing Multipla sheds new light on the iconic Fiat Multipla. This old Italian car represents simplicity and fun. This is also what the restaurant aims for. You can get the best Italian dishes there at affordable prices. If you’re out with a group of friends, you can even order sharing platters. In the playful setting, you’ll have a blast, and after dinner, the DJ turns it into a lively party. Bar Dancing Multipla is a unique concept that Amsterdam needed!
Valschermkade 16, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Bar Dancing Multipla

© Bar Dancing Multipla

Vooges aan het IJ

Remember Vooges, the lovely restaurant with a very cosy atmosphere? Well, it’s making a comeback, this time by the IJ. On the rustic terrace, you can enjoy the warm sun rays with a delicious lunch and a nice glass of wine. Inside, this venue is suitable for an intimate date. The cosy interior is perfect for a romantic tête-à-tête with your partner. The unique location makes Vooges by the IJ an idealistic place where you can go for all occasions.
Westerdoksdijk 40H, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Vooges aan het Ij

© Vooges aan het IJ

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more new restaurants in Amsterdam

Le Grand George

The moment you step into Le Grand George in Amsterdam-South, you know you’re in for a fun evening. With its wall of stylish mirrors, vintage mosaic floor, and atmospheric seating, you’re immediately transported back to the 1980s. On the menu, you’ll find classic French dishes with a modern twist. At the beautiful burgundy bar, you can enjoy a surprisingly delicious cocktail after your dinner to end your evening in style!
Gustav Mahlerplein 14, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam George

© le grand George

Ventuno Sky Lounge

Located on the 21st floor of the Ruby Emma Hotel, Ventuno takes you back to 1920s New York. What begins as an elegant dinner in a sky lounge ends in a unique and mysterious experience with DJs, dancers, and live entertainment. This sensational concept with a sexy and cosmopolitan design is innovative even for a world city like Amsterdam. While indulging in the finest Italian cuisine, the breathtaking skyline and glamorous entertainers ensure unforgettable moments.
Amstelvlietstraat 4, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Ventuno Skylounge

© Ventuno Sky Lounge


On the iconic REM Island, there is now a bar-restaurant-rooftop, 22 meters high. The first floor consists of a tranquil bar, perfect for a cocktail and a tasty snack. Above this chill-out zone is the restaurant. A culinary hotspot with dishes of exceptional quality and matching wines. After dining, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Amsterdam-West from the rooftop terrace. A visit to restaurant REM is unforgettable, putting the REM Island back on the map!
Haparandadam 45,  Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam REM



Opposite the renowned restaurant Fiko, owners Serena and Giuseppe have now opened a luxury version, Fikissimo. This classy restaurant reflects their passion for food in an incredibly elegant way. With its velvet benches, charming wardrobe, and real olive trees as decoration, the venue immediately catches the eye. The menu, like Amsterdam itself, is a melting pot of nationalities. The chefs combine traditional Italian basics with Mediterranean and Asian influences. This exclusive restaurant impresses on every level, and the southern hospitality completes the picture.
Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 35, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Fikissmo

© Fikissmo


Amsterdam is a bustling metropolis, but NELA takes it a step further. The unique decor and distinctive atmosphere give the venue international allure, making you feel like you’re in LA. NELA is Sanskrit for pure, and this theme is central. The chefs cook with ingredients in their purest form over an open fire, preserving the taste and integrity. NELA is inspiring and could be pivotal for the future of dining in Amsterdam.
Beethovenstraat 515, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam NELA


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More new restaurants in Amsterdam

Cape Town Social Club

The South African cuisine is still under the radar, but that’s about to change. The Cape Town Social Club in the Jordaan hasn’t been open for long, but it has already built up a very good reputation. In the dishes with a South African undertone, you immediately taste the vibrant ambiance of Cape Town. The unique flavor is combined with a hospitable African atmosphere. Cape Town Social Club is new in town, but it won’t be long before everyone is talking about it!
Raamstraat 27, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Cape town social Club

© Cape Town Social Club

Brasserie Breman

Brasserie Breman is exactly what the old Lloyd building in the port area needs. With its glamorous art deco style and elegant details, the venue brings this iconic building back to life. The cosy atmosphere invites you to linger for hours and enjoy the inspiring interior. On the menu, you’ll find a combination of European and South American cuisine, from light lunch dishes to hearty burgers and even oysters. The enchanting taste makes an incredible impression and lets you drift away completely.
Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Brasserie Breman

© Brasserie Breman


Troef in Amsterdam East is without a doubt one of the best new restaurants in Amsterdam. The menu is filled with dishes bursting with flavour. It has happened to me several times that my group of friends orders the same dish again. Thanks to the team, you immediately feel at home at Troef. When decorating the venue, they wanted to create a homely atmosphere, and they succeeded. The beautiful open kitchen and the enormous wine collection are real eye-catchers that provide an elegant finish to this cosy gastro bar and restaurant. In summer, they have a nice terrace perfect for an apéritif. Booking in advance is a must!
Schollenbrugstraat 8, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam TROEF

© Troef

Restaurant De Mark

I don’t know where to start: the lovely location on the banks of the IJmeer, the cosy interior with an authentic fireplace, or the high-quality menu featuring genuine Dutch ingredients. Restaurant De Mark stands out in every aspect, so you should definitely put this place at the top of your to-visit list. In summer, they also have a lovely terrace. Trust me: while enjoying your delicious lunch or dinner amidst the reeds by the IJ, you’ll remember this tip fondly.
Durgerdammerdijk 73, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam De mark

© Restaurant De Mark

Restaurant Van Oost

If you often cycle along the Mauritskade, you’ve probably noticed the restaurant in the new Pillows hotel. Restaurant Van Oost aims for Michelin stars, and you can tell from every detail. The impressive interior with high ceilings, the green view, and the excellent acoustics immediately catch your eye. As for the menu, it’s simply top-notch. Every season, chef Floris Van Straalen selects a main ingredient and incorporates it into three dishes. The refined menu is bursting with flavour, and with the right wine, it becomes a truly special lunch or dinner. Next time we make a reservation, we’re going for a spot at the chef’s bar! Here, you also receive an additional course during the extensive dinner.
Mauritskade 61, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Van Oost

© Restaurant Van Oost

Meer nieuwe restaurants in Amsterdam

Scandinavian Embassy Bakery & Shop

For those with a sweet tooth, our Swedish friends from Scandinavian Embassy have opened a new bakery at Europaplein. Ideal for an afternoon filled with cinnamon buns, semlas, and other Scandinavian treats. The coffee is also worth a try; according to some, it’s even among the best in the entire city! When you know that they combine this delicious food with a beautiful interior and a super-friendly bartender, you understand immediately why this place is a sure-fire success!
Europaplein 87, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Scandinavian Embassy

© Scandinavian Embassy Bakery & Shop


Até is a hidden gem for foodies. This charming little place is tucked away in The Dylan hotel. Chef Filip Hanlo surprises six guests here daily with a luxurious menu. He tells you about his various travels and how these experiences influence the dish. The cuisine can best be described as a mix of French, Mexican, and Japanese styles. The entire evening is filled with intriguing stories and culinary masterpieces, fine dining at its best!
Keizersgracht 384, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Ate

