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Mr. Haz Amsterdam: for funky taco’s and street art in the Jordaan

18 October 2017

Mr. Haz Amsterdam is named after a famous street artist

Taco’s, taco’s, taco’s! At the new Mexican restaurant Mr. Haz Amsterdam in the heart of the Jordaan you can go for delicious bites. A restaurant with a funky and at the same time raw touch: on the outside the coloured lanterns welcome you, on the inside you can’t escape the special street art on the walls and the old school vintage furniture. Not random street art by the way. The Spanish street art artist (and friend of owner Carina van der Boom) Mr. Hazelnut was flown to the Netherlands to decorate the walls of this taco bar. Now I’ll let you guess where Mr. Haz Amsterdam is named after ;-)

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Okay, back to the tacos. Because those are delicious! And home made by the way. Are you in for a lunch at Mr. Haz Amsterdam? Then the taco with honey and chili caramelized bacon, scrambeld eggs, feta and home made green pesto with carrots (€6) is definitely worth a try. Do you want to come for tacos in the evening? Then you can choose from meat, fish or vega, and then you have to, yes have to, take the vega option (€5) with caramelized carrots, red mole sauce, pickled carrots and onions, honey and crispy bread crumbs. Oh my… Still some space left for dessert? Then you can have the Choco Taco (€4,5) with melted chocolate, salt flakes, pepper and cinnamon ór the taco with apple, apricot and a sauce of dulche de leche caramel (€5,5)!

Nice: Carina has traveled all over the world to serve the best tacos and I have to admit she certainly did. Bravo!

Ps: You can also bring your laptop to Mr. Haz Amsterdam to work during the day. Coffee with tacos, sounds pretty good!

Mr. Haz Amsterdam is open every day until 1 AM and on Fridays and Saturdays even until 3 AM, so the perfect midnight snack after a night of partying in the city!

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Mr. Haz

Egelantiersstraat 24

Amsterdam (Jordaan)


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