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6 x museums in Amsterdam: where dining is also magnificent

10 January 2019

museums in amsterdam: with a mix of culture & food

Grab some culture in a museum and pamper yourself afterwards with a good glas of wine and a fine meal. At Yourlbb we love the combination of culture & food! Together with your lover of friend you can admire all the beautiful art pieces and discuss them in detail afterwards in a nice hotspot. Yes, culti and culy are a perfect match :-). We have listed the 6 best museums in Amsterdam with a good resto in the neigbourhood for you.

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Rijksmuseum AmsterdamPhotocredits: Jasper de Waal

>> Rijksmuseum >> museums in amsterdam >>

The Rijksmuseum will always be a cool place to visit. There so much to see that it will never get boring. If you ask us, it’s the perfect opportunity to swipe that museumjaarkaart once again. With every new visit you’ll get to know another corner of the Rijksmuseum. Another reason for visiting the museum is Rijks! You’ll find this restaurant right next to the museum and it gives you the perfect mix: overlooking the Museumplein while eating culinary delights!
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Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam

>> Stedelijk museum >> MUSEums IN AMSTERDAM >>

Right next to the Rijksmuseum is the Stedelijk Museum, which is another one to visit! At the Stedelijk Museum they focus more on modern art and design. From the restaurant you can watch all the people on the terrace that is situated on Museumplein. Are you craving for a steak? Loetje is just around the corner, enjoy!

eye_bar_restaurant_amsterdam_film_museum 7

>> eye film museum >> MUSEUMS IN AMSTERDAM >>

You can easily spend all day in the EYE Film Museum in Noord. You can start by visiting an exhibition, followed by a delicious lunch or dinner at the very special EYE Restaurant and end your day with a movie. The restaurant has the most amazing view across the IJ and you can see the skyline of Amsterdam. A pretty nice place for you and your date ;-)
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Tassenmuseum Hendrikje in Amsterdam

>> tassenmuseum hendrikje >> MUSEUMS IN AMSTERDAM >>

Take your momma, friend or sister to Tassenmuseum Hendrikje! Not only can you admire this beautiful 17th century house  on the canals, you can also see a very nice collection. It’s a great place to meet for a high tea or to meet up for dinner later at Pata Negra in the Utrechtsestraat.

the sixties

>> tropenmuseum >> MUSEUMS IN AMSTERDAM >>

The impressive building of the Tropenmuseum in East is a sightseeing on its own, but also offers great exhibitions that are amazing as well. The Grand Cafe Tropen has just been renovated. During summer the terrace – in the middle of Oosterpark – is serving you pretty well. You can lunch and dine here!
Linnaeusstraat 2 – oost –

Micropia in AmsterdamPhotocredits: facebook/Micropia

>> micropia >> MUSEUMS IN AMSTERDAM >>

Micropia is a very special museum! This museum is the first museum world wide ever that makes the invisible world visible. We’re talking about micro organisms. And there are a lot of them, without even seeing it! It’s pretty cool to see what happens to your body and food, without knowing it. Do you feel the need to let everything you learned settling in? De Plantage is a very nice restaurant where you can go for drinks, lunch or dinner.
Plantage Kerklaan 38-40 – oost –

foam-swining-sixties expo


Do you love photography? Than Foam Museum in the centre is your place to be. Young talent as well as famous artist are exposing their work here. Besides that, the museum has 16 different exhibitions per year! Call it a day with super nice food at Ron Gastrobar Oriental, yumm!
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