© Até

Bar Gui

Even though the menu is full of Breton dishes, Bar Gui cannot be considered a standard French restaurant. Guillaume de Beer adds his own touch to each preparation, allowing each dish to shine in its own way. This unique concept is something new in Amsterdam, and the rugged design makes it an unforgettable experience. Moreover, the menu is constantly changing, so you can visit Bar Gui more often!
Prinsengracht 955, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Bar Gui

© Bar Gui

Polly Goudvisch

Polly Goudvisch is the latest addition to the Goudvisch family. You can easily reach this venue from the ferry on the IJ. The interior can be compared to a classic Amsterdam café but with a modern twist. The homely atmosphere is also evident in the dishes. The entire menu is based on family recipes, and each dish is bursting with flavour. At Polly Goudvisch, it feels like your grandma is cooking, and the place has a good chance of becoming your second home!
Buiksloterweg 3, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Polly Goudvisch

© Polly Goudvisch

Utage Sake Bar

A new Japanese bar that has been fully booked from day one— that promises something special! Utage Sake Bar is designed entirely in Japanese style. The half curtain at the entrance and the typical sand-colored plasterwork make it an elegant place. The menu consists of classic and modern Japanese dishes for sharing. Japanese tapas, in other words, a unique experience that is definitely worth repeating. That premium sake should not be missing from your meal goes without saying!
Lekstraat 11, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Utage Sake Bar

© Utage Sake Bar

more new restaurants in Amsterdam


Every Amsterdam street has a sandwich shop. However, the new sandwich bar Davies in the Jordaan is definitely worth a visit. David Baxter, the former chef of La Rive, perfects the sandwiches to perfection. There are only four sandwiches on the menu, but each one is a feast for your taste buds. The ingredients are perfectly matched and form a delicious whole. At first glance, Davies may seem like a standard sandwich shop, but it surprises its visitors time and time again with unique creations!
Tweede Leliedwarsstraat 13, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Davies

© Davies

Café Gitane

Café Gitane is the new hotspot in Amsterdam-West. The owner of this restaurant is none other than Angelo Kremmydas, the chef of NOPI in London and Bar BAUT. Angelo grew up in Greece, and this Mediterranean heritage is reflected in the menu. Each dish is prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients and has a delightful Mediterranean taste. Besides the impressive dishes, the interior is also impressive. The mix of serene Scandinavian colours with beautiful Mediterranean details creates a very warm atmosphere where everyone feels at home.
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 146, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Gitane

© Café Gitane

Libertine Café Des Prés

After the Libertine Café on the Noordermarkt, the owners have opened a second venue: the Libertine Café Des Prés. This small bistro on the Gerard Douplein stands for French conviviality. An elegant interior, a cosy terrace, and many nostalgic details give the place an informal character. You can visit here at any time of the day. A nice French lunch, a tasty apéritif in the afternoon, or a savoury snack; it’s all possible!
Gerard Douplein 10, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam libertine

© Libertine Café Des Prés


Sando’s, Japanese sandwiches, have been popular in Tokyo, LA, and New York for years. Recently, these delicious sandwiches have also found their way to Amsterdam. You can visit InBread on the Overtoom. This Japanese sandwich bar serves unique milk buns with an Asian touch. The venue itself immediately reminds you of Tokyo. The neon lights and the cyberpunk setting create a unique atmosphere that perfectly matches Amsterdam’s international character!
Overtoom 503H, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Inbread

© Inbread

Belly of the Beast

The brand-new Belly of the Beast is a new cocktail bar in the centre of Amsterdam. At this special place, you can enjoy equally special cocktails and matching bites. The dark interior and classic bar make you forget that you’re in Amsterdam, thanks to their international allure.
Singel 460, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Belly of the Beast

© Belly of the Beast

more new restaurants in Amsterdam

Esh Pitaria en Bar

Sharing plates, delicious lemonades, and dishes that leave you wanting more: the brand-new Esh has it all. Enjoy the tastiest pitas, hummus, and pizzas right in the Museum Quarter.
Moreelstraat 1-3, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Esh Pitaria

© Esh Pitaria

Kometen Brood – NDSM

There’s little that compares to the freshly baked sourdough bread from Kometen Brood in Amsterdam-North, now open at the NDSM-Werf. Their focaccia, croissants, and other pastries have also become famous, even beyond the borders of Amsterdam-North.
Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 2, NDSM-Werf, Amsterdam,

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Kometen Brood

© Kometen Brood

Ms. Chelin

In hostel Hans Brinker on Kerkstraat, Ms. Chelin has just opened a new spot. Simplicity is key at this restaurant. On the menu, you’ll find straightforward dishes, from a pastrami sandwich to a burger and a veggie lasagna. The interior also reflects modesty. The soft colours combined with wooden tables create a very intimate atmosphere. Although this place may seem very modest, the food and drinks are of very high quality. The nod to Michelin is certainly not unwarranted!
Kerkstraat 136, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Ms Chelin

© Ms Chelin

Gio’s by the River

Dining at Gio’s By The River is quite an experience. The extravagant interior exudes class and makes the venue a unique place in the city. The tall windows with decorated arches, the rainbow in the middle of the venue, or the numerous patterns and colours; we don’t know which eye-catcher grabs the most attention. Moreover, this tumultuous interior nicely contrasts with the simple menu. No complicated names and descriptions, just classic Italian dishes at their best!
NDSM-Kade 14, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Gio by the River

© Gio by the river

Bali Brunch82

The rich Indonesian cuisine is increasingly finding its way to Amsterdam. Recently, you can also visit Bali Brunch82 in De Pijp. This Finnish chain prepares all dishes with great care, and thanks to their Indonesian background, they give them a true Asian touch. The venue is mainly known for its brunch, although you can visit at any time of the day. Just be careful if you opt for a spicy meal; it might be spicier than you expect!
Stadhouderskade 82A, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Bali brunch

© Bali Brunch82

more new restaurants in Amsterdam

‘t Heemelrijck

If you enjoy a nostalgic night out with real Dutch cuisine, then ‘t Heemelrijck in De Pijp is exactly what you’re looking for. In this cosy and atmospheric restaurant, you’ll be transported back to the 1960s. The old-fashioned interior resembles that of your grandma’s, and the menu reflects this too. The ‘stampots’, French toast, and sole meunières perfectly match the authentic setting. Moreover, all dishes are based on ancient family recipes, making even the strictest critics happy to eat here!
Van Woustraat 23, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Heemelrijck

© Heemelrijck

Le Smash

A list of new restaurants in Amsterdam certainly includes a hamburger joint. Le Smash stands out mainly due to its unique cooking method. Thanks to their own cooking style, the burgers remain wonderfully tender on the inside while crispy on the outside. This new place also pays a lot of attention to presentation. The stylish wrapping paper and the beautiful finish of the fries give a festive character to the entire meal.
Govert Flinckstraat 122-h, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Smash

