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La Fiorita Amsterdam: new Italian restaurant in the Jordaan

4 August 2019

La Fiorita opens the doors at the location of former Burgers Patio!

For a while, it was a bit chaotic in the building where for over 30 years Burgers Patio was located, but La Fiorita Amsterdam will open its doors here in early February. Who likes Italian food knows that the Jordaan has more hidden gems of Italian restaurants. I still like to come to Toscanini and Koevoet myself and in the cosy Tweede Tuindwarsstraat you can also find Assagi. For the best pizza in the street you probably go to La Perla and it happens to be the neighbours of this old Burgers Patio that will start restaurant La Fiorita with a new team.

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Not much is known yet about the restaurant, but we can tell you that the Chef cooked earlier at De School and Toscanini so that is promising. Don’t expect a simple pizza here, but modern Italian dishes. You understand: we’ll soon be the first on their doorstep to get a taste of it!

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La Fiorita

Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 12H

Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Center)

Anne de Buck

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