20 x spots near Leidseplein in Amsterdam where you do want to go

spots at leidseplein in amsterdam where you do want to be

The Leidseplein, you love coming there or you don’t. There are many wrong bars (that are pretty okay after some drinks) but also plenty of places you do want to go to for a fun night. Good food, going for drinks with friends or for a fun night out. Leidseplein offers it all. These are our favourite spots around the Leidseplein in Amsterdam, and believe us, you do want to go to these spots!

14 x food spots near the leisdeplein in amsterdam

Kopstootbar: most people know the Kopstootbar as a place where you can dance until early in the morning. But since a while, you can also eat here. Ps: don’t forget to try their Gin.
De Italiaan: who doesn’t love Italian food? De Italiaan is the perfect place for Italian food near Leidseplein. A 7 minute walk, but it’s worth it!
Poké Perfect: we like poké bowls so much, and especially the ones from Poké Perfect! Choose your own ingredients and enjoy.
Buffet van Odette: for a tasty breakfast, lunch or dinner along the canals you go to Buffer van Odette. One of our favourite spots!

buffet van odette
Ron Gastrobar Oriental: this is the sister of the Ron Gastrobar Paris. Instead of French dishes, you come here to enjoy the Chinese cuisine.
De Balie: everything in one, a cinema, stage and the perfect spot for some bites and drinks. Food first, movie afterwards.
Bo Nam: yes Vietnamese food! Order small dishes so you can try a lot, or to share! Tip: it’s a nice spot for date night near the Leidseplein in Amsterdam.
Café George: you’re welcome here all day. Think of hangover breakfast with delicious eggs, or a glass of wine at the end of the day!
Lavinia Goodfood: in the Kerkstraat you’ll find the hidden gem: Lavinia Goodfood. Healthy, vega(n), and just super good!

lavinia goodfood

Lombardo’s: the place where all burger lovers should eat because these burgers are divine. Tip: order a fresh homemade juice and your meal is complete!

2 x drinks at the leidseplein in amsterdam

Ginjobar: this is the cocktailbar of the Japanse restaurant Hosokawa. Craving a drink after going for dinner? Go to their cocktailbar, where they also have wine and sake btw ;-)
Door74: this spot is a bit further away from the Leidseplein, but trust us, you want to go here! The cocktails are way too good. Don’t forget to make a reservation, it’s always busy here!

4 x dancing & music at the leidseplein in amsterdam

De Melkweg: from bands to parties and expos to theaters. At the Melkweg they’ve got it all. For a night out, this is the perfect location as well, but check their agenda to see if there’s a fun party!
Sugar Factory: concerts and parties at the Sugar Factory. Just like at the Melkweg, check out their agenda to see what’s going on. This way you’re sure if there is something you like ;-)
Chicago Social Club: every week there are parties here. So want to dance? Go to ‘Soos’, because that how we call it here!
Paradiso: they have the best concerts(!) and parties at Paradiso. Go see your favourite artist or to a party and dance your worries away!

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