© Le Smash

MasMais Marisqueria

Mexican cuisine is much more than just tacos. That’s why the owners of the renowned MasMais Taqueria have opened MasMais Marisqueria. At this southern venue, you can indulge in fish and seafood with a Mexican touch. How about a taco with grilled fish or a quesadilla with prawns? Moreover, you can finish off your meal with a delicious cocktail to keep the vibe going. Bet you’ll feel like you’re on holiday right away!
Admiraal de Ruijterweg 273, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Masmais

© Masmais marisqueria

Chez Fabrice

Do you remember the Carrékelder? This beautiful building has since been converted into an elegant French urban bistro. With its wonderful location on the Amstel and stylish interior, Chez Fabrice is the ideal spot for a casual drink or a delicious meal. The fresh Mediterranean dishes are prepared with fresh vegetables and immediately give you a summery feeling. In this contemporary hotspot, you can come for an extensive dinner or a quick bite before a show at Carré!
Amstel 133, Amsterdam – 

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Chez Fabrice

© Chez Fabrice


For all wine enthusiasts, we recommend Oocker at Frederiksplein. The owners, Tim Meyer Viol and Niels van der Werf, are experienced sommeliers who have curated a spectacular wine list. They are more than happy to serve you an exciting selection from their extensive range of over 350 wines. Additionally, you can also enjoy delicious dining experiences there. The French-Italian menu is full of tantalizing dishes that appeal to everyone’s palate. Oocker has quickly built up an excellent reputation and is a tremendous asset to the city of Amsterdam!
Frederiksplein 29h, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Oocker

© Oocker

Meer nieuwe restaurants in Amsterdam


MurMur is a true-hidden gem. This bar is well tucked away, but definitely worth the search. Once you discover this little treasure, the typical North Amsterdam vibe immediately surprises you. The rugged interior exudes cosiness, and the wide selection of vinyl records turns it into a real ‘listening bar’. When it comes to food, MurMur is an excellent choice too. The menu features fantastic seasonal dishes made with local and organic ingredients, complemented by a large assortment of natural wines.
Aambeeldstraat 60, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Murmur

© Murmur

Buurtcafé De Tros

The modern interior with artistic details gives neighbourhood café De Tros a very homely atmosphere. The restaurant feels like a genuine living room, and you’ll easily spend hours there. The menu offers a trendy mix of typical French dishes, true classics, and delightful sharing plates. Reservations are not possible at this East Amsterdam neighbourhood café. If the place is full, pick a nice wine from the extensive selection and wait comfortably at the bar until a table becomes available! I often find myself choosing this recommendation from the list of new restaurants in Amsterdam, and for good reason!
Linnaeusstraat 63H, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Buurtcafe de Tros

© Buurtcafe de Tros

Caffé Pico

Caffé Pico is the ideal place to enjoy authentic Italian delicacies with your friends. The menu of this new hotspot mainly consists of dishes for sharing. With a lovely glass of wine or a delicious cocktail, you can chat for hours. In the venue, the enormous wine cellar and the super cosy terrace will probably catch your attention immediately, but the real eye-catcher is the toilet. Thanks to the disco ball and the mood lights, you’ll feel like you’re in a glamorous nightclub, definitely worth a visit!
Ferdinand Bolstraat 72, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Pico

© Caffe Pico


Frequent travellers have surely noticed that the iconic Scottish brewery BrewDog has opened a new restaurant in Amsterdam Central. The neon lights and typical industrial character immediately grab your attention, and with the beautiful view over ‘t IJ, you’ll be completely enchanted. Featuring the Dutch Haystack breakfast, the Patriot Burger, and the World Famous Wings, the menu is just as impressive as the interior. And with a typical BrewDog beer, your meal will be complete!
De Ruijterkade 40a, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Brewdog

© Brewdog


In addition to a location on Utrechtsestraat and locations in New York and Italy, Fiaschetteria has now set up shop on Lindengracht, right in the heart of Jordaan. This restaurant brings all the goodness of Tuscany to our capital. Because cooking up a storm is their forte. Pappardelle with ragù, tagliatelle with butter and parmigiano, artichoke salad, and tiramisu; all come from the region in Central Italy and are served (with matching wines) at Fiaschetteria.
Lindengracht 95, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Fiaschetteria

© Fiaschetteria

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try out


A fantastic wine bar featuring wines from Eastern Europe was missing in the capital, and wine bar Fabus Amsterdam thought it was high time to fill that gap. A great hotspot in Amsterdam-West where you can enjoy the unique wines in a cosy setting. The interior of the wine bar is simple, with a few wooden chairs and tables on either side of the narrow space.
De Clercqstraat 105H, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Fabus

© Fabus

Restaurante Testamatta

At Ristorante Testamatta Amsterdam, they believe that everyone deserves good food, good wine, and good company. Naturally, we couldn’t agree more. It’s a great idea, in our opinion, especially when you experience the menu and wine list. Having a closer look at the menu reveals unusual combinations by Italian standards: a summer salad with ponzu dressing or marinated egg yolks with tonnarella nerano.
Overtoom 125, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Testamatta

© Restaurante Testamatta

Cafe Maurits

Refined dining in a café setting: you can have it at Café Maurits on Hoofddorpplein in Amsterdam-South. With its dark wooden elements, it feels like you’re in a brown café. Unpretentious yet chic, it’s just a lovely place to be. You can enjoy a three-course menu for €42.50 (non-Amsterdam prices these days) while sipping on equally good wines. The menu is curated by a former Michelin-starred chef who worked at ‘t Nonnetje among others.
Hoofddorpplein 1, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Maurits

© Café Maurits

Cafe Nobuya

Café Nobuya (formerly Nobu) is the go-to destination in Amsterdam for top-notch mochi-doughnuts. A Hawaiian delicacy born from a fusion of American doughnuts and Japanese mochi. The result? A doughnut with a fine texture that’s far from sticky. In addition to these doughnuts, Nobuya serves delicious coffee and photogenic sandwiches, similar to the super popular Chun in the Nine Streets. We expect it won’t be long before this place becomes just as popular.
Herenstraat 28, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Nobuya

© Cafe Nobuya


Whether you want a relaxed morning with the newspaper, a midday break with fresh matcha, or to enjoy homemade banana muffins in between, Mundi has it all. It’s the place where Amsterdam-West comes together to enjoy a moment of peace, do some flex working, or snag a gift from their range of ceramics and beautiful wines. Mundi has it all; it’s such a wonderful place that once you discover it, you’ll hold it close to your heart.
Postjesweg 98, Amsterdam – Instagram pagina

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam mundi

© Mundi

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try

Toni’s Deli

As the name suggests, Toni’s sells more than just sandwiches; it’s also a deli, complete with Italian delicacies. From natural wines to delicious olive oil (straight from Italy), Toni’s covers all bases. They took inspiration from Roscioli in Rome – a place full of delicacies, including a display case with fresh bites and a few small tables scattered around the shop. It doesn’t get more Italian than this.
Van Spilbergenstraat 2, Amsterdam – Instagram pagina

