Check-in in Los Enamorados Ibiza: the bohemian hotel in the North

2 May 2017

it’ll be love at first sight with los enamorados ibiza on check-in…

Sometimes you come across hotels where literally EVERYTHING is right. Los Enamorados, in the North of Ibiza, is one of those hotels. With a mere nine rooms it’s one of the most beautiful boutique hotels that I’ve ever stayed in. And that’s not only because of the fantastic and unique interior, but mainly because the great vibe it has. We stayed in Los Enamorados Ibiza in the spring and for the both of us it was love at first sight with this little paradise. Portinatx is situated in the North of Ibiza, far away from all the partying that’s happening in the South of the island, which makes the experience of staying here completely different. And that while it’s a mere 40 minute drive from Ibiza-town! Los Enamorados Ibiza can be found at the small beach at the end of the village with a view of the cliffs in the bay which gives the hotel as a whole a very special sighting. By the way, the name Los Enamorados means ‘the lovers’ and refers, just like the murals on the side of the hotel, to the owners Pierre and Roze.

Los Enamorados Ibiza

I’ve worked in the magazine branch for a long time and Roze, Rozemarijn de Witte, is the one who came up with Linda Magazine among others. If you ask me, she’s the best in the business and because of that fact alone I loved meeting her during our weekend break in Ibiza. Together with her lover Pierre Traversier she fell in love with a construction trap by the water a couple of years ago, and transformed this to what it is today thanks to her good sense of taste and unique style. A small-scaled boutique hotel where everyone who has wanderlust just like me will immediately feel at home. If you’re staying here, you will be ‘living’ among the finds of Roze and Pierre from all over the world. All these finds are also for sale in the concept store that’s also open for guests outside of the hotel, just like the restaurant is.

Los Enamorados Ibiza

I’m warning you… please don’t make too much plans when you’re coming to Ibiza and are staying in this hotel. Trust me… because you’re not going to want to leave this place, you’ll just want to enjoy this hotel for a full 100%.

Los Enamorados Ibiza

a mere nine rooms that all have a sea view

All of the nine rooms of Los Enamorados Ibiza  are uniquely decorated and just like the rest of the hotel, everything in the room is for sale. The beds are at a perfect hight (three double Coco Mat matresses) and the bedsheets are super soft. It’s such a relaxed feeling to wake up in the morning here and open the doors to the balcony. Maybe relax in the hammock for a bit or go back to bed and make plans for the day? I’m warning you… please don’t make too much plans when you’re coming to Ibiza and are staying in this hotel. Trust me… because you’re not going to want to leave this place, you’ll just want to enjoy this hotel for a full 100%.

Los Enamorados Ibiza

At least, that’s what we wanted! And so at the very moment I’m writing this blog, we’ve booked again for a couple of days in August. Hopefully this time we have some sunnier weather so we can hang out on the lounge tanning beds and can have a swim in the bay. You can easily dive into the water straight from the hotel, but unfortunately it was a little too cold for that in April! When the weather’s nice you can enjoy your breakfast out on the terrace with a sea view. It’s so good waking up and enjoy the peace and quiet for a second, before the restaurant and the store opens up for people who aren’t staying in the hotel. Even in April Los Enamorados is the reason for tourists on the island to get into their car and drive to Portinatx. And you can’t clame them, because even if your budget doesn’t allow you to spend the night her, you’ll definitely want to have lunch or dinner here and snoop around in the inspiring store.

Los Enamorados Ibiza

If you’re a hotel guest you can always manage to get a table for dinner at Los Enamorados, but if you’d want to eat her when you’re staying somewhere else, a reservation is recommended. We loved this place so much that we had dinner in the hotel twice so we tasted almost everything on the menu. Very pure tastes and lots of dishes with vegetables and fish. LOVE IT! There’s also a really nice bar, where we’re planning on drinking a cocktail for sure on our next trip with some sunnier weather while enjoying the sunset. Would you rather have some more privacy? Los Enamorados Ibiza has a rooftop for hotel guests only. You can join a yoga class here in the morning, but you can also relax here at the end of the day with a glass of wine or a cold beer all while enjoying the sunset. Highly recommended!

Los Enamorados Ibiza

If you’re going to Ibiza and are still looking for a unique and small-scaled hotel, definitely check out the site of Los Enamorados for more information and for booking. You’ll probably immediately fall in love with the hotel and it will become one of those places where you’ll want to come back to every year. Because that’s how I see this little paradise in the North!

Los Enamorados Ibiza

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Los Enamorados Ibiza

Carretera de Portinatx, 103
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