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De Huyschkaemer Amsterdam: coffee, lunch & drinks at Utrechtsestraat

3 April 2015

Know your classics: lunch at De Huyschkaemer!

I LOVE the hippest of the hippest spots. But sometimes you just want to go to a cosy  brown café for coffee, lunch or drinks. Just saying: a brown café always keeps its charm and I love them for their power to be themselves. Ever since I live in Amsterdam De Huyschkaemer at the Utrechtsestraat is one of the classics I always go back to. Especially after 2 am, because this bar is open till 3. YAY!

Lunch x De Huyschkaemer

What you maybe not know is that this classic is open at 9 am and that they serve breakfast and lunch too. All organic where possible. I popped by De Huyschkaemer for lunch a few weeks back after a meeting. I wanted something different than superfoods and trendy burgers for a change. I was craving for a classic from my student years: a grilled sandwich with goat cheese and honey! Always good :-). And if you didn’t eat a huuuuge steak the night before like I did when I was at De Huyschkaemer the “Sloppy Joe” is a must try!

Huyschkaemer Amsterdam Huyschkaemer Amsterdam Also nice: at De Huyschkaemer they make all their juices themselves.

De Huyschkaemer Amsterdam

Address: Utrechtsestraat 137, Amsterdam
Neighbourhood: Amsterdam City Center
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In samenwerking met De Huyschkaemer

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