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Toni's Deli

© Toni’s Deli

Hof Ilpenstein

Under the smoke of Amsterdam lies a brand-new hotspot: ‘t Hof Ilpenstein. However, this place isn’t entirely new; it’s more accurate to say it’s been revamped and has emerged as the go-to location after an extensive bike ride or for hosting one of the most memorable days of your life: a wedding. The unique and fairytale-like ‘t Hof Ilpenstein has it all.
Hofweg 1, Ilpendam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Iilpenstein

© Hof Ilpenstein

Chez Rosie

As the name suggests, Chez Rosie has a French flair and is run by Rosie Déglon, who previously owned a catering company and restaurant in Paris. Now, Chez Rosie on Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam-West satisfies your daily sweet cravings. Rosie prepares everything fresh on the day itself, based on instinct and availability. That means: no menu. Regular favourites include meringue, chocolate cookies, brownies, and polenta almond cake, alongside daily changing specials.
Kinkerstraat 51, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Chez Rosie

© Chez Rosie

Jen’s Bing

It all started with a food truck that attracted large crowds during Rollende Keukens. This led to an introduction between Amsterdammers and Taiwanese cuisine, which resulted in a stall at the Ten Katemarkt in Amsterdam-West. The absolute hit? Dan bing, one of the simplest but classic dishes from Taiwanese cuisine: a savoury pancake. Fans are now ecstatic because Jen’s Bing Amsterdam is also established in East.
Jan Hanzenstraat 21 & Roetersstraat 4, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Jen's Bing

© Jen’s Bing


Authentic Mexican dishes and unique cocktails; doesn’t that sound like music to your ears? Lupe Amsterdam makes your Mexican dreams come true. And no, there are no paintings of Frida Kahlo on the wall, and the windowsills are not adorned with cacti. The focus is on a good atmosphere and the best Mexico has to offer; from an large cocktail menu to a dinner menu that will make you hungry in an instant.
Willem de Zwijgerlaan 333, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Lupe

© Lupe


The Rivierenbuurt has been enriched with a new hotspot for some time: Kaia Amsterdam, the destination for authentic Greek cuisine. Don’t expect the souvlaki you buy on the corner of the street, but high-end dishes with a Greek fusion touch. Kaia’s menu is a mix of modern and classic. Greek recipes that have been around for thousands of years combined with a modern twist. The lunch menu features some old favourites: from a Greek salad to carpaccio.
Europaplein 21, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Kaia

© Kaia

Kim’s so Korean Food

In the heart of the city, near De Wallen, Kim’s So Korean Food has recently opened. The owners bring a passion for Korean cuisine to Amsterdam, but with a hefty dose of their own input. Kim’s So is one of the newest Korean restaurants in Amsterdam. You’ll find this restaurant in an alley off Zeedijk, one of the city’s best food streets for Asian cuisine, in an alley on De Wallen with many red windows.
Molensteeg 13, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Kim So korean

© Kim So Korean

more new restaurants in Amsterdam


Amsterdam-North has gained a new hotspot with Barracuda – a seafood restaurant located on Aambeeldstraat. They have a unique way of working: each table receives a menu where you can tick off which dishes you want on the table. From ricotta toast, clams in white wine to fennel with samphire – there’s plenty of choice even for vegetarians. Open from Wednesday to Saturday for dinner, and Friday and Saturday also for lunch. This might just be my favourite new restaurant in Amsterdam!
Aambeeldstraat 10, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Barracuda

© Barracuda

Ikkoku Omakase & Izakaya

Located on Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam-Zuid is a Japanese paradise: Ikkoku Omakase & Izakaya. At Ikkoku, they serve unique and exceptional izakaya dishes, with a distinctive sake, cocktail or wine pairing. You can dine à la carte or in the special omakase room available only on certain dates. The interior is classically minimalist Japanese. There’s a calm atmosphere that enhances your enjoyment of the delicious dishes even more. Reservations for the omakase are a must.
Ceintuurbaan 246, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Ikkoku

© Ikkoku

Cafe Marcella

Looking for a typical Amsterdam café? Then Marcella is the place to be. Located at the corner of Prinsengracht and Amstelveld, Café Marcella has been a fixture for years. A few months ago, the place got new owners and a revamped menu featuring Amsterdam classics with a modern twist. Think of a sandwich with old cheese and a sandwich with Parma ham and burrata for breakfast and lunch, as well a snack menu for drinks.
Amstelveld 21, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Cafe Marcella

© Cafe Marcella

Takumi ramen Amsterdam De Hallen

You might already know Takumi Ramen from Rotterdam or De Pijp, but they’ve now set up shop in De Hallen in West, on the corner of Kinkerstraat. Same concept, same quality, but in a new grab-and-go style. The Tonkatsu broth ramen has become a household name in the Randstad. And it’s not surprising, because ‘Takumi’ means craftsmanship in Japanese; someone who specializes in a craft. It’s spot on, because at Takumi Ramen, they master the art of ramen-making to perfection.
Kinkerstraat  140 –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Takumi Ramen

© Takumi Ramen

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try-out


Chef Christian Motte recently brought Peruvian cuisine to Amsterdam. Moche Amsterdam has since become the hotspot of Amsterdam-East, where you can dine and enjoy the tastiest ceviche our capital has to offer. In the building that we still remember from Mr. and Mrs. Watson (a vegan restaurant), you can now enjoy Modern Ceviche; Moche, that is. Not only the menu, but also the interior of Moche Amsterdam has a Peruvian touch.
Linnaeuskade 3, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Moche Amsterdam

© Moche Amsterdam

Restaurant Barentsz

At Restaurant Barentsz, not far from De Houthavens, praises are raining down. In the Zeeheldenbuurt, you’ll find the brand-new restaurant that focuses on endless dining with friends and family. The menu features small dishes meant for sharing. Can’t decide? Then the chef’s menu is the solution. Because Barentsz works with seasonal dishes, they serve a changing menu.
Barentszstraat 171, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Barentsz

© Barentsz

Stacks Diner

Stacks Diner emerged from the idea of ​​bringing American, home-style cooking to Amsterdam. It was a golden move, as their popularity quickly became unprecedented. The dishes are simple and prepared like a true American would at home: from a classic Caesar salad to crispy fish with coleslaw. The homemade cornbread is also a resounding success, as are the Bloody Mary, dirty martini, and paloma. In short: a place to hang out all evening. One of the coolest new restaurants in Amsterdam for an evening with friends.
De Clercqstraat 32, Amsterdam-

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Stack

© Stack diner

Lowlander Botanical Bar & Restaurant

The founders of Botanical Bar & Restaurant of the Amsterdam beer brand Lowlander aimed to put a ‘botanical heaven’ on the map, in line with their popular beers. At the new Lowlander Botanical Bar & Restaurant in Amsterdam-North, everything the natural world has to offer takes centre stage. Think of herbs, plants, vegetables, and fruit, but also within the interior, everything revolves around natural elements.
De Kromhouthal, Amsterdam-

