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Le Vespe Cafe Florence: brunch hotspot | video blog

14 August 2014

Cocktails and English brunch food at Le Vespe Cafe in Florence!

The brunch fever took Florence. And that is good news! My favourite spot for a nice brunch in Florence is Le Vespe Cafe. A cosy brunch hotspot on the Via Ghibellina you will easily recognize by the bright blue door.

At Le Vespe Cafe in Florence an English Chef runs the kitchen. And they sure know how to make brunch!

Check my video about Le Vespe Cafe here:

On the menu you find classic brunch dishes like eggs Benedict, but also nice sandwiches. I had one with avocado and it was delicious! Complement your brunch with one of the brunch cocktails like the Bloody Mary or a healthy fresh juice. All ingredients for a lazy afternoon are there!

Le Vespe Cafe Florence

At Le Vespe Cafe all the ingredients are locally sourced at the farmers market and organic where possible. Le Vespe Cafe offers mostly vegetarian and vegan options.

Le Vespe Cafe Florence

Le Vespe Cafe Florence

Address: 76 Via Ghibellina, Florence
Neighbourhood: Florence Santa Crose
Website: levespecafe.com

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PS: more hotspots are in the Florence Little Black Book. A city guide to Florence with the best hotspots: restaurants, shops and things to do.

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