Verrassende regios nederland weekendje weg

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12 x surprising regions in the Netherlands for a weekend road trip

28 January 2021

Do I also have tips for less obvious regions in the Netherlands for a weekend away? For everyone who has seen the famous Veluwe, I have started researching and together with Peugeot I have made this list of surprising regions for a road trip in my own country. Of course, those aren’t regions you’ve never heard of, but I bet you (like me!) really don’t know all the 12 tips on your thumb. For example, [category cat=”69099″ text=”Friesland”], Twente and [category cat=”69098″ text=” Drenthe”] are high on the list for me to discover better. This season we are switching to electricdriving  and that’s why I’m already plotting several beautiful routes in the Netherlands. Of course I have already picked a nice hotel for you in every region, because a  road trip is not complete without eating and sleeping well. Do you have any vacation days to take? The tips are perfect for a weekend, but of course you can also combine different regions into one longer road trip. Have fun making plans!

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12 X surprising regions in the netherlands for a weekend away

De Betuwe (Gelderland): This region in Gelderland borders the provinces of Utrecht and South Holland and is known for fruit cultivation, such as apples, pears and cherries. Hanzestad Tiel is i think the most famous place in the Betuwe and in the area of Geldermalsen you can walk along the Linge. Personally, I always like to go to Estate Mariënwaerdt in Beesd. For a nice walk and eat pancakes in the brasserie. For example, stay at the  B&B the Ox and the Horse  overlooking the Linge or stay on Estate Mariënwaerdt in the Outdoor Cottage.

verrassende regios nederland weekendje weg


Utrecht Heuvelrug (Utrecht): The surroundings of Driebergen, Doorn and Amerongen… just outside the outside the city, you will still experience an oasis of calm on the Utrecht Ridge. One of our favorite forests to go hiking is the forest at Lage Vuursche. Then have a drink at hotspot Buiten in the Pit and you have a wonderful city escape  to grab. Stay in one of the beautiful estate hotels, such as  Parc Broekhuizen.

area around Lage Vuursche

West Friesland (North Holland): The other day I went to Alkmaar for the first time and I was surprised how much fun this city is. The West Friesland region consists of a number of cities, including Alkmaar and Hoorn in the North-West of North Holland. In Hoorn, for example, stay at the newly opened hotel-restaurant  Ysbrantsz  or in Alkmaar at  Wolf  of  Luttik. Prefer to stay in nature? In the vicinity of Hoorn there are several nice nature houses to be found, for example on marker lake.

verrassende regios nederland weekendje weg

© Boetiekhotel ysbrantsz

Drenthe: The benefit of less foreign trips? Get to know your own country really well! This summer I was already in Drenthe and in the winter I go back. The surroundings of the Zeegse, Schoonlo, Dwingeloo and the Onlanden (for example, go for lunch at the Onlanderij). This winter, I’m going to explore it all. Where are you going to stay?  Together with Peugeot I already listed 11 tips for beautiful holiday homes for you >>

mooie vakantiehuizen drenthe

© Nature house in Drenthe

Veluwe Zoom (Gelderland): On the edge of the Veluwe you will find this slightly less well-known but oh so beautiful nature reserve. Go for a walk near the Posbank and stop for lunch or coffee at Pavilion de Posbank. In good weather you can look as far as Germany! Stay at the completely renovated  B&B Hotel & Lodges Beekhuizen  or  Buitenplaats Beekhuizen.

Veluwe Zoom

Elfstedentocht area (Friesland): Although I have been to Friesland a few times, I really need to take the time to discover the villages at my leisure. Have you ever driven past all the villages that are part of the Elfstedentocht? Something that’s on my list for this fall. I recently got Dokkum (one of the cities) already tipped as a city that is really worth going to. Seems to me a good base to also explore Leeuwarden, Sneek, IJlst, Sloten, Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Workum, Bolsward, Harlingen and Franeker. Where you want to stay? In the  old Abbey of Dokkum which has recently been opened (again) as a hotel.

area of elfstedentocht

Achterhoek (Gelderland): Last summer I visited the Gelderse Achterhoek for the first time. Almost at the border with Germany (where you can spot flamingos almost every spring at the Zwillbrocker Venn). Surrounded by forests, castles and meadows it is a beautiful region for a weekend escape from the city. For example, visit the castle of Ruurlo and go to Winterswijk for a day. In terms of restaurants, Orangerie de Pol and Welgelegen are nice to remember. Take small kids to Erve Brooks and Hof van Eckberge for fun. For example, stay at  boutique hotel de Lochemse Berg or rent a cottage with a hot tub via Unwinding in the Achterhoek.

Onthaasten in de Achterhoek

Twente (Overijssel): Not to be confused with the Achterhoek, because Twente is located in the easternmost part of Overijssel. With cities like Enschede, Almelo and Hengelo. If you make a mini road trip to Twente, nature is never far away. Stay at one of the culinary estates and you don’t have to leave your hotel in the evening. It’s as good as it gets when you’re crawling by the fireplace at the end of the afternoon after a big walk. Tips for staying and dining? For example, check out  The Swarte Ruijter  (1 Michelin star),  Estate de Holtweijde  (with delicious spa) or Boutique Hotel ‘t Lansink  (also with a restaurant with 1 Michelin star).

fall in Twente

Schouwen-Duiveland (Zeeland): Walking in the beautiful forests of Westerschouwen, where I often came as a child for a breath of fresh air on Sundays. Oysters picking (turnips) along the Oosterschelde, a seal tour on a cutter and wandering through the old streets of Zierikzee. Perhaps Schouwen and Duivenland is the most beautiful ‘island’ in Zeeland to relax. Last summer we stayed at the Glory of Noordwelle, De Zeeland Hemel  and Boutique Hotel Zeeuws Meisje.

Dijkwater, Schouwen-Duiveland

Zeeuws Vlaanderen (Zeeland): In December we finally planned a culinary weekend to Zeeuws Vlaanderen. Although I was born in Zeeland, I have not often been to the southernmost part of my province. And all while there are some of the best restaurants in the Netherlands. During the day, tour the winding road between the meadows and discover the seaside town of Cadzand. We are going to stay at the  Strandhotel in Cadzand  for a culinary weekend where we will eat at Pure C (food bucket list!).

Het Strandhotel Cadzand-Bad

© Het Strandhotel

The Weerribben (Overijssel): One of the provinces I don’t know very well (with the nice city of Zwolle) is Overijssel. If, like me, you want to discover some lesser-known parts of the Netherlands this season, you should remember nature reserve De Weerribben near Giethoorn. A low bog area and a labyrinth of puddles, lakes and meadows. Staying and eating at  De Lindenhof  in Giethoorn (with two Michelin stars) is still high on my bucket list.

© Weerribben-Wieden via Marketing Oost

South Limburg: That South Limburg (also called the Tuscany of the Netherlands) is beautiful that I experienced a few years ago during a weekend away. As soon as we get the new electric car this is one of the regions that I put high on my list to go to go on a nice tour. Always nice to combine it with shopping in Maastricht, or maybe the Christmas market in Valkenburg depending on the season. In the area are several fine wellness hotels such as Little Switzerland,or modern B&B’s such as  Maison Village,  where it is good to stay after a day in the forest. Prefer a cottage instead of a hotel?  Resort Maastricht  is a modern park just outside the city.

south Limburg

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