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Lowlander botanical

© Lowlander Botanical bar & restaurant

Brasserie Gossler & Florin

On Lindengracht, you’ll find the classic Brasserie Gossler & Florin, in the building formerly occupied by Atelier Daalder. The street provides the necessary bustle on weekends, while you dine in a quiet environment on weekdays. The interior of this neo-bistro is classic, with marble and dark blue walls. In terms of menu, they combine the timeless charm of classic dishes with modern, contemporary influences. Think of chicken terrine, goat cheese ravioli, beef Wellington, and vanilla flan.
Lindengracht 90, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Gosler

© Brasserie Gossler & Florin

more new restaurants in Amsterdam

Mister Nata

Pastel de nata – a custard tart from the vicinity of Lisbon – is a famous snack in Portugal and beyond, and the Dutch have also fallen for it. Mister NATA perhaps makes the best pastel de nata in Amsterdam – how could it be otherwise with such a name?! At Van Woustraat in Amsterdam-South and Haarlemmerdijk in Amsterdam-Centrum, the staff prepares these delicacies fresh every day, so they are at their crispiest.
Van Woustraat 48, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Mister Nata

© Mister Nata


Barbue, the cocktail bar of the brand-new Hoxton Hotel in Amsterdam-East, brings a touch of South America to our capital. Thanks to their collaboration with Tato Giovanni, founder of a famous cocktail bar in Buenos Aires, Barbue serves the best of both worlds: South American cocktails with European influences. The choice for South America has everything to do with the history of the building where Barbue is located – once founded by Lloyd shipping company as a departure point for passenger ships to South America.
Oostelijke Handelskade 34, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Barbue

© Barbue

Dikk Amsterdam

In a large warehouse in Amsterdam-North (on the NDSM wharf to be precise), Dikk Amsterdam opened its doors. Dikk is a cosy café with a high Barbie vibe: the decor is largely pink. The interior provides a cosy living room feeling, and the good coffee and menu contribute to this. Sandwiches, cakes, toasted sandwiches, and other fresh delicacies make it a place to close in your heart. The new hotspot of the NDSM wharf.
Tt. Vasumweg 31, Amsterdam – Instagram pagina

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam DIKK


Café Struis

Brouwerij ‘t IJ has a brand-new café, right next to the famous mill in Amsterdam-East on the edge of Czaar Peterstraat. At the neighbours of Proeflokaal de Molen, you experience the complete brewery experience, while Café Struis is the place to celebrate your birthday, enjoy a comprehensive drink, or for a complete beer tasting. The space is light with lots of wood and has a large bar in the middle. Ideal for a Friday afternoon drink.
Zeeburgerstraat 1, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Struis

© Café Struis

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try-out

Bar Theo

Rozengracht is getting better and better! Recently, Bar Theo opened there, named after resistance fighter Theo Ruiter. He once ran a café in the same building, and now he is honoured as the resistance hero of the Jordaan. At Bar Theo, you dance on weekends, and they also have an extensive cultural agenda. Every three months, an artist takes over the café, and weekly DJs are on the program – from established names to emerging artists.
Rozengracht 160, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Bar Theo

© Bar Theo

De Willem

The Willem grew into our new favourite in Amsterdam in just a few months. They have a café and restaurant section, both offering dining options. In the café, you can eat and drink from early morning till late at night, while at the restaurant, you can enjoy lunch and dinner. In addition to exceptional dishes with local and international allure, the wine selection is extensive. And then there’s the interior, which brings a touch of old Amsterdam with its unique setting.
Haarlemmerplein 58, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Willem

© De Willem


Authentic Spain, but in Oud-West. You’ll find it at Pepito, where not only the dishes (tapas) but also the chefs are of Spanish origin. Pepito Amsterdam is also a feast for the eyes and taste buds. The interior is exactly what you’d expect from a tapas bar, but just a little bit better. With hotspots like the one described above, you can expect a new concept to be well-thought-out, yet at the same time no-nonsense – and simply good.
Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 21, Amsterdam – Read more about Pepito here >> 

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam pepito

© Pepito


On the outskirts of the Rivierenbuurt (Amsterdam-South), you’ll find a lovely coffee shop: Mokafe. What was formerly occupied by Lunchroom Bruist, you can now enjoy breakfast, lunch, and speciality coffee, but also find fresh sourdough bread and homemade pastries. A cosy place that’s also nice to have breakfast with the kids on weekends.
Trompenburgstraat 103, Amsterdam – Instagram Pagina

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Mokafe

© Mokafe

Café R. De Rosa

No-nonsense restaurants in Amsterdam are hard to find, but Café R. de Rosa is one of them. No oat milk cappuccino, just filter coffee on weekends. This relatively new bar describes itself as a ‘small neighbourhood café,’ and that’s exactly what it is. Don’t expect a brown café, but do expect a place with old Amsterdam influences, an extensive wine list, delicious snacks and small dishes, and staff that prepares everything with love.
Boomstraat 41, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Cafe R de Rosa

© Cafe R de Rosa

more new restaurants in Amsterdam


Calisto is a fine addition to Haarlemmerdijk. It’s part of the hotel of the same name and brings a touch of Rome to our capital. It’s a cosy, warm place with modern décor. The menu isn’t too extensive – unlike the wine selection. From biodynamic varieties to delightful Italian natural wines, Calisto has it all. Extra nice for spontaneous decision-makers: you can’t reserve a table, and there’s almost always space available.
Haarlemmerdijk 61, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Calisto

© Calisto

Restaurant Elixer

Restaurant Elixer (Amsterdam-East) is more than just a destination for good food and drink. It has a social purpose: Elixer serves as a community centre and meeting place. At Elixer, everything is made in-house, from the extensive dinner menu to the furniture and basically everything you see in this place. A restaurant that connects people like this place does is rare.
Batjanstraat 1, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Elixer

© Elixer


In Amsterdam-North, there’s recently been Brunchdale, a nice spot for a brunch where time stands still. They have an extensive brunch menu, including homemade banana bread, apple pie, and other sweets, as well as savoury brunch classics like egg’s benedict, avocado toast, and toast with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Fun to visit with the whole family, thanks to the cosy atmosphere and extensive children’s menu.
Ridderspoorweg 104, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Brunchdale

© Brunchdale

Warna Baru

On Jan Pieter Heijestraat, Warna Baru recently located itself. And that’s good news for anyone who loves Indonesian cuisine, because they cook up a storm here. The owners of Warna Baru want their guests to experience as much of the Indonesian menu as possible, which is why it consists of shared-dining dishes. Order two to three per person and taste the various flavours of Indonesia.
Jan Pieter Heijestraat 137, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Warna Baru

© Warna Baru


As if there weren’t enough, Amsterdam-North has another new hotspot with Pelusa. Under the motto ‘Come and enjoy life with us!‘, you can enjoy in an extensive four- or five-course dinner here, with the barbecue taking centre stage. For drinks, you can choose from a wine or beer pairing, and the rotating tap always offers something you haven’t tried before.
Leen Jongewaardkade 41, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Pelusa

