Marits Eetkamer Amsterdam: eating vegetarian dishes between flowers and plants

Marits Eetkamer Amsterdam really is restaurant in a living room

Maybe it looks different on the pictures, but Marits Eetkamer Amsterdam really is a restaurant in a living room! Three nights a week, Marit used to cook the best vegetarian dishes for guests who visited her in her small living room. Years later, Marit fell in love and the house became to small. Not much has changed ever since, because you can still come to Marit three nights a week and reserve a table in her new living room, with a beautiful greenhouse, for a delicious vegetarian dinner. Together with her partner Gino, they cook the best dishes and they have created a beautiful ‘restaurant’.

delightful vegetarian/vegan dishes at martis eetkamer amsterdam

The products they use are fresh, seasonal and the dishes are vegetarian. Do you eat vegan? No problem at all, but make sure to let them know beforehand. You can pick a 3-, 4- or 5-course menu that changes every month, and let them surprise you. What can you expect? Beans with dragon in tomato bouillon with fennel, romanesco, tomato and sweet sour red onion or fennel soup with dipsweed, a dragon dill’s finigrette, curry croutons, star anise and a spoon of ricard. Hmmm, can I have this all please?

marits eetkamer amsterdam

We fell in love with this restaurant and its cute greenhouse. It feels as if you walk into a star restaurant, so beautiful!

Ps: don’t forget to make a reservation, this way Marit and Gino will know exactly how much groceries they need to buy. Martis Eetkamer is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 6 PM. Enjoy!

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Photocredits: Marits Eetkamer

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