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29 April 2015

Recipe for a tasty Mexican Steak Burger!

The cheat of the day is the Mexican Steak Burger.  The beauty of this cheat is that you will be full after one wrap. It’s a shame that the large-sized whole wheat wraps aren’t available here yet. You can choose to have two smaller sized whole wheat wraps or just a regular large-sized one. I went with the last option, because then you can fold it a little bit easier. You can make the sauce with either yoghurt mayonnaise or Greek 0% yoghurt. And finally the minced meat will be replaced with beef steak. In other words, a true guilty pleasure without the guilt! Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves properly, because it can get real messy!

Ingredients for 4 persons

– 2 or 3 beef steaks;
– 4 big wraps or 8 whole wheat wraps;
– 2 avocados;
– cucumber;
– box of cherry tomatoes;
– 170 gr Greek yoghurt or 4 tbsp yoghurt mayonnaise;
– 100 gr jalapeño slices;
– lime;
– salt & pepepr; and
– olive oil.

Let’s get started!

Take out the beef steaks from the freezer and put them on a plate between two sheets of paper towels. Let the steaks get back to room temperature.

Cut the japaño slices as fine as possible and mix it with the Greek yoghurt or yoghurt mayonnaise and the juice of the lime. Add salt & pepper to taste and there, the jalapeño sauce is ready!

Wash and cut the cucumbers and cherry tomatoes into smaller bits or slices.

Heat up a grill(pan) with olive oil and fry the steaks in (depending on the thickness of your steak) about 1 to 1,5 min per side to medium/rare. Take the steaks off the grill(pan) and cover them in aluminium foil. Let the steaks rest in the foil for about 3-4 minutes. Meanwhile, warm the wraps up shortly in the microwave.

Now all you have to do is pile up the ingredients to make the Mexican Steak Burger! Place a wrap on each plate. Put a good amount of jalapeño sauce on the wraps. Next, put on top the cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Cut the avocados in half and divide evenly on the wraps. Take the steaks out of the foil and cut them into thin slices. Finally, put the beef on the wrap. Time to wrap it! First fold in the sides, then roll up the wrap by starting from the bottom and try to push all the ingredients inside the wrap.

Cut the wrap in half and the Mexican Steak Burger is ready!

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