© Pelusa

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try out

Smelt – Westerpark

At Smelt in Westerpark, it’s all about the extraordinary cheese fondue. Chic cheese fondue, that is. After a successful winter season in the Negen Straatjes, this restaurant recently opened its doors in the always lively Westerpark. Special cheeses, matching wines, and an extensive DIY kit to complete your holidays at home. Everything you need for a successful evening full of cheese.
Runstraat 12, Amsterdam – Lees hier het uitgebreide artikel >>

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Smelt

© Smelt


Ah, another wonderful newcomer in Amsterdam-West! Near Bellamyplein, there are plenty of good coffee spots, and Skina takes it up a notch. At Skina, you immediately feel at ease; the space is bright thanks to the many windows. The whole concept is spot on: from interior to atmosphere to an extensive coffee menu. Add to that the fact that you can immediately tell that the staff has a genuine passion for coffee.
Bilderdijkstraat 113, Amsterdam – Instagram pagina

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Skina

© Skina

The Cottage Shop & Deli

The Cottage is expanding! Your favourite spot in Amsterdam-East for brunch, lunch, and snacks now also has a shop and a deli where you can find their classics to go. Think freshly baked scones, sandwiches, and cakes. Our happiness knows no bounds thanks to this great, new hotspot on Linaeusstraat. The deli is a few doors down from The Cottage.
Linnaeusstraat 76, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Cottage

© The Cottage Shop & Deli

The Genius

The Genius brings a piece of Brabant to Amsterdam, and it’s just as cosy as it sounds. With pride, they present the most authentic sausage roll in the capital, including perfectly seasoned sausage filling and classic golden and crispy pastry. The name of the restaurant refers to the genius of this delicacy that the owners adore. For those looking for something new, non-Amsterdam deliciousness, this is the place to be. Off to Kinkerstraat, then.
Kinkerstraat 30, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam The Genius

© The Genius

The Seafood Bar – Beurs van Berlage

Since late November, Amsterdam has a new Seafood Bar – and it’s in a very special location. In the Beurs van Berlage, you can now dine while enjoying a glass of bubbles at the latest addition to The Seafood Bar. In keeping with the adage “never change a winning team,” the concept is the same as those at Spui and Oud-South, and you can expect fresh fish and other seafood.
Damrak 213, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Seafoodbar

© The Seafoodbar

more new restaurants in Amsterdam

Kafé Kontrast

Kafé Kontrast is a great new hotspot in De Pijp with Indonesian and Scandinavian influences. During the week, you can enjoy dinner, and on weekends, you can have brunch. As expected from a concept like this, the dishes are exceptional and combine unusual flavours. From cinnamon bun French toast to a complete Indonesian breakfast for brunch, and Swedish meatballs and yellow rice with sweet and sour cabbage for dinner. Of course, all dishes are served with matching natural wines.
Ceintuurbaan 71, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Kafe Kontrast

© Kafe Kontrast

Oaxaca Amsterdam

“The owners say it’s like being transported to Mexico. We couldn’t agree more! At Oaxaca, you can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine like nowhere else. Grilled cabbage fish, old-fashioned stews, and, of course, their signature Mezcal Marguerita. Exactly as you would eat and drink in Mexico, and that is more than unique for our capital. Add to that the special interior, with an overload of Mexican influences and details.
Spuistraat 279, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Oaxaca

© Oaxaca Amsterdam

Onigiri YA

On Ferdinand Bolstraat, Onigiri YA recently opened, a Japanese supermarket full of tempting delicacies. As expected, you’ll find mainly onigiri, filled with salmon, avocado, tuna with mayonnaise, and wasabi pork, among other options. Open every day from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., but chances are the stock won’t last until then. The Japanese snack is becoming increasingly popular.
Ferdinand Bolstraat 132, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Onigiri Ya

© Onigiri Ya

Mogu malatang

Mogu is the very first Malatang restaurant in the Netherlands. For those not familiar with the concept: at a Malatang restaurant, you assemble your own bowl according to traditional Chinese customs. You choose a broth and the other ingredients displayed in a showcase. The offerings at Mogu go even further than that: for those struggling to choose, they also offer Thom Kha Kai and miso soup.
Admiraal de Ruijterweg 334, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Mogu Malatang

© Mogu Malatang

Bar Babar

Sometimes there are those restaurants that feel like they’ve belonged in the capital for years. Bar Babar Amsterdam on Utrechtsestraat is one such place. In the heart of Amsterdam, you can enjoy a wide selection of natural wines, Amsterdam specialities, and an interior that momentarily transports you to Paris. What’s even better: much of what they serve is local, from the bread to the cheeses.
Utrechtsestraat 135, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Bar Babar

© Bar Babar

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try out

Wijnbar Vindict

At Wine Bar Vindict, the focus isn’t on food but on wine. The chefs create a dinner around the available wines instead of the other way around. Additionally, this place offers something for every wine lover: they have more than fifty (!) wines by the glass and a selection of over eight hundred wines by the bottle. Leave it to the chefs to serve complementary dishes; all you have to do is select your favourite wine.
Docklandsweg 3, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Wijnbar Vindict

© Wijnbar Vindict


Restaurant September recently opened in De Baarsjes. It’s a nice place where owners Matthew, Valentijn, and Lizzy have realized their dreams. They work with seasonal and local products, so you’ll always find something different at September. The dishes are simple and straightforward, just like the wine list and the interior. That doesn’t make it boring, though; it’s contemporary and chic.
Baffinstraat 1, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam September

© September

Saint Jean Deli

When the now mega-popular SAINT-JEAN was founded, the founders aimed to make the best vegan croissants in Amsterdam. They succeeded: their cruffin became a hit. When the owners saw the opportunity to conquer the building opposite their first restaurant, they didn’t hesitate. And so SAINT-JEAN Deli was born. Here, you can enjoy natural wines, savoury sandwiches, and their famous sweets, all while sipping on a good cup of coffee.
Lindengracht 99, Amsterdam – Read everyhing about Saint Jean Deli here>>

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Saint Jean Deli

© Saint Jean Deli

Bar Barolo

According to its own claims, Bar Barolo brings ‘la dolce vita’ to Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. We can’t help but agree that this is spot-on, as this place indeed offers everything that makes life more beautiful. In addition to an extensive wine and cocktail menu, they serve classic Italian dishes. The homemade focaccia (a must!), vitello tonnato, and melanzane are perfect for sharing, as are the pizzas – although you might prefer to keep those to yourself.
Valeriusstraat 90, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Bar Barolo

© Bar Barolo


After a short break, Klaproos is back! And we’re thrilled about it. The new Klaproos – located at Papaverhoek 39 in Amsterdam-North – is just as good as the previous one. Think of freshly baked pizzas, a cosy atmosphere (including DJs on weekends), a bar that invites you to linger all night, and a place to visit with large groups.
Papaverhoek 39, Amsterdam-

