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12 X lockdown tips with fun things you can still do in Amsterdam

3 January 2022

Now that most shops, restaurants and other fun things that we used to do in Amsterdam are closed I can imagine that sometimes you really wonder what actually can be done? The honest answer? Besides walking and being outside, not so much. That’s why we thought it was time to make a list with some inspiration to get through this hard lockdown in Amsterdam. Nice outdoor activities to do in Amsterdam where you sometimes even support the local entrepreneurs. Win, win! How about a city walk where you walk past different restaurants to get something tasty for the go  (check here all take-away tips)? Or get your groceries at the market and choose a different mark each time to cycle around the city. Have fun with the tips from this list! And if you have a nice tip, please let me know :-)

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12 X lockdown-tips for amsterdam to do something fun

Go on a big walk: In Amsterdam there are plenty of nice neighbourhoods to go for a walk. Get a  coffee to go or even mulled wine from one of the many local shop owners who stand outside with a stall full of goodies.

Spot the light artworks: Unfortunately, this year is not a full Amsterdam Light Festival, but spread over four different neighbourhood’s there are seven works of art to admire this year. Of course, you can also map out a route on the bike yourself.

Go to the market: Most markets in Amsterdam are still open. Get your fresh products on the market and support the local entrepreneurs as well.

Street Art Route: Experience the city of Amsterdam as an open-air museum and discover the various street art routes inthe city. Also nice for a date! ;-)

Discover the Asian supermarkets: Do you miss travelling through Asia? Then bring Asia into your home and go to an Asian supermarket. I always go to the Nieuwmarkt for the tastiest gyoza, dim sum, Peking duck pancakes and bao buns to fill them yourself with great stuff.

Go cycling: When was the last time you took a bike ride to, for example, the Ouderkerk on the Amstel? Check the weather forecast, bring something tasty for the road and hop on your bike for a nice trip along the Amstel River.

Discover all the parks of the city: How many parks in Amsterdam do you really know? Make your daily walk a little more special by having seen all the city’s parks at the end of this lockdown.

Eating Olieballen : This pleasant festive month of course includes oil balls and apple fritters. Get them fresh from the bakery or at one of the many stalls that can be found throughout the city. Check out our list of  8 x the best Olieballen in Amsterdam for inspiration!

Animals spotted in the Amstelpark: Another nice kids proof tip I’ve done several times is to go to the Amstelpark. The petting zoo may be closed, but you can spot animals, such as Alpacas, along the fence.

Amsterdam Tassie: Did you think you knew Amsterdam well? With Amsterdam Tassie  you get to know the city even better through fun games, stories and drinks on the go.

With the kids to the playground: Do you already dream about the same playground near you that you go out with the kid(s) every day to? Get on your bike and go discover a different playground in Amsterdam every day.

Fruit garden of West: Stroll around the yard and through the orchards to go home with fresh products from the bio shop the Fruit Gardens of West.

 | TIP: Of course you can also order or get take-away from a bunch of amazing restaurants. Check here all handy lists for Amsterdam >>


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