Packlist Indonesia: 20 items that you can’t leave out of your suitcase!

29 March 2017


Are you going to Indonesia soon? Then make a smart packlist so you can be sure that you’re taking everything with you that you need. Try to think about everything that you’ll be doing there, and where you’re going. Maybe you’ll have a travel around Java and go to Bali after that. Two completely different worlds that require a different packlist! Also think about you’ll be doing. If you’re going to Java then there’s a big chance that you’ll get up in the middle of the night to watch the sunrise at the Borobudur or that you’ll climb the Bromo Volcano. Keep in mind that it can get quite cold there! And don’t be surprised if you’re attacked by a heavy rain shower while you’re there. Then you won’t want to be walking around in your sandals in the sticky mud. Trust me! That’s why in this blog we shared a list of items that you should take with you during your trip to Indonesia.


My rule for shoes is that I always want to bring a nice pair of sandals for the evening, one pair of good sport shoes, and sandals with a good footbed that are water resistent. Because of that, I’m fan of the  “Teva Flatform” that have a heightened plateau that’s practical as well as stylish. Every season they launch a new style in the Universal collection. This summer, for example, the have the Original Universal Premier Leather” in black leather with white. Also very nice. If you’re surprised by a rain shower then these shoes won’t let you down!


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During my travels through Java I wore a lot of clothing with long sleeves, or long, summery pants. Most of the people in Java are muslim and for a visit to the temples it’s also a good idea to bring clothing that cover your shoulders. I usually choose light clothing, so for example a dress that’s a bit shorter but has longer sleeves, or summer pants with a short sleeved shirt, or a camisole. Make sure that for your visit to the Bromo Volcano you bring a warm sweater, (rain)jacket, warm socks, a scarf, and gloves. It sounds overdramatic, but believe me, it isn’t! For an island like Bali you should pack nice shorts and BOHO dresses. Perfect for the beach! Most of the hotels on Java also have a swimming pool, so after a visit to the temples or climbing the Bromo Volcano you can relax by the pool. Scroll through the packlist below:


One vital item when I travel is a good backpack, and a small bag to put my phone and money in that I can easily reach, so I don’t have to take off my backpack every time. Other than that I always take my camera with me. At the moment I’m using a Olympus systemcamera to photograph, and the Sony RX100 for vlogging or photography if I take a bigger bag in the evening. Are you going to relax by the pool or chill in your room for a bit? Then I also love to listen to my own music. Download a few playlists before and listen to your own music at the beach or by the pool. Tip: also take a plug box with you so that you can charge multiple devices at the same time in the hotel. Scroll through the packlist below:

Hopefully this packlist is useful! Have a great time if you’re going on vacation to Indonesia!

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