11 x the best hotspots on the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam you don’t want to miss

These are our favourite hotspots on the kinkerstraat in amsterdam west

After the Bilderdijkstraat, the Clercqstraat, Jan Evertsenstraat and the Jan van Galenstraat of course the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam West could not stay behind. In this street more and more hotspots are rising and giving the street an update. Among the nail salons, kebab shops and larger chain stores, you can now find innovative concepts as well here, for example a great pasta restaurant, fun concept stores and a good coffee spot. No need to look any further, because we listed the best hotspots on the Kinkerstraat for you!

8 x food & drink spots on the kinkerstraat

Poké PerfectPoké Perfect, our favourite stop to order poké bowls, has a second location. We can now also go to the Kinkerstraat for our poké bowl and sushirrito cravings. Yes!
Piada & Gnocchi: an Italian take-out restaurant with a simple concept. On their menu you can find piada’s, an Italian flat bread filled with meat, cheese or vegetables and gnocchi dishes. Enjoy a piada with parma ham or grilled eggplant.
Casa Sabatelli: besides the well-known spaghetti and penne, in this restaurant of Italian Michele Sabatelli we can also order busiate, a hand twisted pasta from Sicily and panciotti, ravioli but bigger. Fun: the products used are from the Italian family factory in Puglia.

Casa Sabatelli // © Casa Sabatelli

Cafe Amoi: this hotspot remains one of our favourites on the Kinkerstraat. The building is completely renovated and the concept is clear: at Cafe Amoi you get delicious Asian street food, cold Bintangs, good music and chill vibes.
Panache: okay, so Panache is not exactly on the Kinkerstraat, but on the Ten Katestraat and that’s close enough ;-) You go to Panache for an evening of fine dining with matching wines in a wonderful setting. Everything is so good here!
Jacketz: who would have thought that the baked potato would be so popular? Jacketz came, saw and conquered. You can order baked potatoes with smoked salmon salad, chicken salad or chili con carne here. Plus, everything is available for take out as well!
Seoul Food: another handy place for your take-out treat. In this Korean supermarket you get noodles, biscuits and soft drinks but also freshly made dishes. The dishes change weekly, sometimes even daily and are all delicious. Tip: follow them on Facebook to see the new monthly specials.
Lot Sixty One: no street is complete without a good coffee spot. The best coffee spot on the Kinkerstraat is definitely Lot Sixty One. Not only is their coffee well-known for being just very, very tasty, but their corner location is also a very convenient place to meet up with friends.

Lot Sixty One // © Lot Sixty One

3 x shopping on the kinkerstraat

We Are Vintage: at We Are Vintage on the Kinkerstraat you’ll find vintage clothing, shoes, bags, hats, and scarves for women and men! From funky pants to more basic vintage: you’ll find it here. Ps. you pay per kilo.
Gekaapt: the online shop and pop-up store Gekaapt Amsterdam now has a permanent location in the city where day in day out you can find great durable interior and fashion items for yourself or for your friends birthday. Ps: They also have the Vegan Lane; a collection of brands and products that fit into the vegan lifestyle.
Marvin: from delicious olive oil to bubbles and from tea jugs to kitchen aprons and funny cards. Marvin is a really nice shop to just look around. And besides shopping, you can also find good coffee from Bocca and delicious lunch and breakfast here.

These are our favourite spots on the Kinkerstraat Amsterdam West. Also visit the Bilderdijkstraat, this street is hot and happening too. Check out our favourite healthy spots there, such as Mastino V and Salad & The City.

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