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16 x the best neighbourhood pubs in Amsterdam

3 January 2019

feel yourself at home at these neighbourhood pubs in amsterdam!

In large cities such as Amsterdam, they are even more important: the neighbourhood pubs. In every district you’ll find quite a few. It are these bars that give the city a village’ish feeling. You don’t go to these bars to work on the wifi or to have meetings. Merely to drink and chit chat. Don’t expect complicated barista cups of coffee, but just regular cup of coffee without the fuzz. Neighbourhood pubs are the places where you feel at home right away. Your second home, where you can go on your own whenever you like and always end up with talking to the person next to. That’s why we love neighbourhood pubs in Amsterdam! Want to find your home away from home? Check out these 16 x the best neighbourhood pubs in Amsterdam!

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>> the best neighbourhood pubs in amsterdam: east >>

Café Koosjeon the beautiful corner at Artis in the Plantage neighbourhood. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Magazines and newspapers are always waiting for you on the coffee table next to the cosy leather couch!
Bar Bukowski: named after the American writer and poet Charles Bukowski. And oddly enough you can taste that in Bukowski’s vibe. From breakfast to dinner, here you can sit and read all day and finish your newspaper with a good drink.
Walter Woodburry: another place in East where you can drop by for a good cup of coffee, freshly made orange juice, breakfast, lunch or dinner. Centrally located on the Java street!


Hendrixgood music, good food, a very good terrace and a dark, warm vibe inside. At Hendrix on the Clercq you always get a warm welcome!
L’Affiche: a small pub without any fuzz on the cozy corner on the Jacob van Lennep street. The menu does’t have many options, but that makes the drinks even better ;-)
Golden Brown: Located on the Jan Pieter Heijestraat and therefore the perfect neighbourhood pub of the area. Residents of the street, expats and other visitors go here for the easy going vibe, the thai food and drinks.


Binnen Buiten: okay, this bar is located in one of the most fun areas of the city, but that’s not all that counts. It’s just one of those locations where you either start or finish your night, because Binnen Buiten is always on fire!
Lokaal De Pijp: when talking about very local pubs, then Lokaal De Pijp cannot be missed. Here they share the love for local goods: the beer, the meat and the vibe are straight from Amsterdam. And they have pub quizzes every now and then!


Fonteyn: it’s hard not to stumble across the tourists on the Nieuwmarkt, but at Fonteyn these obstacles have suddenly disappeared. Here you’ll find a hodgepodge of different kind of visitors and always a cozy vibe.
Katoen: students, tourists and bar fanatics, at Katoen they all come together. In the morning you can go here, across Hotel L’Europe, for breakfast and in the afternoon for lunch or just drinks.


Brandstof: not only do you find Brandstof at one of the busiest crossings in the city, Marnix/Rozengracht, but this pub is also situated on the edge of West & Jordaan. Therefore accessible to everyone and it shows.
Festina Lente: the owners of Festina Lente had one mission: to create a living room away from home. Well, mission accomplished. Coffee, drinks, affordable food and crazy parties every now and then.
Café Thijssen: students, business people, tourists and residents from the neighbourhood, it all comes together at Café Thijssen!



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