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5 x the best Hummus in Amsterdam

2 November 2016

these are the places for the best hummus in amsterdam!

It came, it saw and it conquered: hummus in Amsterdam. It’s just like the avocado one of those favourites when it comes down to a healthy snack or lunch. Yes, also at Yourlbb’s offices we love a thick layer of creamy Hummus. It’s just finger licking tasty ;-) That’s why we love to present the 5 x best Hummus in Amsterdam to you. Enjoy!

sir hummus amsterdam

>> these are the best hummus spots in amsterdam >>

>> sir hummus

At Sir Hummus in De Pijp is hummus all they serve (surprise!). You can choose out of three options: plain vegan, hummus with egg or hummus with beef. What you get is delicious hummus so creamy, warm and topped with tasty herbs and olive oil.
Meet Sir Hummus here >>

>> hummus bistro

Another hummus heaven in Amsterdam: Hummus Bistro. Here they have five different types of hummus but also other beautitudes. How about labane, the normal shakshuka and roasted eggplant?
Check our pictures of Hummus Bistro here >>

Ninour Amsterdam 600x450

>> ninour

Okay, the interior (pink!) is what we love most here. But also the homemade hummus is an aboslute must try. You can go for the couscous variant or for the wrapped one, with grilled vegetables. Do you want a lot of hummus? Go for the Skinny Dipper ;-)
Discover Ninour here >>

>> hummus house

Another hummus heaven. At Hummus House all the healthy food is so good that it almost feels like a sin. And also here they have hummus, hummus and more hummus. But also the grilled eggplant with creamy tahini, coriander and herbs is de-li-cious.

>> dr. blend

For the quick take out bite and your dosis of hummus also Dr. Blend is helping you. Because where Dr. Blend goes, is also where you’ll meet Dr. Hummus: served on crunchy spelled bread or wrap with Hummus, paprika and spinach. Love!
Meet Dr. Blend here >>

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