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B. in New York City: LIC Flea and Food market Queens in Long Island City

27 August 2013

LIC Flea and Food Market Queens is an underground food market!

Here’s a fun place to go! There is a new outdoor market this year, the Long Island City LIC Flea and Food Market. We bike all the way to the in Hunters Point, Queens (cool bike ride, do it!) to have snacks from local spots and shop for some vintage stuff.

In Hunters Point in Queens in between huge apartment buildings and at a side river from the East River is the LIC Flea and Food Market situated. A DJ is playing funky old records (“Groove is in the ha-aaa-a-a-a-heart”). Although there are not yet a lot of vendors, it’s a diverse collection of foods and fleas. I can really recommend the Thai salad. And the Brisket Burger from Butcher Bar is of course one of the favorites (BBQ + meat + sandwich = U.S.).

Will LIC Flea and Food Market Queens become the new Smorgasburg?

As this event has just recently been opened (June 2013), LIC Flea and Food market not yet a big venue. But I wouldn’t be surprised if next year this is like a 2nd Smorgasburg. They do need more seats though. And where is the beer stand? Luckily you can get some nice beers at the Rockaway Brewing Company across the street (very small, don’t miss it). We take the large beer bottle filled with summer ale, also a nice souvenir! Don’t forget that you can only drink alcohol on the LIC Flea and Food market property (where the tables and chairs are). We see a lot of families here, but probably next year this place will be packed with hipsters. I can only hope that they will be able to expand towards the East River.

Tip: Don’t forget to make a quick stop at the famous Pepsi sign at the river. It has got some terrific views on Manhattan. Especially when the sun is going down.

LIC Flea & Food Market Queens

What?: Food and flea market
When: Every Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Where?: > 5-25 46th Avenue
Neighbourhood: Hunters Point, Long Island City
Price level: affordable
Perfect for: All about good food, snacking and drinking with friends, family thing

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