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11 x the best lobster in Amsterdam to try now

15 June 2017

Lobster IN AMSTERDAM, these are our favourite spots

You gotta love lobster! But where can you get the best lobster in Amsterdam? Lobster is one of our favourite seafood dishes, warm or cold, cooked or grilled, in a sandwich or in a bitterbal, it is and always will be so good. Lobsterseason is finally starting again, and will hopefully be paired with some sunshine. That’s why we made a list of our favourite spots to eat lobster in Amsterdam, on in other words; it’s time to plan a dinner date again! Enjoy!

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The Seafood Bar: one of our favourite spots to eat seafood is The Seafood Bar. Besides lobster, you can also over delicious lobster soup. A real recommendation. Tip: they have three locations, one in the Pijp, on the Spui, and on the van Baerlestraat, so there’s always one nearby.

Mossel en Gin: Okay, maybe not 100% fair because you can’t get an entire lobster here. Though you can get the best lobster croquettes that you  just have to try. Perfect for a sunny afternoon on a terrace, right?!

Smokin’ Barrels: On the Beukenplein in Amsterdam-East hotspot Smokin’ Barrels is the place to go for your lobster pleasure. Below the surf & turf on the menu you’ll find the golden combination: half a lobster served with a burger. Do you want to go all in?  Go for the threesome: burger, lobster and chicken. Ideal for shared dining!

Brut de Mer: When you say lobster, Brut de Mer, on the Gerard Douplein, says: whatever you desire! Here you can choose among the bisque of lobster, the lobster roll, the steak lobster sandwich or the ‘regular’ half or whole lobster. Can we just order it all…?

kreeft in amsterdam

Brut de mer

Café Dinard: at this seafood bar in Old South you also can’t get an entire lobster, but you can get lobster bitterballs. We, as bitterball addicts, can’t get enough of them! Really worth a try!

Venus & Adonis: For next level surf & turf you need to go to Venus & Adonis on the Prinsengracht in the Jordaan. A very nice hotspot for some delicious dinner. On the menu all kinds of dishes are prepared on the charcoal grill: steaks, spare ribs, sirloin steak, racks of lamb and classic dishes. The surf and turf exists of rack of lamb with lobster tail. De-li-cious!

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George Bistro Bistro: At George’s bistro there’s no other way than complete satisfaction. The bistro setting, the vibe, the wines, everything is right here. On the menu mussels, dover sole fish, chicken and steaks. And of course the half or whole lobster and surf and turf!

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George bistro

Stork: In an old industrial building in Amsterdam-North you’ll find restaurant Stork. A place where trends and classic elements are mixed perfectly. The lobster is served with confit tomato and french fries from the Friethoes. Mmm, who can say no to that?

Lucius: In the heart of the city centre on the Spuistraat you’ll find fish restaurant Lucius. The menu is filled with delicious fish dishes. From coquilles with Parmesan cheese sauce and lobster bisque as starters to luxurious fruits de mer with lobster, crab, gamba’s and oysters. Do you know exactly what you want? The seafood is also available per portion. For example, the half or whole Canadian lobster.

kreeft in amsterdam


Red: The classic Red cannot be missed on this list. For years this restaurant is known for their outstanding tournedos and lobsters. Don’t make it too difficult and just go for the surf and turf with half a lobster and a 200 gram tournedos ;-)

Visaandeschelde: Visaandeschelde is the fish paradise of Old-South. The dishes are so beautiful, they just look like little paintings! And yes, they taste delicious! You can go for lobster oriental, lobster a la plancha, cooked lobster and cold lobster!

Where do you eat the best lobster in Amsterdam?

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Photocredits: Brut de Mer, Lucius & George Bistro


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