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Klaproos

© Klaproos

more new restaurants in Amsterdam

Bistrot Les Zazous

The KNSM island has a new hotspot: Bistrot Les Zazous. A typical French bistro with little fuss, we could say. The interior is French, with dark wood and classic wine glasses (an important part of the offering at this place). The menu features many French delicacies: from duck terrine to grilled bavette, steak tartare, and escargots. Of course, a French cheese platter awaits you for dessert – complete with matching wine.
Piraeusplein 59, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Zazous

©Bistrot Les Zazous


Great news for lovers of Italian cuisine, especially fans of the popular Linguini. The restaurant has opened a second location in De Pijp. The concept at Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat is exactly what you would expect from the restaurant: authentic Italian, including pans of pasta to share. There are also delicious tiramisu, affogato, and sgroppino to top off the dinner. A great place where you can taste the love and passion for food – as only Italians can.
Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 41, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Linguini

© Linguini


Recently, the brand-new RIJKS opened its doors. Expect something very different from what you’re used to from this classic. The surprising new interior has had a major makeover, as has the menu. Chef Joris Bijdendijk, together with his trusted team, is still at the helm of creativity. In the pop-up they ran on the Zuidas in recent months, they tested some things as a preview of the new flavours of RIJKS.
Museumstraat 2, Amsterdam

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam RIJKS© RIJKS

Café Restaurant Verlan

Remember the location of wine bar Envy on Prinsengracht? Since 2023, the brand-new spot Cafe Restaurant Verlan has opened in this old warehouse! A place where you can come for a French-oriented, no-nonsense menu from lunch onwards during the weekend. We’re happy about that because sometimes lunch in the weekend is so much more enjoyable than dining out late at night. Reservations are accepted, but there are also always tables and bar seats available for walk-ins. It’s a place where you can make it as fancy as you want. A full lunch or dinner or a cocktail or wine at the bar with some bites? It’s all possible! Read the detailed review here >>
Prinsengracht 381HS, Amsterdam

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam verlan

© Café restaurant Verlan

Café Beurre

Cafe Beurre Amsterdam is perhaps the best new vegetarian hotspot in the city. Since opening, this restaurant has been full every evening. And we understand why! Café Beurre is an incredibly atmospheric restaurant with a menu full of delicious vegetarian dishes. The owners of this restaurant may be ‘old’ acquaintances for the foodies among us. Owner Kim Jongbloed previously worked at Balthazar’s Keuken, his aunt’s establishment, with whom he now started Café Beurre. You can immediately tell that the team is experienced in the Amsterdam restaurant scene. Café Beurre is simple but warmly and elegantly decorated. With a cosy bar, but also with white-clothed tables. Nice atmosphere, and it gives us a bit of a French feeling. Good to know: Café Beurre Amsterdam does not take reservations. Therefore, the atmosphere is informal and inviting to spontaneously walk in for a pleasant evening. Coming a bit early helps to snag a table! Read the detailed article here >>
Van Limburg Stirumstraat 115,  Amsterdam –

cafe beurre amsterdam

© Café Beurre

more new restaurants in Amsterdam

Cafe Restaurant Metro

One of the most exciting new restaurants in Amsterdam North, hands down. And the good news is they have their own bakery, so they’re open early every day. The best time to visit is around lunchtime! From 12:00 onwards, they already have several divine dishes on their changing menu. I’d suggest ordering a variety of dishes from the menu, and don’t miss out on the snacks. Fill the table, add a glass of wine or another tasty drink, and enjoy! TIP: It’s also nice to combine a daytime visit with NXT Museum, right next to Cafe Restaurant Metro. I had a lovely, leisurely dinner here in the evening. Perfect for date night or with friends. Start with a drink and snack at the bar and then move to the table. You’ll want to try the whole menu, and coming back often isn’t a chore since the dishes change regularly. What I also appreciate is that the wine list here starts with genuinely friendly prices for excellent wines. So, one of the few new restaurants in Amsterdam at this level where you’re not immediately spending a minimum of 40–50 Euros for a bottle of wine. It needs to be said, thumbs up for the accessible wine list. Also, nice: they have a lovely terrace in the summer.
Asterweg 22, Amsterdam, Noord –

Cafe Restaurant Metro © Your Little Black Book

Le French Café

In the always lively and charming Javastraat, you can drop by Le French Café anytime of the day. It’s a modern French bistro where the menu is filled with the best from France, making you feel like you’re in Paris. The interior is amazing! Another thing I really like about this new restaurant in Amsterdam is that they’ve created several cosy corners throughout the venue. A table to sit at, small bistro tables where you can quietly read a newspaper, a cosy bar for endless drinks later in the day, and of course, a lovely terrace. On the menu, you’ll find delicious brunch dishes like Eggs Benedict, steak tartare, and more. After brunch, staying for drinks? Then Le French Café is the place to be. Their selection of bar snacks is so delicious that you might almost skip the main course for dinner. Although it would be a shame if you love fruits de mer! This new restaurant in Amsterdam is not only a great addition in every way for anyone who loves French food… you can also enjoy shellfish and seafood there. So, make plans for your next dinner date!
Javastraat 42, Amsterdam, Oost –

beste nieuwe restaurants amsterdam, french cafe amsterdam

© Your Little Black Book


NEXT at the NDSM wharf is the latest addition from the team behind PLLEK. You could consider it the bigger, slightly more mature, but still rebellious and unclassifiable brother. They’re open seven days a week from 9:30 am, so it’s also a great spot for breakfast. But maybe it’s more the kind of place you go to in the late afternoon for a drink. Then you end up not going home. You stick around for dinner (or even better, the chef’s menu, much of which is vegan). And even after dinner, NEXT is the place to be because the cocktail bar is where you have another cocktail and turn it into an (unplanned) party.
NDSM-Kade 2, Amsterdam –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Next NDSM

© Next NDSM

Chun Café

It’s probably a good thing that there’s always a long line at Chun in the Nine Streets. Otherwise, I’d have breakfast here every day with their delicious brioche toasts! In my opinion, these might be the best sandwiches you can get in Amsterdam right now. So my advice is: make sure you’re here before 10:00 am on weekends or go on weekdays (when it’s a bit less busy). It’s worth the wait. Favourites from the menu are definitely the bulgogi and the shrimp toast. Have a homemade lemonade with it. They also serve very good coffee.
Berenstraat 8, Amsterdam, Negen Straatjes –

beste nieuwe restaurants amsterdam, chun cafe

© Your Little Black Book

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try out

Bakkerij Loof

Having breakfast in Amsterdam West, you’ll probably want to go to one place. If you love really good bread, that is. Bakkerij Loof is a great place where you can sit comfortably. Whether you want to have breakfast alone with a magazine or newspaper or meet a friend. When the weather is nice, it’s also great for people watching from the terrace on the always lively Bilderdijkstraat. And did I mention they open at 8:00 am? Bakkerij Loof is located in the same corner building as Café Binnenvisser, where you can join from early in the evening.
Bilderdijkstraat 38, Amsterdam, West –

beste nieuwe restaurants amsterdam, bakkerij loof

© Your Little Black Book

Ode aan de Amstel

If you want to eat well by the water in Amsterdam-East, you should visit Ode aan de Amstel. You can now go there for an accessible all-day menu where the former Riva was located. Prefer to go all out with multiple courses? Then go for the chef’s menu! They’re open every day from 11:00 am for lunch, and on Sundays, they also offer a nice Sunday Brunch.
Amstelboulevard 1, Amsterdam-Oost –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Ode aan de Amstel

