iannsterdam genomineerd voor de Liebster Blog Award!

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Liebster Blog Award nomination for yourlittleblackbook.me!

28 November 2012

iannsterdam received the Liebster Blog Award!

Last week I received a nomination for the Liebster Blog Award from the lovely lifestyle blog 30s Magazine. She always inspires me with  a daily dose of happiness and home deco ideas! And last week… with a nomination!

What is the Liebster Blog Award?

The Liebster Blog Award is an award for small to medium or upcoming blogs in the blogosphere. The idea of the award is that you pass it on to up to 12 other bloggers. With the award come 11 questions you have to answer about yourself. And after that you create your own list with 11 answers for the bloggers you give the Liebster Blog Award to. Almost like a chain letter to spread the word of blogs you love and to get to know the people behind the blog a little bit better.

This is how the Liebster Blog Award works:

1) Link back to and credit the blogger who nominated you.
2) Paste the Liebster Blog Award image on your blog.
3) Pass the award on to up to 15 other blogs that you would like to give the award to.
4) Contact the bloggers that you nominated and let them know about the Liebster Blog Award.
5) Answer the 11 things about yourself.

The 11 questions from 30s Magazine are:

1) What is your favourite Christmas treat?
Bubbly :-).
2) What colour scheme are you using this Christmas?
A natural coloured scheme with lots of wood and some colourful decoration from Anthropologie.
3) Christmas or Easter?
Definitely Christmas!
4) If you could pick 3 famous people to join you at the Christmas table who would they be?
Dead or alive? I would go for Obama, Coco Chanel and Andy Warhol.
5) My favourite travel destination for shopping  is…
6) What I love most about blogging is…
People telling me they love my blog because it’s very helpful to them.
7) The best classic holiday movie is…
An Audrey Hepburn marathon.
8) eggnog, gluhwein or hot chocolate?
Hot chocolate.
9) The best app I discovered this year is…
10) Sending Christmas cards or sending e-cards?
I love paper, so that would be a real Christmas card.
11) I blog best in …(the morning/afternoon/evening/at night) because….
All day, as long as I have the inspiration to write.

My nominations for the Liebster Blog Award (in random order):

1) Yourlifestyleguide.nl: personal blog from Jolien about traveling, living and good food.

2) Coeurblonde.com: a selection of all the things Elle & Pip love. And I can tell you… they have good taste!

3) diemetdieafro.nl: fashion and beauty blog for from Sabrina for ladies with an afro hairdo. Love the hair!

4) Uitpaulineskeuken.nl: must read for foodists!

5) lastdayofspring.blogspot.nl: if you’re a stationary addict, this personal lifestyle blog is stationary heaven.

6) lifeinsketch.com: interior design blog from New York City.

7) culy.nl: the latest news about food. You get hungry while reading ;-).

8) amsterdamcurated.nl: blog about events and things to do in Amsterdam (cultural scene).

9) overdose.am: if you’re a hipster you will like this blog about Amsterdam!

10) blog.bijzonderplekje.nl: lots of ideas for special locations to stay the night.

11) chicklovefood.com: these girls share the same love for food as I do!

12) things-i-love.nl: a blog full of things that make you smile :-).

The 11 questions for the nominees:

1) What’s your favourite restaurant?
2) Online shopping or offline shopping?
3) I started my blog because…. (I’m very curious!)
4) How and where do you like to spend your holiday?
5) Which iPhone app do you use most often?
7) What’s your favourite social medium?
8) I LOVE ……. music
9) My all time success recipe is…..
10) What’s your favourite quote?
11) Black & white or colour photography?

Have fun passing the Liebster Blow Award on to your favourite blogs!

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