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Moco Museum Amsterdam: for expo’s of Banksy and more modern art

10 May 2017

Do you already know Moco Museum at museumplein in Amsterdam?

Moco Museum Amsterdam, also known as the Modern Contemporary Museum, opened its doors in the city villa ‘Alsberg’ at Museumplein last year. A museum that can’t be missed for anyone who loves modern art. A museum where it’s anything but dusty and in my opinion they have all the art that appeals to our generation. What makes the museum extra special is that it’s a completely private initiative. At the moment, they have the best exhibition in Amsterdam about the world-renowned Street Art legend Banksy and Dalí.

At Your Little Black Book we are a big fan of Banksy. When guest blogger Bianca lived in New York a couple of years ago, she searched throughout the city to find all the art that Banksy left there! Until August 30, you can go to the ‘Laugh Now’ exhibition about Banksy where you can see 50 works of him. Extra special: all these works come from private collections and can usually not be seen in a museum.

moco museum amsterdam

Changing exhibitions at moco museum amsterdam

Every year Moco has several different exhibitions and everyone who loves the surrealist works of Salvador Dalí can go till August 30. His most iconic works like the melting bells and “high heels” tables can be seen here!

moco museum amsterdam

Moco Museum Amsterdam for the real Banksy addicts

As i said before, Moco Museum is a private initiative. Cool, right? Art lovers Lionel and Kim Logchies, who are also the owners of LionelGallery on the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat in Amsterdam, opened the museum because they thought it was time that Banksy, who has been at the top of the art world for two years, got an unauthorized exhibition. And there it was … We at Your Little Black Book are so happy with this, because we are also looking for the best street art around the world. Yourlbb’s Anne still has a wish for Amsterdam: a mural of street artist ROA. A little hint for Lionel and Kim ;-).

Eventhough it feels lik Moco just opened its doors, it is already one of our favourite museums in Amsterdam!

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Moco Museum

Honthorststraat 20

Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Center)


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