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L’ étoile de Saint Honoré / Reestraat 24 Amsterdam: designer bags, coats, shoes and more

11 October 2016

go to the nine streets for a shopping spree!

The Reestraat is my favourite street of all The Nine Streets. I go there a lot because one of my regular spots is there to go for lunch or coffee called Pluk. And when I’m there I always walk into L’étoile de Saint Honoré at number 24. When you walk down the stairs you enter bag heaven. That’s what it feels like to me at least! Since the opening of L’étoile in the Reestraat I bought several items there that I wear all the time. A trenchcoat from Burberry, a backpack from Louis Vuitton and so on.

At L’étoile de Saint Honoré in the Reestraat they sell more than just bags. Unlike the other branches they also sell vintage designer fashion accessories. A small selection of Burberry coats, shawls from Kenzo to Hermès, shoes of YSL and jewelry from Chanel and Hermès. The prices at L’étoile are very diverse. Bags and accessories from Louis Vuitton are pretty affordable (like a few hundred Euro’s), while a vintage Chanel bag of course is still expensive. But… the good thing of buying a unique piece in real life is that you can hold it. Touch the letter, try it on… and that’s why I like to go here. Tip: in this blog I share more information on shopping for designer vintage in Amsterdam.

Etoile Amsterdam overview

Etoile Amsterdam gouden chanel tas

Etoile Amsterdam shawl

Etoile Amsterdam illustratie
Etoile Amsterdam burberry jas

Etoile Amsterdam shawl
Etoile Amsterdam chanel
Etoile Amsterdam reestraat

Etoile Amsterdam louis vuitton

Etoile Amsterdam travel bag

Etoile Amsterdam hermes

L' étoile de Saint Honoré

Reestraat 24

Amsterdam (Amsterdam City Center)
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