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20 x hotspots in Zwolle: the perfect get-away

19 April 2016

zwolle CITY GUIDE: for thE best HOTSPOTS in zwolle

I’m totally in love with Amsterdam, but sometimes, sometimes it’s just great to leave the busy city and go elsewhere. And by elsewhere you probably think of some destination including a plane, but also closer to home you’ll find some sweet escapes. Ever thought about Zwolle? Zwolle has a beautiful historic city centre with countless churches, squares and fun little streets. It’s a perfect city for a weekend trip. And it’s great to walk through the city for the day and to take a look inside of the different cool hotspots in Zwolle. And with an old city, you get the old brown cafes, so we also put those in this list :-) Check below are list with 20 x the coolest hotspots in Zwolle!

hotspots in zwollePhotocredits: facebook/hierendaar

Food & drinks >> hotspots in Zwolle >>

>> Hier en Daar

At Hier en Daar they have all sorts of things! This is an espresso/ wine bar which we both like very much! They sell furniture, clothes, aprons and coffee tools! During the day you can find yourself a spot to sit and work and later in the day it is time for drinks. Feel like doing a tasting? They organise these on a regular base!
Oude Vismarkt 10 – inner city South –

 >> Het Weeshuys

The kitchen is traditional, refined and burgundian. Het Weeshuys is a trendy and intimate restaurant just outside the city centre. For coffee with cake, a drink with a platter, lunch and dinner, you have to go here. Nice!
Assendorpstraat 6 – oud assendorp –

>> Stadscafe Blij

At Stadscafe Blij everything is possible, have lunch on the big terrace, dine in the city cafe or in the characteristic comrade room. But you can also dance in the dance chamber till the early morning hours. Something which makes us really happy :-)
Grote Markt 13 a – city centre –

>> restaurant de Librije

Our daily need to eat becomes a big party at Restaurant De Librije. They put a lot of care and attention to their beautiful wine & food combinations. No wonder De Librije has three Michelin stars. A stayer we would say!
Spinhuisplein 1 – city centre –

hotspots in zwollePhotocredits: facebook/delibrije

>> Het Wijnhuis

Het Wijnhuis is the perfect spot to have a wine on a Saturday afternoon, while you’re on your shopping spree. Here they have 36 special wines and 80 bottles. Enough options! Enjoying your time there? You can also stay for a beautiful dinner!
Grote Kerkplein 7 – city centre –

>> Bapas

Bapas stands for Spanish bites combined with Dutch local products like a matching beer. Also nice to give a try, Zwols beer on tap!
Grote Kerkplein 9 – city centre –

>> CAFÉ de Tagrijn

This is a real Zwols Café where the ”locals” enjoy their drink. This brown cafe has live music on a regular base and good quality beers. For the wine lovers,  Café De Tagrijn serves really good house wine!
Buitenkant 8 – zwolle – facebook/Cafe-De-Tagrijn

>> Grand CAFÉ Public

The Grand Café Public  has been a concept for years in Zwolle. The cafe has got a big courtyard which is great during summer time. The cafe is open for lunch, dinner and a drink. Pop in to taste the beer of the month!
Blijmarkt 33 – city centre –

>> Cafe Hete Brij

One of our favourite hotspots in Zwolle. This is a brown cafe which has been in the the top 100 cafes list since the last 5 years. The cafe is known for the big variety of special beers! Would you like to learn more about these beers? Take part in the beer tasting at Cafe Hete Brij.
Nieuwe Markt 9 – city centre –

>> ingeburgerd

Luckily there are also hotspots in Zwolle that serve some good burgers. Ingeburgerd is also known as the hamburger spot of Zwolle. Not only do they serve some very tasty hamburgers, they’re biological too. And you not only go here for burgers, but also for coffee and the cool interior.
Nieuwe Markt 25 – city centre –

>> Villa Suikerberg

At Villa Suikerberg you go for your dosis of sweetness. This lunchroom is located in one of the prettiest buildings of Zwolle and it has been voted the most beautiful terrace in Zwolle. A very dreamy setting. So the perfect place for a high tea and also that is perfectly served here!
Potgietersingel 1-A – city centre –

>> Brassere hofvlietvilla

With a little bit of imagination, you feel like a rich duke or duchess in this enormous luxury villa called Brasserie Hofvlietvilla. Located next to a canal it gives you a beautiful view over the water and passing boats. Here they serve lunch and dinner and you just have to sit and relax!
Pannekoekendijk 6 – city centre –

hotspots in zwollePhotocredits:

Shopping >> hotspots in Zwolle >>

>> Waanders In De Broeren

In the Broerenchurch you can find Waanders In De Broeren! This is a bookstore with lots and lots more… Next to the fact that it looks cool from the inside it’s also a surprising shop where you can shop, drink and eat. Next to selling cooking books they also sell wine, design and you can have dinner in the brasserie. Enjoy!
Achter de Broeren 1-3 – city centre –

>> Kootuur Boetiek

Would you like to get your hair cut and get fashion advice while you are sipping on your coffee? Kootuur Boetiek is the answer! Get a new style during your weekend trip in Zwolle!
Grote Markt 2 – city centre –


At Engel at the table you can enjoy a nice organic juice, fair-trade coffee, tea and fresh bread rolls, while you’re shopping. Did you get new energy for some more shopping? Go have a look at Engel in the closet where they sell a variety of beautiful products with a story.
Grote Markt 3 – city centre –

>> Konkeltje

Konkeltje is one of the most traditional and exclusive stores of Zwolle. The Zwolle coffee roaster Mocca d’Or has been here for years and sells 25 sorts of authentic coffees and teas. Nice as a present or to take home yourself!
Dijkstraat 3 – city centre –

hotspots in zwollePhotocredits: facebook/zwolsetheaters

Nice to do >> hotspots in Zwolle >>

>> Zwolse theaters

Zwolse theaters exists out of Schouwburg Odeon and Theater De Spiegel. Two theatres where renovation, creativity and service are very important. Theatre De Spiegel offers nice arrangements for a culinary night out.
Blijmarkt 25 – city centre –
Spinhuisplein 14 – city centre –

>> Dominicanen Klooster

For years it has been about praying, studying, celebrating and spreading the word in this historical building. These days the Dominicanen Klooster still has tenants but also modern people can visit it to study, to reflect and to celebrate.
Assendorpstraat 29 – oud assendorp –

hotspots in zwollePhotocredits: facebook/kortjakjezwolle

Unique hotels >> hotspots in zwolle >>

>> Kort Jakje

Kort Jakje is a small and cute bed & breakfast in the old city centre of  Zwolle. This tiny warehouse has space for 2 people. Everything you need is there! The ideal spot for a romantic weekend away.
Kromme Jak 9 – city centre –

>> Librije’s hotel

Sleeping in style you do at Librije’s Hotel. All the rooms are luxury and beautifully decorated. There is even a butler service! And while you are there… book a table in the 3 stars Michelin restaurant. Enjoy!
Spinhuisplein 1 – city centre –

Did we miss a spot? Let us know!

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