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I LOVE… Chanel nail polish

3 March 2013

Addicted to Chanel nail polish

I’m addicted to nail polish. And especially Chanel nail polish. Must be something with the beautiful bottle and the CC logo that makes my heart go faster every time I buy a new colour. Last time I was in London I shopped some very pretty colours in the Chanel pop-up store! Last few days I’m totally into the new video app Vine. Made a few video’s with it now and I love it. Only bad thing is that I get an ‘upload failed’ error all the time… so not all video’s are on my Vine account but on my You Tube channel.

This is a video of my favourite Chanel nail polish colour of the moment: Rouge Noir, number 18!

PS: you can follow me on Vine by searching for ‘iannsterdam’.

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