© Ode aan de Amstel

Wils Bakery Café

Joris Bijdendijk (known from RIJKS* and Wils*) has opened a new venue at Amsterdam’s Stadionplein. Wils Bakery Café is a combination of a bakery and a bistro, the more convivial sibling of the Michelin-starred restaurant Wils located on the 3rd floor of the building. Wils Bakery Café is the best of both worlds. A place where the craft of a bakery and the cosiness of a French bistro come together. If you’re dining or having lunch at Wils*, in a more exclusive atmosphere, at Wils Bakery Café you can walk in without a reservation for classic lunch and bread dishes. Think of: the Reuben Sandwich, an asparagus quiche, and paté en croute. In addition, Bijdendijk and his team also serve their best versions of a schnitzel, meatloaf, and soft serve ice cream. You can also buy bread, pastries, and lunch to go in the bakery itself. In the summer, Wils Bakery Café also has a nice terrace on Stadionplein. Sounds good, right?
Stadionplein 24, Amsterdam-Zuid –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Wils Bakery

© Bakery Wils Café

Café Twee Prinsen

Following Café Binnenvisser in Amsterdam-West and Restaurant Cornerstore in Amsterdam-North, the same team opened Café Twee Prinsen in Amsterdam city centre. Open seven days a week, from drinks until midnight, and on weekends also for lunch or brunch. As you look through the large windows from the outside, you can see the cosiness of a modern Amsterdam brown café. This is the place for good food and drinks, and when the weather’s nice, you can sit wonderfully on the terrace by the canal.
Prinsenstraat 27, Amsterdam Centrum –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Twee prinsen

© Twee Prinsen

Helling 7

On the corner of Damen Shiprepair at the old NDSM site in Amsterdam North, Helling 7 has opened. One of the coolest new restaurants in the city, where you really get that WOW feeling again. As the name suggests, this restaurant with a large terrace is located in an old shipyard. Remember this terrace, because it can also be covered. The restaurant, with a view over the IJ, is built with a sustainable vision. Using reused materials from the shipyard like steel remnants, wooden panels, and ship floors. Fantastically well done! But enough about the interior because the most important thing: you can also eat very well here. I had an extensive lunch there and haven’t eaten so well and had such a good time in a long time. Dishes without too much fuss cooked over an open fire. Go taste it soon!
tt. Melissaweg 57, Amsterdam-Noord –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Helling7

© Helling7

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try


One of the newest restaurants in Amsterdam city centre is Sinck. If you’re looking for a restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam, look no further because this restaurant is located at Prinsengracht 422. Sinck is an initiative of Sander, Timo, and Sebas, who gained their experience at well-known (star) restaurants in the Netherlands. Chef Sander, known for his work at the Victoria Hotel, takes care of the delicious preparation of various dishes (if you check their Instagram, you’ll see they look very good!). Sommelier Sebas ensures the matching wines and gained his experience at places like De Librije. And finally, restaurant manager Timo ensures that you lack nothing. The restaurant is divided into a lower floor serving as a wine bar and an upper floor for more extensive dining.
Prinsengracht 422, Amsterdam Centrum –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Sinck

© Sinck

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De Gastronout

You might remember this restaurant under the name Bravour, but unfortunately, they had to change the name. The Gastronout is one of the new restaurants in Amsterdam East on a corner of the Dappermarkt. Save this one immediately, as it’s a neighbourhood gem you’ll want to remember! You can go there for drinks or a nice dinner. It’s a bar bistro, but the kitchen serves dishes with a worldly twist. For example, the menu includes mushroom ravioli, heritage beetroot, and rendang croquettes. If you fancy dining and drinking, reserve a spot at the bar where you’ll have a great time. Want to dine in style? Opt for the linen-covered tables.
Dapperstraat 26, Amsterdam-Oost –

Restaurants Amsterdam Bravour

DE Gastronaut, Amsterdam © Facebook

Corner Store

One of the best new restaurants in Amsterdam North. Another gem from the team behind Binnenvisser and Café Twee Prinsen. Reservations at Corner Store are not possible; they operate on a first come, first served basis. However, the terrace opens at 5:00 PM when the weather is nice! For dinner, you’re welcome from 6:00 PM, and what makes the setting of this gastrobar particularly special are the shelves full of records. Inspired by music bars you see in Japan. In this North restaurant, music, natural wines, and a menu based on local ingredients, but with Asian flavours, come together.
Papaverweg 11, Amsterdam-Noord –

nieuwe restaurants amsterdam

Corner Store

Restaurant De Juwelier

At Utrechtsestraat 51, in the space formerly occupied by Restaurant Harmsen for many years, Restaurant De Juwelier is soon to open, helmed by chefs Richard van Oostenbrugge and Thomas Groot from the two-Michelin-starred restaurant 212. Restaurant De Juwelier will be open for lunch and dinner, offering only an à la carte menu. With just 45 seats, I expect it to be a charming restaurant, making you want to return to Utrechtsestraat in the evening too! A starter will cost around €15, and a main course between €20 and €30.
Utrechtsestraat 51, Amsterdam Centrum –

weekendtips amsterdam, amsterdam weekend guide

De Juwelier


They’re not entirely new. Coulisse actually opened after the 1st lockdown in 2020. For just a few months. Coulisse was the first restaurant I went to for lunch after the 2nd lockdown, hence a shout-out to the team. A delightful Scandi-inspired menu crafted with local ingredients, expandable with various additional appetizers. If the raw langoustine is still on the menu when you go, you must try it! Let them advise you on matching natural wines, and trust me, you’ll walk out happy at the end of your lunch or dinner. A new restaurant in Amsterdam to remember for a special evening!
Oostenburgergracht 75, Amsterdam-Oost –

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Coulisse

© Coulisse

more new restaurants in Amsterdam to try out


Ever heard of the term ‘foraging’? A “biological term used for the regular searching and finding of food by animals.” Let the animals in this case be humans, and let the team at Foer surprise you with unique ingredients and flavours in their ever-changing menu. Nature’s abundance takes centre stage, so the menu is constantly evolving. At Foer, you can enjoy a 5-course meal for €60 and a 7-course meal for €69.
Cruquiusweg 9, Amsterdam-Oost –

foer amsterdam

© Foer

Sushi Fanatics

In Amsterdam East, you’ll find one of the city’s best low-key new sushi restaurants. It’s my go-to spot for ordering sushi, but you can also enjoy dining on the mezzanine in the restaurant itself. High-quality sushi made with love. They also regularly feature specials starring seasonal fish, like sea urchin. Keep an eye on their Instagram for updates!
Andreas Bonnstraat 36, Amsterdam Oost – Instagram pagina

Nieuwe restaurants Amsterdam Sushifanatics

© SushiFanatics

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